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Hunter Biden laptop
(08-07-2021, 08:10 AM)rothschild Wrote:
(08-07-2021, 04:11 AM)Duchess Wrote:
(08-06-2021, 09:25 PM)rothschild Wrote:
(08-06-2021, 02:30 PM)Duchess Wrote:
(08-06-2021, 12:58 PM)rothschild Wrote: You also don't know what figurative speech is, but that's the least of your problems.

Do you seriously believe I don't know what figurative means, rothschild? 

You have one speed, obnoxious. Chill the fuck out and maybe have some fun.

Sure, because demonizing/dehumanizing people you hate/fear is loads of fun, Duchess!  Postwhore  Postwhore  Postwhore

Put me on ignore, you goddamn pansyass.

If you called someone out for engaging in dehumanization, you'd be a pansyass? Do you know what dehumanization is, and how it's used to justify abusive policies against ethnic groups, such as Jews, for example? Do you really think it's acceptable because it's being called "anti-racism"? Do you think bioweapons labs are acceptable if they're called "biosafety labs"? Sure you know what the word "figurative" means, but that doesn't address your ability to recognize figurative speech, or the confirmation bias you demonstrate on subjects such as entrapment. You think I should chill out, and I think you should take a good, hard look at yourself for a change, and stop watching media that encourages these sorts of tendencies with respect to official enemies. Do that and I'll be happy to chill out.


Rootilda, the bland, Lumpy oatmeal of MockForums
I'm on the fence. Every Democrat has backed Pelosi and Biden and Kamala. It's amazing in a Twilight zone way. I mean they have done nothing that pisses people off.
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