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THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - HairOfTheDog - 03-26-2017 02:25 PM

Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorists

The "Pizzagate" believers are truly gullible morons.

Yesterday, about 50 people gathered in Lafayette Square near the White House demanding an investigation into the unsubstantiated asinine rumor that was started during the 2016 campaign when Russian trolls and nutty right-wing extremists were flooding media with obviously fake news.

These parents win the prize for the most truly gullible and stupid among the dozens of morons at the protest. Not only have they swallowed absolute bullshit, they've fed it to their young children.

[Image: 3EA4739800000578-0-image-a-20_1490507403053.jpg]
Danielle Hayes (left), her husband Kori Hayes (right) and the couple's three children all wore 'Pizzagate'-themed shirts at a DC rally on Saturday calling for the conspiracy theory to be investigated.

Danielle Hayes told the Post: 'We've been watching since the [John] Podesta emails came out on Wikileaks. 'And we just followed it down the rabbit hole.' DERP.

The 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory is based on claims that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief John Podesta ran a child sex abuse ring at the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in the nation's capital. The rumor started after it was reported that the owner of the pizzeria had held a Democratic fundraiser there.

It's clearly bullshit, no victims have come forward, there is no basis for the allegations..............and, still, it led to another imbecile resorting to gun violence.

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - HairOfTheDog - 03-26-2017 02:26 PM

[Image: 3E999F7A00000578-4346608-image-a-14_1490378992142.jpg]
^ Dipshit Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, North Carolina, pleaded guilty on Friday to shooting up the pizzeria Comet Ping Pong after reading fake online news stories claiming Hillary Clinton was harboring sex slaves in the basement.

On December 4, 2016, he walked into the pizzeria with an assault rifle and demanded to know the truth about the 'Pizzagate' conspiracy, claiming the former Democrat presidential candidate had abused children in the basement.

Welch fired multiple shots from an AR-15 assault rifle inside the restaurant, after driving from his home in North Carolina. Fortunately, no one was injured, according to authorities.

The Pizzagate bullshit was propagated by Alex Jones, one of President Trump's favorite 'media' people who is a complete loon and caters to gullible idiots.

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - HairOfTheDog - 03-26-2017 02:30 PM

I think Alex Jones is probably worried about being sued for flaming the Pizzagate fire which led to the shooting.

Jones spews stupid bullshit constantly and never backs down or apologizes for it. However, earlier this week, he apologized for spreading the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

He said in a video posted on YouTube Friday: 'I made comments about Mr. Alefantis (the pizza shop owner) that in hindsight I regret, and for which I apologize to him.

'We were participating in a discussion that was being written about by scores of media outlets, in one of the most hotly contested and disputed political environments our country has ever seen.'

'We relied on third-party accounts of alleged activities and conduct at the restaurant. We also relied on accounts of reporters who are no longer with us.'

Yeah, cover that fat lying ass of yours, Alex Jones.


RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - HairOfTheDog - 03-28-2017 01:00 PM


A not-so stealthy burglar in Tucson was caught with his pants down — literally.

A Tucson Unified School District spokesperson said police were called to Miles Elementary School after a locksmith allegedly spotted a man trying to force his way into classrooms on campus.

After the suspect realized that the locksmith was watching him he attempted to jump over the school's spiked fence, school officials said.

[Image: 22439.jpg]

Witness Jesse Sensibar told KGUN that the man's baggy pants got stuck on a bar and pantsed him.

"I don't know what his story was, but it must not have been good enough," Sensibar said. "Fifteen minutes later, when I went back by the other direction going home he was cuffed up in the backseat [of the patrol car]. HE smiled for the camera."

Not only is this alleged would-be burglar stupid, he's got some gross looking drawers (kinda looks like a diaper to me).


Ain't no reason to be wearing ugly assed underwear, especially out in public

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - Duchess - 03-28-2017 02:48 PM

Hahaha! You ain't kiddin'. *shudders*

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - Maggot - 03-28-2017 04:05 PM

It looks like a diaper.

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - Clang McFly - 03-28-2017 06:22 PM

I always wondered what became of that sperm I donated to a sperm bank.

Clang Jr?

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - BigMark - 03-28-2017 07:01 PM

Is the bank still on your dresser?

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - HairOfTheDog - 03-28-2017 08:09 PM

Los Angeles, California

Jesus Christ, I respect their right to say it and spray it, but I think the message is off-base and doesn't help in their attempt to call attention to true racial inequality issues.

[Image: 3EB5E37C00000578-4357420-image-m-40_1490717147805.jpg]

A group of three female Latina and black students have started a campaign at Pitzer College warning white female students to stop wearing hoop earrings and claiming it's an act of cultural appropriation.

One activist emailed the entire student body to justify the declaration, which was spray painted on a 'free wall' used for unmoderated speech at the school.

The activists actually seem quite intelligent and well-spoken, but this display is just plain stupid, in my opinion.

Latina and black women weren't the first people to wear hoop earrings, Iraqi Sumerians (both men and women) were, followed by the Greeks.

And even if hoops had been originally donned by Africans, just about every type of fashion, music, is a result of cultural blending. That's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned. I like the melting pot that is L.A.

If black women wanna die their hair blonde, straighten it, and eat crab rangoon while listening to Pavoratti, cool by me.

And furthermore............I'll wear my old hoop earrings AND my peacock feather earrings any god damned time I please!



RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - BigMark - 03-28-2017 08:15 PM

You tell em sista!

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - Carsman - 03-28-2017 09:33 PM

(03-28-2017 04:05 PM)Maggot Wrote:  It looks like a diaper.

In reality, the diaper is most likely just inverted droopy boxers. hah

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - Clang McFly - 03-29-2017 06:08 PM

(03-28-2017 07:01 PM)BigMark Wrote:  Is the bank still on your dresser?

My coin bank is. The sperm bank is a building. My dresser isn't that big.

RE: THE "STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY" THREAD - HairOfTheDog - 08-23-2017 05:32 PM

The 'derp' award for the day goes to..............................ESPN. When I first read this bit, I thought it must be a hoax. But, it's real.

[Image: 170823074003-robert-lee-robert-e-lee-780...;strip=all]

In what ESPN says was a joint decision between the network and American-Asian sportscaster Robert Lee (^ left), Mr. Lee was removed from broadcasting Virginia’s season-opening football game in Charlottseville on September 2nd. Why? Because of the similarity of his name to the Confederate general Robert E. Lee. He was re-assigned to call Youngstown State at Pittsburgh on ESPN3 on the same day.

ESPN has confirmed the story and said that Lee (the sportscaster, not the DEAD general) requested to be removed so as not to cause upset. Whether that's true or not, the whole thing is unbelievably stupid and insulting to sports audiences, regardless of political affiliation, in my opinion.

It's also pretty effin' funny.