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Behind every barbaric dipshit...

[Image: f35f6e23-96b5-4737-bf51-1364b84c6f91-lar...1357378016]

^ Kindra Adamson, 43, is the mother of rape/murder suspects Benny Marquez and Johnathon Adamson. Prosecutors contend that she knew about the rape and murder of Benjamin Eastman and delayed the investigation so her sons could flea.

Today, she was charged with two counts of Rendering Criminal Assistance in the 1st Degree. The judge set bail at $100,000.

“I knew it was just a matter of time,” Eastman’s father, Benjamin Eastman, told KOMO News. “There is a little relief that she’s held accountable.”

In addition, an arrest warrant was issued today for 21-year-old Jonathan Adamson's girlfriend, who also knew about the killing shortly after it went down. She is suspected of withholding information from investigators to protect the man she still loves, according to court documents.


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