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Chicken on the grill
I learned that soy sauce, lemon, vinegar is bad to marinate chicken in for long so...

I Googled a recipe for a marinade that I can use for a 24 hr marinade. The only thing is it uses beer,Cayenne powder. 2 cloves of garlic, pepper, 12 cup of chopped onion and some olive oil.

I guess my question is why a cup and a half of Parsley is needed? Granted I did the recipe right and the chicken is marinating till tomorrow but that seems like a bit in a marinade. The couple cups of beer juiced it up a bit. I used 5.5 lbs of chicken thighs.
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That does seem like a lot of parsley, but it's in a marinade so when you take the chicken out you can just wipe off any excess parsley that's stuck to it. Parsley is pretty mild so I don't think it will affect the flavor too much.