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Northern pass....rejected
Big business were trying to run huge power transmission wires through my state pretty much wrecking the mountains and running roughshod through towns. The power from Quebec hydroelectric would not even go to N.H. but to Massachusetts. The project has stopped as of now and quite a few people are very happy about it. Nobody wants huge towers going through some of the most pristine area's of the State.

CONCORD — Opponents of the Northern Pass transmission project celebrated Thursday as the Site Evaluation Committee unexpectedly voted 7-0 to deny the application.

The committee said earlier in the day that project developer Eversource failed to meet its burden of proof that the project would not negatively impact the orderly development of the region, one of four criteria that must be met for approval.

After the straw vote, the committee continued to review the evidence, but after lunch Vice Chairwoman Kathryn Bailey moved to deny the application because, she said, the committee could not approve the application.

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I'd be celebrating too.
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