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The party of the 1%
I was told today that Republicans were the party of the rich so I had to do some research. I wasn't sure and thought they were all sponges. But after checking things out I found that most gained quite a bit of bank once they went to Washington and now I know why it's so coveted by the ones already there.

The 1 % party

These data are powerful evidence that affluent Americans in the most elite locales contribute significantly more money to Democrats than Republicans. The data also show that Democrats raise a notable chunk of their campaign money in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Democratic candidates and party officials attending affluent contributors’ fundraisers evidently have to spend a lot of time in airliners or private jets flying coast to coast across the country, while Republican candidates and party officials have to make significantly more fundraising stops, staggered across the giant landmass of America between the two coasts.

And here I was thinking it was the Pubs..........not so.
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