My dog is a cross dresser
I was trying on costumes tonight, getting ready for the Top Dog Parade that happens here on Saturday, cuz that is what they do on St Patty's day and when I grabbed the green tutu, the dog totally got excited. So excited.
But he wasn't excited about the green tie. So I get to wear the tie and he gets to wear the tutu.
When my son was younger he got a skeleton costume for halloween and my dog hated it, it freaked him out for some reason. So while I was gone one day the dog took it out of my closet and tore it to shreds.
That reads like Love Child was trying on costumes for the parade. Bow chicka bow bow.
I was trying on costumes LOL
And LOL @ Sally

Okay, so tonight the dog doesn't love the tutu.
Fucking drama queen! Smiley_emoticons_biggrin

I have no expectations what so ever for this parade tomorrow.
What are you wearing?

How you doin'? wink wink
On the day of the parade the dog did not want to have anything to do with the green tutu, and neither did I honestly. I put him in a green hand knitted sweater and I wore tie-dye and a knit hat. We looked like hippies!