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The Taliban killed an almost 80 yr. old aid worker. They kidnapped him in April & when a move was made to rescue him recently, they beheaded him. Fuckin' barbarians. They are as strong as they have ever been over there.
i haven't seen confirmation that the poor old man was beheaded, but that is most likely what the filthy lice-infested camel-fuckers did.

Al-Qaeda accepts blame for death of Frenchman
Shanghai News.Net
Monday 26th July, 2010

Al-Qaeda in North Africa, known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, has killed the French engineer who was abducted in Niger in April.

The group sent an audio message to Al Jazeera on Sunday to say the engineer, Michel Germaneau, was killed in response to a raid by France and Mauritania against the group.

Germaneau was kidnapped in northern Niger on April 19th along with his Algerian driver, who was later released.

While in capivity Germaneau appealed to the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, to work for his release.

On the Al Jazeera audio, the head of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Abu Musab Abdul-Wadud, said: "President Sarkozy was unable to free his compatriot through this failed operation but he definitely opened one of the gates of hell on himself, his people and his nation. We confirm that we have killed hostage Germaneau in revenge for our six brothers who were killed in the treacherous operation."

The raid referred to by Abdul-Wadud involved Mauritanian and French special forces launching a cross-border raid against an AQIM base in Mali last Thursday.

The assault, that went on for several days, led to the deaths of six or more al-Qaeda fighters.

Directly following the broadcast of the message on Sunday, it is believed President Sarkozy called for a crisis meeting of his advisers.

Security officials in Algeria had warned Sarkozy that the raid could put the French hostage in danger and criticised French involvement.

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Brave old man...I'd never have the balls to go over there.