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Rebecca Zahau
LC, I put "Zahau" in the search and didn't get anything. Did you or anyone else do a thread on her?

In case anyone missed this, or has forgotten, she was clearly murdered in the home of a pharmaceutical CEO and it was nearly immediately ruled a suicide. The story was that the CEO's brother found her hanged, from a 2nd story balcony. Her hands and feet were bound and a t-shirt was tied around her throat and knotted up and stuffed in her mouth. She was naked with four blunt force trauma injuries to the head and other abrasions. The CEO's six year old son had a fall, in the same house, a day or two before and died the day after Rebecca did.

I've been revisiting this story, reading more than I did initially. When this happened, it first broke on TV news with news helicopter video of her dead body on the courtyard ground. As the story progressed throughout the day, still photos were shown, including of the balcony with a red rope hanging from it. It was cut so high above the ground that I always wondered how the CEO's brother got up there to cut it, which I've not yet seen addressed. Anyway, while reading about this, tonight, I come across something about the one of the helicopter news crew being on Dr Drew and saying that there was no rope hanging from that balcony. The news responded as soon as a 911 call was made so they were first on the scene. So, if there was no rope, then the CEO's brother didn't cut her down and the later photos of the rope hanging from the balcony were staged. WTF???

Here is a still from the helicopter:

Here, Radar Online has the helicopter still and the later still from the police:

This is a really chilling case, not just because of the death of a child and then the horrible murder of Rebecca, but because of the obvious cover-up. The ruling of suicide is completely absurd and a huge lie, yet that was end of it. The story evaporated. Now this about the rope. It's all so brazen.

There is much more to this story but I won't go on in case it's been covered - and because I'm still finding stuff out.

Lady Cop, what do you make of this rope thing?!
Alleged crime scene:
SS: I have been fascinated by this case. Something is not right! I tried to find details on the boy's accident and could not
find anything. Also, the idea that Rebecca killed herself is totally ridiculous. Recently, I checked for any updates. I did post a link at the time on Miscl Crime thread. Dana (ex-wife and mother of the boy) has filed a lawsuit against SD Sheriff's office to obtain
details of her son's accident and autopsy. Wouldn't you think she would have been privy to this information in the very beginning.
What are they covering up? I did research what was written in bedroom and other items not mentioned by the press/media, but
this is first i have heard of the rope. Very interesting! There was speculation as to the "rope" not having enough strength to hold
Rebecca's body and that bed would have moved more than it did. Thanks for this info.
P.S. LC doesn't have a lot of faith in the Hinky meter website, but i still think this case needs to be reopened.
In your search box, i.e., google, bing, etc, just type SD mansion deaths and info should come up.
It was Googling that led me to the Hinky site. I found another site devoted to the death of the child, Max, blaming Rebecca for his death and reinforcing the suicide absurdity. Makes me wonder who's behind that site. Here it is:

Apparently, one of the physicians said he thought Max's brain condition looked like it was a result of suffocation, which the doctor didn't think his fall (and spinal cord injury) caused. If you'll recall, the boy was allegedly found on the floor in the center of very high staircase, with the chandelier fallen, as well. It looked like the boy tried to jump from the banister and swing from the chandelier, Tarzan style, to me. I could see a kid doing that. However, the boys mother (Dina, not Dana) and her twin sister clearly to seem to blame Rebecca - either for hurting him or not watching him closely enough. Here's an interview with the twin sister:

Rebecca had no history of ever harming anyone or any violence. It's impossible to say what happened to the boy. It's certain, however, that Rebecca was murdered. Now, I wonder if she was even hanged.
As we previously reported, Rebecca Zahau, the girlfriend of Dina Shacknai's ex-husband Jonah Shacknai, killed herself just days after Max's fatal accident. Zahau's death was ruled a suicide after her naked body was found hanged with her hands and feet bound at The Spreckles mansion on July 13. Rebecca's family vehemently disagrees with the San Diego Sheriff's Department's determination that she killed herself.

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"Dina doesn't believe that Max fell to his death, she never believed nor agreed with that finding. Dina is gathering as much information as possible pertaining to Max's death, and this includes seeking his autopsy photos. Remember, Rebecca Zahau's younger sister, Xena (13), was also at the house the day that Max died. The San Diego Sheriff's Department said that Rebecca was in the bathroom downstairs, and Xena was in the bathroom upstairs at the time they believe Max fell from the second story balcony area. The chandelier that had been hanging from the ceiling in that area was found next to Max's body, and Dina doesn't believe that Max had enough strength to attempt to grab onto it to break his fall, as the report from law enforcement stated. Dina is exploring all of her legal options, which could include filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Rebecca Zahau's estate. This isn't about money for Dina, she wants answers, period," a source close to the situation tells Radar.

There is a thread for this:

Lady Cop's Cell Block/Miscellaneous Case Notes
Post 150
September 2, 2011
Here the lawyer, Roy Black, tries to ridicule the conclusion that Rebecca was murdered:

What is his agenda? You can see in the comments that people see through his bullshit.

I think he was the lawyer for the Kennedy cousin who was tried for rape.
Thanks, I'll go look.
Oh, and when Jonah Shacknai's brother, Adam, was polygraphed, it was inconclusive. However, the polygrapher said he "felt" he was being truthful. No need to bother with the machine, then.

On July 13, 2011, Detectives H. Lebitski #2079 and D. Hillen #1635 interviewed Adam Shacknai. Later that same day, Detectives Lebitski and Hillen facilitated a polygraph examination of Adam Shacknai with Polygrapher Paul Redden. Redden said based on the analysis of the polygraph charts, he couldn't draw a conclusion, but felt Adam was being truthful during the examination.

Another weird thing I recall about this is that the last night she was alive, while Max was lying in a hospital brain dead, neighbors reported loud music from the mansion. Only Rebecca and Adam Shacknai (Jonah's brother who had just arrived from out of state) were there (and he was in the guest house). Neighbors thought there was a party. All reports are that Rebecca was very somber and concerned about the child and she spoke to her sister before she was heading for bed. Loud music sounds like someone (the killer/s) tried to cover other noise, like screaming.
Teacher said (in the case notes):

All of this sounds very weird, I agree. Perhaps the knife was used to cut the rope to bind her ankles/wrists - whoever did it. Maybe the rope was purchased and came in the plastic bag. ?????? Wonder if she knew how to tie those knots so they wouldn't slip??? Too many questions in my mind. Doesn't appear to be a suicide in so many different ways. And why the "wounds" on the top of her head? Sounds like she was assaulted and then tied up. Finally, I don't understand the message in black paint either.

On the night of the murder, a cyclist reported seeing a woman trying to get in the mansion. He said she was carrying a large dark bag. Dina Shacknai's (non identical) twin sister claimed she was the woman but the cyclist described a woman meeting Dina's description.
Comment left on the Roy Black BS:

No DNA other than Rebecca's even though the brother Adam admits to cutting her down, cutting her hands free, and removing the shirt from her mouth all with no DNA transfer!!! Rebecca's fingerprints were the only ones found in the room, which means of course in the history of this great house and with all those summer guest and house cleaners she is the only one that left her prints. SO not only was she crazy suicidal she was very specific to make sure to clean the room well and leave her DNA and fingerprints everywhere.
SS, to answer your question in post 1, i did discuss this case here:

starting at post 150. i have some photos in there also.

but i didn't devote a thread to the matter.

i still have an open mind about it.

Thanks, LC. I did go and read the other thread. I noticed in your posts that you, too, posted the same pics that show (first) no rope and balcony doors closed and the later one with the door open and a rope hanging down.

Bound, gagged, with four wacks to the head. Calling that suicide is akin to calling Johnny and Lisa suicides.

Because the special knots, I think Adam Shacknai, a tug boat worker, was likely involved. Not to mention his inconclusive polygraph. Amazing how he flies in, she's murdered, and he flies home.
CORONADO, Calif. – The mother of a 6-year-old boy who died after falling down stairs at a San Diego County mansion is seeking to reopen the investigation into his death.

U-T San Diego reports that Dina Shacknai and her representatives met with Coronado police and county medical examiner's staff last week. They presented results from two hired experts that concluded the July 2011 death of Max Shacknai was likely the result of an assault.

Authorities have concluded that Max -- the son of pharmaceutical tycoon Jonah Shacknai -- accidentally plunged over a stairwell banister while in the care of his father's girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau.

Two days after the fall, Zahau's nude, bound body was found hanging in the mansion.

That death was ruled a suicide but Zahau's family is challenging that ruling.

When it happened, I figured either she or the ex husband, Jonah, hired Jonah's brother to murder Rebecca. THAT is the death that needs investigation. It was probably Jonah who hired the brother. He obviously paid off a few people in San Diego to have Rebecca's murder ruled a suicide. It would have been laughable if not so horrific. He's filthy rich and Jewish so no way he goes down. Between the Tribe closing ranks and having GOBS of money to buy off the justice system, Rebecca's life was treated like trash.

I think the kid tried to swing from the chandelier which crashed to the floor along with him. The mother wants to blame someone for his death and, I suspect she blamed Rebecca immediately.

Rebecca's hands were bound with some special knot. Shaknai's brother is a tugboat captain. He flies into town and by morning Rebecca is murdered. He flies home, no questions asked. One of the most sickening cases of corruption I've ever seen.
SS- how do you dismiss the boys death so easily?
and also ss, to say because he is jewish he won't go down?
The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

(08-07-2012, 07:46 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote: SS- how do you dismiss the boys death so easily?

I'm not dismissing it. I'm basing my thinking that it was an accident on the fact that the chandelier crashed to the floor with him. There was also no need for the hospital to have covered up any facts about his injuries. It was tragic, as is a child drowning in a swimming pool, and his mother (understandably) wants someone to blame. I do not count her out in Rebecca's murder. A witness saw her at the mansion, before RZ's muder, late at night, carrying a large bag. The mother's (Dina) sister lied and claimed it was she (the sister) who dropped by. The descriptions of the two sisters are not the same nor was the clothing.

If anything further can be gleaned about Max's (the little boy) death, I agree that it should be. I don't think it will be. Nothing more will be done with respect to Rebecca's murder. One, two, or all three of the Shaknai's got away with murder and Rebecca has been deemed a worthless entity.

And, just remember this: When the news helicopters flew over the scene where her body lay on the ground, there was no rope hanging off the balcony. That prop was later added and the photo released by the San Diego mob that runs that jurisdiction.
(08-07-2012, 08:54 PM)Jezreel Wrote: and also ss, to say because he is jewish he won't go down?

What is said:

He's filthy rich and Jewish so no way he goes down. Between the Tribe closing ranks and having GOBS of money to buy off the justice system, Rebecca's life was treated like trash.

Being a Jew is only one factor. Being filthy rich is far more significant. Being filthy rich and and part of the Tribe puts him in a protected class of people. Some people are untouchable. Asian girlfriends, not so much.