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Pot Criminalization: Up in Smoke?
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RE: Pot Criminalization: Up in Smoke?

(12-18-2017 10:28 PM)cannongal Wrote:  Maine has that same problem

Yeah, there's a lot to be done in terms of licensing. The goal is to have the groundwork in place by January 2018, but there will be a lot of logistics to follow.

Fortunately for California as compared to Maine, our governor is not fighting the people's vote. LePage is such a piece of work, in my opinion.

Anyway, hopefully both California and Maine will benefit from the Colorado, Washington and Oregon learning curves.

What I really don't want to see happen is the Fed fucking everything up like they did with the medicinal marijuana dispensaries. What the justice system did under Holder in that regard pissed me off.

Even though medicinal marijuana was legalized and the dispensaries were following the regulations, the Fed didn't like it and used an archaic landlord regulation to force them to move around constantly if they wanted to stay in business. Huge overreach. I think they finally started backing off a couple of years ago.

I hope the Feds just stay away. They should instead focus on reclassifying marijuana out of Schedule 1 (which includes heroin and LSD) and into Schedule 3. That should have been done decades ago, but keeping it at Schedule 1 -- which ignores its medicinal properties -- packs jails, makes courts money, keeps DEA agents busy....

12-19-2017 11:33 AM
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