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Emergency rations type food packs
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RE: Emergency rations type food packs

(07-11-2012 06:55 PM)Clang McFly Wrote:  
(07-11-2012 05:21 PM)Riotgear Wrote:  
(07-11-2012 05:13 PM)Clang McFly Wrote:  I'd have to double or triple that recipe to make it last 3 days.

You're right, I should've been more clear - That's per person per day.

Oh really? I was just making a fat joke at my own expense. I actually thought that was a normal person's 3 day portion.

No, you were right. The idea is to have high nutritional value in a convenient package you could carry or store in a smaller space. Not for snacks but rather in an emergency or in the wilderness where you might be using all the calories you can take in. Small pack/high value/long life.

07-11-2012 07:19 PM
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