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[Very Graphic pics] Crash One Dead and Several Injured, Caruaru, Brazil (10/06/13)
The tragedy occurred at around 20:40 h, on Monday (10/06/2013), the extension of Avenida José Rodrigues de Jesus in Caruaru, UPA will next state and resulted in the death of Marco Antonio Palmeira, 55, who was driving a vehicle, green, plate MUL-1138, Palmeira is believed drunk and purposefully collided head on with the bus, causing injuries to some passengers on the bus. Marco Antonio who led the Gol, was accompanied by a woman who suffered a strong blow to the head and is hospitalized at HRA, since the driver had a gash on the side of the neck and died at the scene. In his car he had the goal several empty cans of beer. The body was sent to the morgue.

[Image: 06337141498494209210.jpg]

[Image: 48200053420160683498.jpg]

[Image: 92688166935913595367.jpg]

[Image: 46430218555684050618.jpg]

[Image: 10761413875807902845.jpg]
[Image: 59730561900459823745.jpg]

[Image: 68832257986726044065.jpg]

[Image: 64705171983601654767.jpg]

[Image: 27560605243090616304.jpg]

[Image: 56200345133773982233.jpg]
[Image: 26092032855625378617.jpg]

[Image: 83971817478974375584.jpg]

[Image: 42158506005469589592.jpg]
ESAD, I'm pretty sure on the other thread you posted a date that hadn't occurred yet too. 10/06/2013?

Am I in the wrong year again?

ETA: *snicker* Silly me; it's a Brit thing. 6/10/13. hah
Commando Cunt Queen
I would write 10th of june but I worry about making the thread title to long and FUBAR'ing it.