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[Graphic Pix] Man murdered, Araçagi NE Brazil [07-06-13]
Joint action between the civil and military police state in Slough, seized on the morning of Friday (07/06/2013), in the city of Araçagi, young teenager, 14, accused of killing the cowboy Cicero Silva, 27 years. The boy was arrested because some witnesses reported the case to authorities. The seizure was carried about 200 yards from the crime scene. After killing his colleague, the teenager watched the police work, as if nothing had happened. Altogether, Cicero da Silva was killed with more than 15 stab wounds. Motivation for the crime was a disagreement between them, last night during a binge. "The youngster said he killed because the victim had argued with him for a jerk. He is very cold and calculating. Earned the trust of the victim, and then commit the offense," said one of the MPs who attended the scene. After applying the stabbing, the teenager confessed to still cut off part of an ear of Cicero.

[Image: 95661227138988367550.jpg]

[Image: 08079818478615676559.jpg]

[Image: 54123275379541979904.jpg]