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[Graphic Pix] Woman Stabbed 25 times, Brazil [10/06/13]
A barbaric crime happened inside private land three miles from Bonito. The victim, who was not identified at the site, was identified late in the IML Caruaru. Josileide Maria do Nascimento, was 22 years and lived on the street Amelia Pereira dos Santos, Areal neighborhood in São Joaquim do Monte, and was found dead in the morning this Monday (10/06/2013), with approximately 25 stabs. The young woman left home on Sunday (09) morning, to lunch at a friend's house, spent the day there and around 7pm left the friend's house saying he would go to Mass with her mother and disappeared. The family said it had a romantic relationship with a guy who is known as Waltinho son of a former city councilor and after spending four years dating the girl decided to end the relationship because the guy is married and their dating days are over.

[Image: 96045707659030329676.jpg]

[Image: 57285072322237435177.jpg]

[Image: 91709638231719013982.jpg]

[Image: 14393545868229810743.jpg]

[Image: 87683676451703685779.jpg]
[Image: 35764287192375935077.jpg]

[Image: 57446856494030355242.jpg]

[Image: 66808400933771319060.jpg]

[Image: 07841483121619688175.jpg]
Looks like she finally got the point.

Also, why the change in name buddy?
this is and always was my name, I joined as ESAD because I wasn't sure how much of a mum forum it was when I joined and I didnt wish to be disregarded straight off the bat as a troll, I have been eat shit and die on one forum or another for many many years now.
(08-08-2010, 06:37 PM)Maggot Wrote: May your ears turn into arseholes and shit on your shoulders......Smiley_emoticons_smile