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[Graphic Pix] Murder in Brazil [07/06/13]
Another crime of murder was registered in Mossley. This time the incident occurred at around 18:50, Friday, June 7, 2013, near the square of the Joint José Agripino. The victim was identified as Marcelo Macedo da Silva, 20 years old, resident of Street Pastor Othniel Marques Guedes, located behind the police station road. According to reports, the victim was driving his motorcycle Pop color black, plate MYM-3952, when he was surprised by unidentified assailants. Marcelo was fired upon with shots to the head in Ilo Walnut Street, where even wounded tried to escape but was chased and fell lifeless on the street Flávio Paula. The victim's mother reported to police that Marcelo was a user of narcotics (marijuana). Civilian police officers reported that the death may have been caused by rival gangs in the area.

[Image: 20ee51260725829.jpg] [Image: f0724f260725831.jpg] [Image: 3f0f66260725833.jpg] [Image: 3518e7260725834.jpg] [Image: f6a50f260725838.jpg] [Image: aa4a26260725839.jpg] [Image: 08a945260725842.jpg] [Image: 6326a6260725844.jpg] [Image: ecdd1c260725846.jpg] [Image: 8d2f79260725848.jpg] [Image: effac8260725851.jpg] [Image: 8ad12f260725852.jpg] [Image: 1a2c66260725854.jpg]