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[Graphic Pix] 14yo boy shot and killed, Brazil [30/05/13]
A young boy only 14 years old was shot dead on the morning of Thursday, May 30, 2013, around 9.50am, street Medeiros Maria Miranda, Miranda near the bar in the neighborhood Belo Horizonte. According to the Police Erionaldo CIOSP said that only one person had been targeted in the place cited. When they arrived at the scene they found him lying here and the prevailing law of silence no one risks saying anything. The at the scene medic reported that the boy died from a perforation in the abdomen and the head. ALFA was triggered to find death and then the trigger CIOSP Police on duty and ITEP for the usual procedures.

[Image: 806977260809217.jpg] [Image: 6d53fe260809220.jpg] [Image: 3247d5260809224.jpg] [Image: 4f7511260809227.jpg] [Image: 330b5c260809231.jpg] [Image: 40df23260809234.jpg] [Image: 0cac90260809235.jpg] [Image: fb5a38260809239.jpg] [Image: 49a370260809244.jpg] [Image: bcc629260809246.jpg] [Image: 70cf91260809250.jpg] [Image: 3143ec260809252.jpg] [Image: 8e5704260809256.jpg]