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[Graphix Pix] Two robbers shot dead by police, Brazil [02/06/13]
A fast acting Rocam this morning, managed to find two assailants who had been using a bike that had been practicing various robberies this morning (02.06.13). According to initial reports, the two men had been committing several minor assaults that morning and attempted to rob a neighborhood Sumaré Galeteria and brother of the robbery victim tried to ram the motorbike, when the two left the bike and tried to escape jumping walls, meanwhile the two hid inside a shack in an attempt to evade the police. Upon realizing the presence of the police, the two then took three shots the gun failed in police slang (catolé hit), the police retaliated fire at the two criminals. The criminals were a 17-year-old and a greater Alef Pereira Sales identified as 19 years old, born in Porto Old RO, residing at 122 Milk Street Ilda Brazil, the Alameda District.

[Image: c5a7db260865209.jpg] [Image: 7868a3260865210.jpg] [Image: 042e80260865211.jpg] [Image: 3198c9260865212.jpg] [Image: 2125d3260865215.jpg] [Image: ac4a75260865216.jpg] [Image: 2dd74c260865217.jpg] [Image: 2758d6260865218.jpg] [Image: c4e40d260865220.jpg] [Image: 54b38a260865221.jpg] [Image: 5359f7260865224.jpg] [Image: 318a66260865227.jpg] [Image: 2e105e260865228.jpg] [Image: a67e4e260865229.jpg]

I didn't look, I closed my eyes & sorta peered through slits in a fuzzy way so I could find the reply button. I'm seeing Brazil a lot in this forum and now I think it's filled with godawful people doing godawful things.

That is all...
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What Brazil IPs browsing? or you mean the crimes, most of my Graphic crime posts will be Brazil as the current murder/crimes link I have is from Belo Horizante Brazil where I visited years ago.
(06-17-2013, 04:53 PM)Eat Shit And Die Wrote: you mean the crimes

Yes, the crimes.
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