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In your opinion, what do you see as the difference/s between Democrat and Republican?
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Kind of a tricky question, since the defining characteristics of those two terms have actually switched places in the last half century. Originally, Republicans were the outsiders, the upstarts, whose central theme was progressive politics and the unity of the country over individual gain. They were the anti-slavery, pro- strong central government party. That's why they can claim Lincoln among their numbers. And for many years, the Democratic party, led by landed gentry and old plantation money of Southern morals, was the conservative party that held on to the old ways of pro-slavery, discrimination and class warfare with little to no government interference. This is why you have the term Dixiecrat right through the civil rights movement. The big switcheroo happened starting around 1900 with William J Bryan, but it really hit full force with FDR, who was a democrat when elected but who instituted huge sweeping government reforms to fight the Great Depression. After that, Democrats became more and more progressive which attracted liberal and minority voters, which led to the old-style conservative (and yes, racist) southern Democrats began to flock over to the Republican party by default. It was like the entire country basically switched sides without switching viewpoints.

So rather than asking what the differences are, the better question would be: do the people define the parties, or do the parties define the people?

Here's another fun fact. Both democratic and republican parties stem from essentially a single party, the Democratic-Republican party, which itself was an outsider faction at the earliest days of the USA led by guys like Thomas Jefferson. So basically "anti-establishment" has been a way to get elected since we began this crazy experiment, and once an outsider faction gains enough power there is invariably a split internally as the faction itself becomes the establishment. This is the true genius behind our political system. It's alive, and ever-evolving.
Thank god I am oblivious to the opinions of others while caught in the blinding splendor of my own cleverness.
Republicans seem to be really worried that the old white guys are slipping? Democrats don't see that as a problem.
Republicans care about money and Democrats care about white guilt.

I'm not seeing a difference between the two parties. They are all the same to me and I think it's hilarious the way some people on either side call the other side their party name with a sneer as if it is an insult. I surely don't see one party as being better than the other party, no siree bob and I'm not drawn to one side more than the other.

I don't much like politics and the only reason I participate in the political threads is so I can argue. That's the only reason I vote too. I'm under no illusion that my vote actually counts, all it does is buy me the right to bitch.
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I like Donovans observation. And have to agree with Duchess, both parties are from the same mold and will go in whatever direction the wind blows. I've always thought that to be a politician a person has to be fairly NPD or have a form of Narcissistic personality disorder. I would think a regular job would be fine but they get so many perks now that that golden carrot looks real nice. For many its not the money, its the power.
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I get sick of someone defending something or someone simply because they belong to a particular party......I would like to see the dissolvment of both parties and the people can choose a candidate based on his/her own merit not because of the party they represent........our votes mean very little in a presidential election since only the electoral votes matter, a candidate can win the popular votes and still lose the election just so they can make that who they want in office wins the election regardless of who the American people want in there.
That's why I want Bernie or Trump to win. It matters not who as the real power is in the Senate or the House or the Supreme court as it should be. Its quite Monarchal right now and these folks could use a bit of a beat down and some reality thrust in their skulls. I've always thought they should live by the rules they dictate.
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