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I have a cat! (For 1 month)
I am taking care of a cat for a month and I am doing it in my own place! Yay! Usually I travel to people's places to take care of their pets, but these people asked if I could have a cat in my place. So I asked the apartment managers and they said yes.

I think when this month is over I might have to get a kitten though. I love cats so much. This one is 11 years old. She is in fine health and she has this little toy that sits on the floor that she spins around to get a little treat out of. It is so cute. Also-she drinks water from her paw-wtf is that all about? I have to look it up.
She is also a total queen and I love her already. And she hides under my bed when she hears noises outside the door. : ( That part I hate because sometimes it can be loud here. I hope she gets used to that, I might leave some music on for her. : )
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Indoor cat only
Do you have pet rent where you live? It was $25 per pet per month and it adds up if you live there for a few years.
After I moved out of my parents' house when I was 18, I never had pets until my niece moved in with me five years ago, with her two cats Jay and Latte.

I own my home, so I'd never even heard of 'pet rent' before last week when I was applying for rental homes in Arizona.

At least 50% of the homes I liked wouldn't accept pets at all. Several of them accepted dogs, but not cats. So, I was left with a limited pool of options where cats were accepted, for a price.

The place I secured required a $500 non-refundable 'pet deposit' upfront, along with $35 per month per cat (maximum of 2) in 'pet rent'. That was the about the cheapest I'd seen. Fortunately, I really like the house and the location.
So you’ve found a place HotD?

I hope you’re happy about your move. What part of AZ will you be in (generally)?
I lied and said I had one cat since one of them always hid whenever someone would come in. Since I lived there for nearly 20 years, that would have been another $5K+ in pet rent. It's ridiculous.
(12-09-2018, 11:14 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote: So you’ve found a place HotD?

I hope you’re happy about your move. What part of AZ will you be in (generally)?

Yeah, I found a 4 bedroom, 2 bath in Gilbert.  It's the right size, the right location, has a garage and a pool (I wasn't looking for a pool and that's costing me another $95 a month for 'maintenance', but we'll make use of it).

The house is 1 mile from my sister's house.

I had to sign the lease with move in on December 19th to secure it.  So, I'll be paying for a full month's rent before we actually relocate.  But, it was hard to find a home rental that accepted cats, was close to my sister, and didn't have stairs (my mom is starting to struggle a little with them).

My older sister has lived in Gilbert for 35 years and all her children and grandchildren live within 20 minutes of her.  That'll be good for my niece and my mom, but it's gonna be weird for me to live so close to so much family and in the suburbs (not necessarily in a bad way, just an adjustment from what I've sought in the past).

Gilbert is about 20 minutes from Phoenix and 20 minutes from Scottsdale.  It's a nice place.  I signed a year lease and plan on buying a house in Arizona when the lease comes up and (in my estimation) it will be a buyer's market.

A year will give me time to establish a new career and scope out which area of Arizona is best for us to resettle.
The close proximity to your family will be fun to read about in the coming months, if you enjoy it, or if it’s a bit too much.

I have family all around me (but at least 45 mins away) and I don’t think I’d like it if they weren’t nearby.