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more tales from the trailer park...or...damn it woman, my eggs was cold!
i'll try to get some photos tomorrow, none available at the moment. poor fucker, forced to eat cold eggs! she needed killing! Slut

Relative: Spat began Ky. rampage that killed 6
(AP) – 43 minutes ago

JACKSON, Ky. — A gunman enraged over how his wife cooked his eggs in rural eastern Kentucky shot five people dead with a shotgun before killing himself, a relative of two of the victims said.

Trooper Jody Sims of the Kentucky State Police said 47-year-old Stanley Neace killed five people in two mobile homes around 11:30 Saturday morning, then went to his home and turned the gun on himself.

Sims said that when state police arrived about an hour after the gunfire began (HAHA THEY WEREN'T STUPID!) they heard a single gunshot and found Neace's body on the porch of his home in the mobile home park outside Jackson in Breathitt County. The county is home to about 16,000 people in the rugged eastern part of the state.

Sherri Anne Robinson, a relative of two of the victims, said witnesses to the shootings told her that Neace became enraged when his wife did not cook his breakfast to his liking.

Robinson said that when his wife fled to a neighbor's trailer, Neace followed and shot his wife, his stepdaughter and three witnesses. Robinson says he allowed a young girl to flee to a neighbor's home.

"He just got mad at his wife for not making his breakfast right and he shot her," said Robinson, who answered at a phone listing for Neace. "She tried to run to tell my family and he shot them too because they found out about it."

Robinson said a sister and a cousin of hers are among the victims, and the rest are her friends.

Robinson said her sister was shot in front of the woman's young daughter.

"Her daughter said, 'Please, please don't shoot me,' and he said, 'All right, you can leave,' and she ran out," Robinson said. "She went and told her neighbors, and the neighbors called the law."

She said the fifth person Neace shot was a witness who had stepped out on her porch to see what was going on.

Robinson says Neace had never appeared threatening before, but that he was known to have a history of violent crime. Trooper Jody Sims with the Kentucky State Police could not confirm that Neace had a criminal record.

Authorities started receiving calls from concerned neighbors around 11:30 in the rural unincorporated community of Mount Carmel, about 90 miles southeast of Lexington. Sims said when they arrived about an hour later, they heard a single gunshot, then found Neace's body on his porch. He used a 12-gauge during the attacks.

They found victims in two other trailers. Their names have not been released pending notification of relatives.

"Over eggs?" Robinson said. "I thought that was crazy. Really. I mean just because his eggs weren't hot?"

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Landlord Ray Rastegar said Neace received monthly disability checks from the Social Security Administration, though he didn't know what his disability was. Rastegar said he had begun the process of evicting Nease, who had lived in the trailer park for about seven years, because he had become increasingly hostile toward neighbors in recent months.

"He was unpredictable," Rastergar said. "Little things would set him off."

Neighbor Steve Smith saw the rampage from the window of his mobile home. When he walked outside, Smith said Neace took a shot at him but missed.

"He chased his wife around that Jeep shooting at her," Smith said, pointing to a shotup SUV parked outside his mobile home. "I heard her screaming and running."

Smith said Neace ended up mumbling to himself on the porch of his trailer, pointed the shotgun at his head and pulled the trigger.

"I have to admit, a little grin came across my face when I saw his brains go flying," Brainexplode Smith said. "He's been trouble ever since he's been here. He's always been trouble."

Good god, his poor wife must have suffered terrible abuse before she met her demise. Signs_173
Do unto others then run like hell! 104 ::devilban::

At least the taxpayers won't have to pay for a lawyer & housing for that yahoo.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
the coroner said "he just went plumb off".
(there ain't been this much excitement around these parts since that time the still exploded when cousin estis married his cousin effie-lynn.)

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I'm aware that people actually do live like that but, it's always stunning to me to see it with my own eyes. That one photo looks like an abandoned home, I never would have guessed that someone really lived there. :O
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

As an aside that has nothing to do with this ~ In Florida there are a plethora of mobile home parks and none that I drove by looked ANYTHING like what these people reside in. Holy shit.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

I don't think grown women should be wearing t-shirts either. They look fuckin' ridiculous, like they just pulled it out of the pile of dirty laundry. Gawd, I hate t-shirts on women.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
(09-12-2010, 07:11 AM)Duchess Wrote:

As an aside that has nothing to do with this ~ In Florida there are a plethora of mobile home parks and none that I drove by looked ANYTHING like what these people reside in. Holy shit.

some do, in areas like palatka where the cummings child disappeared...the places tourists don't usually visit.
but many of the mobile home parks in florida are very nice, mostly owned by retirees who maintain them beautifully. they needn't worry about snowstorms, but to me they are still tornado and hurricane death traps nomatter how pretty the park.

a brief video report emphasizing dental care and home decor~

my old Kentucky home2hiding

fer chrissakes! now it's the old age home! she was whoring around at bingo, yeah!
do you know what it costs to take care of sick old geezers in prison?

Man, 87, charged with first-degree murder :wheelchair:Old Guns
miami herald
Juan Adolfo Gonzalez, 87 and convinced that the 84-year-old woman he had briefly dated had been unfaithful, planned her slaying for several months, police say.

He watched Celida Hernandez's daily activities, waiting to kill her. That day came Friday. He shot her twice before turning the gun on himself, police said.

Gonzalez, who had non-life-threatening injuries, was charged with first-degree murder. The two had briefly dated, but Hernandez had ended the relationship and told him to leave her alone, police said.

A police arrest report details what happened at the gated apartment complex where she lived with a grandson at 9400 W. Flagler St.:

Gonzalez, armed with a gun, took a taxi to her apartment. He waited until a bus dropped her off from the senior's dining hall.

He shot her twice in the hallway of her apartment, then shot himself twice. When officers got there, police said, Gonzalez told them: ``She is dead, I shot her.''

He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

On Tuesday, bullet holes were visible in the wall outside her apartment, where Hernandez's grandson declined to be interviewed.

Hernandez was a cancer survivor, partially blind and needed a walker, neighbors said. She was born in Cuba and had two daughters and a son. Her husband, who is still alive, was a businessman in Venezuela, they added

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and here's more on the shooter in the trailer park...i haven't found a mugshot of him yet. the picture attached is a neighbor there at Tara Estates.

JACKSON, Ky. — The man who police say fatally shot five people and then took his own life in an eastern Kentucky trailer park had once been arrested for sexually abusing a child.

Records at the Breathitt County Clerk's office show that 47-year-old Stanley Neace was charged in 1993 with two felony counts of sodomy involving a child.
WKYT-TV in Lexington reports that the court records also say Neace pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of third degree sexual abuse in 1998.

click to fully appreciate...

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Wow. I haven't seen a clothesline in a long, long time.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Excellent thread, hope to see this continued. "the dark side of the Jerry Springer people"
'Duchess Wrote:Yes, I like apples, so do my horses & so do the deer that I buy apples for because they have stripped my fruit trees bare.

Lay it on me. Smiley_emoticons_razz


Divine Friend of MOCK FORUMS

it's good to see you back here Gogo! Smiley_emoticons_wink
there's never a dearth of trailer trash stories.

[Image: 32001_logo.jpg]

freakin' monday night football!

A Chelsea man beat his wife over a missing ingredient for the lasagna he was making during “Monday Night Football” hours before she was found dead in their driveway, authorities said.

Frederick Wilkes, 54, lashed out at Theresa Kenna Wilkes, 50, after he discovered beans inside a ricotta cheese container in their fridge, said Jake Wark, spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney’s office.

“He threw the container of beans at her and they became involved in an altercation,” Wark said.

Wilkes — a father of two who had been married for 28 years — pleaded not guilty to three counts of assault and battery yesterday and is being held on $15,000 bail. He is not charged with murder.

The fight began around 8 p.m. when the couple and Fred Wilkes’ buddy, Mario Donnarumma, went to the kitchen to prepare dinner before the Steelers-Bengals game, according to court papers. All three had been drinking for hours, and when Wilkes found the leftover beans, the argument began, Donnarumma told cops.

Theresa Wilkes hit her husband several times, and he hit her “three times on the side of her head with either an open or closed fist,” said Donnarumma, a homeless man who had been staying with the couple.

Donnarumma said he offered to go to the store to purchase ricotta cheese but was unsuccessful, and returned only with beer and vodka. OOPS! rummy forgot the ricotta at the liquor store! hah Wilkes became upset again, and his wife, who was sitting on a couch, suddenly found herself covered in beans, Donnarumma said.

The couple fought again, prompting Wilkes to say, “You’re done ... get out,” while grabbing his wife and dragging her out of the apartment, Donnarumma told police. He also pushed the bean-splattered couch outside.

Sometime later, Wilkes “engaged in a loud argument” with his wife outside, court papers indicate, before re-entering the apartment and locking the door.

Donnarumma told cops Wilkes opened the door once more to toss his wife’s purse outside, adding he did not see Wilkes leave the apartment again until both were woken by police the next morning. can't even sleep off a drunk without the damn police making a racket when they find a body in the driveway! Police

The lifeless body of Theresa Wilkes was found barefoot in her driveway around 6 a.m. Tuesday, cops said, adding she appeared to have scrape marks and blood on her face.

Wilkes, who initially denied fighting with his wife, eventually “admitted to pouring beans over Theresa, grabbing her by the shirt and forcibly throwing her out of the apartment,” police said.

A cause of death has yet to be determined pending autopsy results.

Messages left for Wilkes’ attorney, Aviva Jeruchim, were not returned.

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Have another drink, dumbass. 78

You never see people high on weed doing shit like that.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Guns28::laughp::115Happy Holidays

Florida. of course.

Orlando Sentinel
A fight over who gets to drink the "good beer" led to the arrest of a former Ku Klux Klan leader and his son in rural east Osceola County, the Sheriff's Office said.

Troy Hixon, 45, his girlfriend, another woman and his father, George Hixon, 73, were drinking Wednesday night when Troy Hixon threw his girlfriend down and began shooting into the ground near her, a sheriff's report states.

George Hixon served time in federal prison in the late 1980s for possessing an unregistered machine gun. When drug agents searched his home at the time, they found evidence that he was a leader of the Ku Klux Klan in Osceola County, they said at the time.

Troy Hixon's girlfriend, whose name was not released, told deputies that an argument began after she complained that she was forced to drink cheap beer while the men drank "good beer" — Budweiser, according to the report. She also said someone poured beer on her while she was on the ground, and she heard a can crumple. Drinking too much

The girlfriend then changed her story, claiming nothing had happened. She told deputies she was afraid that if her boyfriend went to jail, he would be angry at her and they might fall further behind on the rent and be evicted. Father and son live on adjoining pieces of property in rural St. Cloud Manor, southeast of St. Cloud. The Osceola County Property Appraiser's Office lists the 7-acre tract as vacant other than sheds and a fence, but the men are thought to live in mobile homes, the Sheriff's Office said.

Troy Hixon told a deputy that he "did the 'redneck' thing" and shot holes in a trash can full of water so it could drain, the deputy wrote. He told another deputy that he shot two rounds into the can to prove the gun worked. A man wanted to buy it but changed his mind because of the $500 price, Hixon told deputies.

"Troy was extremely angry and yelling and screaming," an investigator wrote.

While deputies were trying to arrest Hixon, his father began threatening to hurt them, they said. George Hixon tried to go inside his home to get a gun and was arrested on a charge of making threats toward public officials, the report states. Troy Hixon was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, displaying a firearm during a felony and battery. Both were held at the Osceola County Jail.

George Hixon was sentenced in 1988 to six months in federal prison for possessing an unregistered machine gun. He had been charged with five weapons violations, including possessing a silencer.

When agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms searched his home in June 1987 looking for drugs — none were found — they discovered documents identifying Hixon as "exalted cyclops," or leader of the Osceola branch of United Klans of America, they said at the time. They also found 37 weapons, including four unregistered machine guns. Among them were a Chinese AK-47 and an American military M-16.

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(09-14-2010, 04:46 PM)Duchess Wrote:

Wow. I haven't seen a clothesline in a long, long time.

Oh snap! hah
You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.

Court documents released today shed more light on an early Monday incident that left a Springfield man hospitalized and four men in custody.

Documents that led to a charge of first-degree assault against Davy Lee Montgomery, 32, show how his alleged victim fled after being severely beaten in a mobile home near Republic.

The documents do not specify what led to the beating, but Montgomery allegedly uttered a single phrase before asking for an attorney.

“He stole my gun!”

According to the probable cause statement, a bruised and bloody Thomas Oliver, 23, knocked on the back door of mobile home No. 29 in Alpine Village Mobile Home Park, 7534 W U.S. 60.

Oliver asked for help. The resident of the trailer didn’t open the door, but called 911, according to the document.

When Greene County deputies arrived, they found Oliver, semi-conscious and badly beaten.

While in and out of consciousness, Oliver told officers that four to five males assaulted him with a black pistol, a hammer, a flash light and nunchucks, according to the statement.

Just as officers were getting the information from Oliver, three women arrived at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield.

The 23-year-old woman and two female juveniles were hesitant to talk to law enforcement but said they were worried about their friend, Oliver, who had been badly beaten, according to the statement.

The document said the women were vague and somewhat incoherent when speaking to officers.

The women said a man named “Dave” was involved in beating Oliver and they were at a trailer that fit the description of the Alpine Village address, according to the document.

Meanwhile, officers followed Oliver’s blood trail at Alpine Village to mobile home No. 27 and knocked on the door, according to the document.

Montgomery answered the door with blood covered hands, arms, bare chest, jeans and socks, according to the statement.

Montgomery told officers he wanted to get “his” blood off of him, according to the document. Officers believed he was referring to Oliver.

Montgomery was arrested. A large amount of blood evidence was found in the living room of the trailer, according to the document.