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Johnny S. Clarke & Lisa Straub- young Ohio couple murdered
Welcome to Mock Unknown.

if credible, it supports much of what i suspected.

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I would like to talk to ladycop but cant send private messages yet.
(02-04-2011, 09:20 AM)Unknown Wrote: I would like to talk to ladycop but cant send private messages yet.

when i make you a member you may PM me.
i altered your link, sorry, but i don't want to link to that site.
you may email me at

put mock Unknown in subject line.

got your mail and replied, thankyou.


I didn't go to that nazi forum. Can you post here what you posted there? Thanks!
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(02-04-2011, 09:14 AM)Unknown Wrote: I think you should read this. http://com/forums/showthread.php?p=6094546&posted=1#post6094546

I very much appreciate you taking the time to post here. Thank you for that! I'm not opposed to all links, just those that lead to questionable sites & that particular forum certainly qualifies as questionable in my opinion. I have a problem with sites that present themselves as a community forum yet censors it's members so heavily, that's not a forum, that's a dictatorship.

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Unknown, as much as your information is appreciated, i am going to say to you i think you need to stop posting things that will attract attention of murderers. as it is, i think you will be subpeonaed. and be sure to tell the authorities anything you know for certain. be honest with them.

I am 100% completely honest with them. Most of my friends say that's my flaw. I'm just brutally honest with everyone whether the person wants to here something else or not and if my credit was to get involved I would have no problems there. I wouldn't be at all nervous to get subpoenaed if it was going to put whoever behind bars. I don't believe I'm a snitch if it was my friend. As for any murders who want to mess w/ me, I have bells on my doors and 12G 4+1 capacity action pump shotgun. I have taken precaution at my house until this is solved.
i hope you remain safe! and i thank you for sharing with me. feel free here, just please don't put yourself at risk.

i have an opinion and a theory, but am going to keep it to myself for the moment.

Question: If Ms.Z & Ms.T was supposed to be picked up by Lisa & Johnny around 11, why did he call my mom around 10 at night to get money from her, he would of had to drive 20 mins there and back and showed he had a car available to meet Johnny and Lisa at her house. If they were going to do percocets why would Lisa and Johnny want to drive all the way there to pick them up drive them back to the house just to do free drugs with Mr.Z and Ms.T? why didn't Mr.Z and Ms.T call the cops when she heard something bad had taken place at the very beginning? why did Mr.Z and Ms.T drive 20 mins to the house when they heard what happened on the phone? if they did that it seems to struggle with 2 people in the house, ran sack the house, tie them up and from what I hear very tight with a lot of tape around there arms and legs and search the house for money would have taken longer then 20 mins so by the time Mr.Z and Ms.T got there the killers were still in the house. the neighbors didn't here anyone speed away so these people just walked out of the house with nothing? and drove away all quite.
Unknown, i am making you a member now. so you can PM me when you wish.
as i said a few minutes ago, i have an opinion about this, but will wait for a little more info on certain parties before i express that opinion.


You're ignoring the one huge indication that implies this was a professional hit: FBI involvement.

If you can come up with one alternative that would cause the feds to get involved, I'd love to hear it.

This was a pro saying loud and clear, "Johnny fucked me. This is what I do to to people who fuck me. This is what I do to the loved ones of the people who fuck me. Don't fuck me."

there are other criteria for FBI involvement.
and so far, the only person i have heard say the Feds are involved, is Johnny's mother.
no statement from police yet, which is needed badly.

This is likely going to take a while to pan out.

i think the police know who their suspects are and are waiting for some test results.

the FBI makes itself available to assist local and state authorities in murder investigations upon request when it's superior investigative resources (laboratory analysis, DNA, etc) can be of vital assistance.

This is purely spectating, but if it was a hit how did the killers know the parents were away? cause that seems like the perfect time to do that. how did they show up at the perfect time when they were about to walk out the door? How did they know were johnny was staying with Lisa when I'm sure they wouldn't of be having friends over doing drugs in the straub's house while the parents were there? Johnny only invited Mr.Z and Ms.T over to the house the day before because the parents were out of town. The straubs house isn't a hang out spot. Mr.Z and Ms.T knew the layout of the house from being over there the night before. knew the parents were going to be gone, knew when they were home, were at the scene withing 20-25 mins of taking place. Either they told someone, or did it themselves.
what about the alleged statements Johnny was overheard making while he was on the cell phone?

"Who are you?" "What are you doing here?" "Why are you here?"

Those statements point to him having no idea who the killers were. If Johnny didn't know who the people were, it's even less likely that the cops know by now, or even have suspects.

The combination of the cops not saying anything + nothing being leaked, that points to nobody having any real clue who did this.

Pinky: what about the alleged statements Johnny was overheard making while he was on the cell phone?

there is only the word of one person ( the mother got it second-hand) who says they heard that.
that person's credibility may be questioned.

Ahh here's the catch to that. I talked to Mr.Z mom and asked her what did Ms.T tell you what happened on the phone call. She states she was talking to johnny about him heading out the door then she hears johnny say Hey bro what are you doing here? In a more serious tone. then hears him say who the fuck are you! she then states they were says something to johnny but couldn't make out who it was andt hen hears johnny yelling and the phone went dead. I asked could you hear anything from Lisa, she said she didn't hear anything from Lisa.
and what about the last part of that post...?

what do you mean?