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Rampant Abuse and Murders of Children
(03-08-2011, 08:44 PM)Cracker Wrote: Can we really blame a governmental agency for this?

Yes. And we should.

In 1964 LBJ declared a "War on Poverty". Blame the War Department.

These are casualties of this "War".

It's been almost fifty years of "fighting". Is victory on the horizon?

BTW - What is the cost of this "War on Poverty"?

I only hear about the cost of the war on our peaceful Muslim brothers and sisters.

And the one on drugs, too.
(03-09-2011, 02:54 AM)BlueTiki Wrote:
(03-08-2011, 08:44 PM)Cracker Wrote: Can we really blame a governmental agency for this?

Yes. And we should.

In 1964 LBJ declared a "War on Poverty". Blame the War Department.

These are casualties of this "War".

It's been almost fifty years of "fighting". Is victory on the horizon?

BTW - What is the cost of this "War on Poverty"?

I only hear about the cost of the war on our peaceful Muslim brothers and sisters.

And the one on drugs, too.

Just yesterday I heard someone (Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Peter Schiff, maybe?) say that when our government declares war on something it becomes a huge problem.

The welfare system, LBJ's Great Society, created a slave plantation. Part of that deal was splitting up families. A mother on welfare isn't supposed to live with the dad of her kid(s). The state becomes the parents/nanny/massah of the family. To get the privilege of "help", rights are given up - not to mention dignity. Now we have multi generation welfare families. Add to that the dumbed down "education", day care, Head Start, ect. Who's raising these kids? The STATE. Politicians, gov't employees, and social organizations jealously guard that system. They masquerade as being anti-poverty and anti-racism when it is their state monstrosity that keeps the plantation going.

I could safely bet, and I am not a gambler, that about 90% of the people that LC had to deal with in her career received some kind of state aid. This is the social structure that spawns this horror show.
GODDAMN! the nasty old grandmother was fucking both these guys and letting them rape the child! the child's parents were letting them rape the child! take them all outside the jail and put 2 in their brains!! GODDAMN!

in the arrest reports the mother and father said they knew Young was a convicted sexual offender, but they allowed him to sleep in the daughter's bed contrary to advice from child welfare workers. The mother said she once saw Young in bed touching the girl's private parts. The girl asked her mother for help, but she ignored it because she was "having a sexual relation" with Young and was afraid he would tell her husband, the report said. DIE


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Department of Children and Families said it learned in November that a convicted sex offender accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl was staying with the girl's family. He and a second man were arrested earlier this month on charges of molesting the child.

The agency said someone reported that 51-year-old Robert Young was molesting the girl, but after thorough interviews, DCF said it didn't have any evidence to go on.

"The parents said it was a friend of the family, and because, when talking to people who knew this family, the family checked out, and the children said there was nothing unusual going on," DCF spokesman John Harrell said. "It had been 20 years since (Young's) conviction."

According to DCF investigators, the girl's parents, Christopher and Mary Perry, knew of the abuse and didn't protect their daughter. They said the girl's grandmother, Patricia Woloszynowski, also knew of the abuse.

"They knew what was going on and didn't report it," Harrell said. "This is very deeply disturbing."

DCF said it told the family that Young shouldn't be in the house with their children. DCF also had the parents and Young sign a "safety plan" agreeing Young wouldn't have unsupervised contact with the children.

In the months to follow, new reports surfaced.


The girl's parents, Christopher and Mary Perry, and maternal grandmother, Patricia Woloszynowski, were all arrested on felony charges of child neglect. Mary Perry was also charged with willfully failing to report suspected abuse.
When a DCF investigator interviewed the girl, she told them she was sexually abused "on many occasions over the past several years," according to DCF.

When asked if the "safety plan" was enough to protect the girl and if more could have been done, Harrell said, "This is an ongoing investigation, and we will be reviewing this case to see if the appropriate measures were taken, if there is anything else that could have been done to ensure the children's safety."

Cynthia Isaac, Young's 23-year-old daughter, said her father stayed at her house when he was kicked out of the Perrys' home.

"He acted like a sex offender, if you want to know the truth," Isaac said. "Actually, he told us about it. He was like, 'I'm going to go to jail,' and I was like, 'For what?' And he said, 'Messing with this little 9-year-old little girl.'"

Isaac said she found a picture of the girl under her dad's mattress.

"They shouldn't have let him stay there if they knew something was going to go on," Isaac said of the girl's parents. "Obviously, they knew something was going to go on, because apparently they let him sleep in the bed with him and he told me he was sleeping in the bed with her."

On March 4, Young was arrested and charged with three counts of capital sexual battery, one count of lewd and lascivious molestation and distribution of obscene materials to a minor.

Young isn't the only person suspected of abusing the victim. According to Jacksonville police, the boyfriend of the victim's grandmother, 39-year-old Michael Halveland, is also accused of molesting the girl. He was arrested Feb. 17 and charged with one count of lewd and lascivious molestation.

As DCF investigates whether it took harsh enough measures, the victim's mother, father, grandmother, grandmother's boyfriend and the family friend all face charges in connection with not protecting the girl.

Christopher and Mary Perry, Patricia Woloszynowski mug shots.

Michael Halveland and Robert Young, kiddie rapers.

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MIAMI -- Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against the parents of a 10-year-old girl who was found dead in a pest control truck on the side of Interstate 95 last month.

Jorge and Carmen Barahona sat in a Miami-Dade County courtroom together as prosecutors announced their intentions Monday. The couple faces first-degree murder charges and a slew of child abuse and neglect charges.

Jorge Barahona sits in court visibly emotional as prosecutors say they will pursue the death penalty against him and his wife.

Police said the couple beat Nubia Barahona to death Feb. 11, three days before her body was found in the back of her father's truck in West Palm Beach. Nubia's twin brother was found doused in a toxic chemical in the truck, but he survived.

Jorge Barahona was transferred from a jail in West Palm Beach to Miami-Dade County last week.

An emotional Jorge Barahona wore a vest used for inmates on a suicide watch, while Carmen Barahona wore a red jumpsuit given to high-profile inmates. They sat seats away from each other.

Carmen Barahona stares blankly as prosecutors say they will pursue the death penalty against her and her husband.

Jorge Barahona was crying and appeared extremely emotional in the courtroom. His wife stared blankly in front of her. Both of them have pleaded not guilty.

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Heartless bitch.
(03-08-2011, 08:26 PM)shitstorm Wrote: Goddamn, look at that bullshit about FL DCF!!! These insane people were FOSTER PARENTS and allowed to ADOPT????????????? These fucking Florida DCF scumbags need to go to prison, right along with the filth they placed these poor children with. Mutherfuckers are responsible for the disappearance of Rilya Wilson and the worst that came out of that were slaps on the wrists and a few people fired. When it was revealed that Rilya had been missing for over a year, and that the case worker had filed FALSE REPORTS about checking on her, it also came out that Florida had lost track of FIVE HUNDRED CHILDREN. FIVE HUNDRED!!!!!!!!!!!! How do we know they weren't sold into some sex trafficking/kiddie porn ring? WE DON'T. Half of the dept could be pedophiles and nobody would know because nobody is accountable. Conversely, CPS/DCF at al, are just as notorious for taking kids away from loving families when they shouldn't be!!!!!!!!

OMG, everything is so fucked up. This is the nanny state, in action, overseeing the dirtbags of society. It's incompetent and corrupt morons in charge of the slave plantation.

Why are these fucking immigrants in this country?! Like we don't have enough of our own dirtbags? We need MORE??? And, lets make them FOSTER PARENTS!!! Yeah, that's a great idea. Oh, fuck, we are so screwed as a country.

Throwing money at it will NOT help.

i love everything you post. Cheers
yay for the child abuse thread!

this shit pisses me off beyond.

I work on the inside and it pisses me the fuck off even more!

i could go on and on and on about what needs to change, but I won't. it's too much effort and it pisses me off thinking about it.

but first and foremost: I think that cps should be accountable to 'US'...the fucking taxpayers. period. end of story. If children die or are repeatedly abused and they are under the "watchful eye" of cps...then I want heads to roll. it's unacceptable. It is fucking unacceptable for kids to be lost in the system.

aughhhghgh!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's me yelling, see, I can't even start in on this gets me too worked up!!)
From the NYTimes:

Welfare Worker and Supervisor Charged in Death of Child

A former New York City child welfare worker and his supervisor were indicted on charges of criminally negligent homicide, the Brooklyn district attorney announced on Wednesday, saying that their failures had contributed to the death of a 4-year-old, Marchella Pierce, who had been repeatedly beaten and tied to a bed and weighed 18 pounds at the end of her life in September.

The girl’s grandmother, who witnessed her being tied to the bed many times, according to the district attorney, was also indicted, on manslaughter and other charges. The girl’s mother already faces a murder charge.

It was believed to be the first time in the city’s history that child welfare workers had been charged with homicide in a child’s death, and the district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, made it clear that he did not believe they were the only ones to blame.

Mr. Hynes said he was convening a special grand jury to investigate “evidence of alleged systemic failures” at the child welfare agency, the Administration for Children’s Services. The grand jury will seek to determine whether the agency had followed through on its plan for reforms after the 2006 death of Nixzmary Brown, a 7-year-old Brooklyn girl, one of a long series of abuse and neglect deaths that have pockmarked the city’s halting efforts to protect its large numbers of vulnerable children.

Damon Adams, the caseworker on Marchella’s case, and his supervisor, Chereece Bell, were indicted on charges of criminally negligent homicide, official misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child. Mr. Adams was also charged with tampering with public records and falsifying records.

Prosecutors said agency workers indicated “significant concerns” a year ago after Marchella’s mother, Carlotta Brett-Pierce, who had a history of drug abuse, left her alone in an emergency room and acted inappropriately.

Between then and the child’s death half a year later, Mr. Adams made two entries in agency computers, recording a phone call in March and an attempted home visit in June. After her death, he made five entries, saying that he had had contact with the family in March, April, June and August, and that in August he had observed her head, neck and torso and had seen no changes from previous visits.

Jacqueline Kagan, a prosecutor, said at Mr. Adams’s arraignment on Wednesday that signs of malnourishment would have been obvious by then, and that the entries had been falsified. Even if he had made the visits, she said, they would have been insufficient, because biweekly visits were required.

After Marchella’s death, Ms. Bell made several entries saying she had met with Mr. Adams on the case, prosecutors said. Mr. Hynes said Ms. Bell had failed to properly oversee and monitor Mr. Adams’s work.

“Baby Marchella might be alive today,” Mr. Hynes said, “had these A.C.S. workers attended to her case with the basic levels of care it deserved, or had her grandmother stepped in and put a stop to the shocking abuse she is charged with facilitating.”

Mr. Adams, 36, and Ms. Bell, 34, who have resigned from the agency, pleaded not guilty. Both were jailed, with bail set at $35,000 for Mr. Adams and $25,000 for Ms. Bell.

Ms. Bell’s lawyer, Joshua E. Horowitz, blamed Mr. Adams, calling him a “substandard worker” whom Ms. Bell had wanted removed from her unit. Mr. Adams’s lawyer, Wayne C. Bodden, said his client had been directed to make the post-death computer entries by “his superiors beyond Ms. Bell.”

Both lawyers blamed the agency. “Why is she being thrown to the wolves?” Ms. Horowitz said. “Why does it stop at her?”

John B. Mattingly, the commissioner of the agency, has acknowledged that it did not do its job to protect Marchella. But he warned that charging agency employees with homicide could have a chilling effect on recruiting people to the profession, a task already hampered by low pay and a high rate of burnout.

“They are going into people’s homes all hours of the night and trying to do it in ways that keep them safe as well,” Mr. Mattingly said. “If people who are interested in those kinds of jobs see this action taken by the district attorney, we have a concern, with social workers all around the country, that this will hurt our ability to recruit and retain talented people.”

According to prosecutors, Marchella’s mother tied her to her bed, beat her with a belt and a videocassette tape, deprived her of food and water, and force-fed her medication. Marchella died on Sept. 2 of child abuse syndrome, along with acute drug poisoning, blunt impact injuries, malnutrition and dehydration, prosecutors said.

Her life had never been easy. She was born more than three months prematurely, with underdeveloped lungs, and had spent most of her four years in hospitals. She returned home in February 2010, with a tracheal tube to help her breathing. The city became involved in her home life the previous month, when Ms. Brett-Pierce gave birth to a son and was found to have drugs in her system.

The agency assigned the case to Child Development Support, an independent agency in Brooklyn, to work with the family and help the mother with her drug problems. In a report on the case in October, the agency acknowledged that it had failed to properly assess the girl’s condition and plan for her care with Child Development Support. That failure was compounded by inadequate home visits and assessments by both it and the independent agency, the report said. Child Development Support’s role in the case ended in June, returning full responsibility to Children’s Services.

The case was handled by the field office in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the same one that did not prevent Nixzmary Brown’s fatal beating by her stepfather despite several complaints to the agency about her treatment.

The district attorney said Marchella’s grandmother, Loretta Brett, 56, witnessed the girl being bound to her bed on most days from last March to her death. For part of that time, prosecutors said, the bed was in the grandmother’s room.

Ms. Kagan, the prosecutor, said that Ms. Brett had acted as a second parent to Marchella — her father was not involved in the family — and that she had acknowledged to the police that Marchella had been bound regularly since May, “basically day and night,” by her hands and feet. Ms. Brett has tried to get custody of her daughter’s other two children — the infant and a 5-year-old boy — though she has tested positive for marijuana use, Ms. Kagan said. Those boys have been removed from the home.

Ms. Brett’s lawyer, Julie A. Clark, said Ms. Brett had helped investigators after Marchella’s death and denied that she had known about the beatings and restraints. Bail for Ms. Brett was set at $300,000.
Damon Adams, left, the former A.C.S. caseworker assigned to Marchella's case, and his supervisor, Chereece Bell, center, were each indicted on charges of criminally negligent homicide. Marchella's grandmother, Loretta Brett, right, was indicted on manslaughter and other charges.

[Image: 24acs_span-articleLarge.jpg]

(03-30-2011, 09:17 AM)esbee Wrote: indicted on manslaughter and other charges.

That should be done every single time a child dies on their watch.

[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
how in the FUCK does this lady...this "grandmother".... sleep in the same room with her grandaughter that is being bound, hand and foot, to the bed. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

she's not human to me. she has not once of empathy. holy's scary!
After reading all of these stories on the crime block, I'm all in favor of "eye for an eye" justice. This coming from someone who USED to be iffy on the death penalty. No longer! I would personally be honored to shackle that granny by her hands & feet to her bed posts & starve her to death. A lethal injection or bullet to the head is too good for sick fucks who torture anyone, especially helpless babies & children. I say for anyone who does anything like this, they live out the rest of their days on earth being subjected to whatever torture they were involved in.

.jpg   madi.jpg (Size: 11.72 KB / Downloads: 97) Another child abusing scumbag..........This guy went to the hospital and tried to kill this little baby after she was brought there with a head injury

Wilkes man tried to suffocate toddler, warrant says

Jacob Andrew Minton, charged with the attempted murder of his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter at Brenner Children's Hospital, covered the girl's mouth to stop her from breathing and hit her in the head several times, according to an arrest warrant.

Minton also pinched the child's nose, jabbed her in the stomach and slapped her in the head at the hospital, the arrest warrant said.

The toddler was brought to the hospital with subdural hematoma — an accumulation of blood on the surface of the brain — and a skull fracture. Winston-Salem Police Capt. David Clayton said Tuesday the girl was in stable condition at Brenner.

Minton, 26, of 2750 Singles Gap Road, Millers Creek, in Wilkes County is charged with attempted first-degree murder. He is being held at the Forsyth County Jail with bond set at $400,000. He is being appointed an attorney, and his next court appearance is scheduled for April 15.

Clayton said investigators think the girl's mother was asleep in the room when Minton attacked the girl. He would not say whether the girl's mother was also being investigated.

"We certainly want to talk to her again, but I wouldn't infer anything from that," Clayton said.

Wilkes County Sheriff Chris Shew said he did not know whether Minton lived with the girl and her mother.

"They had separate addresses," Shew said. "But I'm not sure if he lived at the home part of the time or what."

Shew said he also did not know whether Minton went with the girl to the hospital. Shew said Wilkes County deputies are trying to determine how the girl received the injuries that caused her to need hospitalization.

He said deputies have interviewed the girl's mother — whose name he would not disclose. The girl's mother has not been charged.

Clayton said the toddler was taken to Wilkes Regional Medical Center on Sunday and flown by helicopter to Brenner.

Paula Faria, a spokeswoman for Wake Forest Baptist Health — which includes Brenner Children's Hospital — said she could not comment on the girl's case. Faria said generally, anyone is allowed to visit hospital patients "unless restrictions are in place." Those restrictions could include requests from a patient or family, or a mandate from a doctor.

Police have said the girl's mother invited Minton into the girl's hospital room.

Minton has lived in Wilkes County all his life and currently lives with his parents, according to a court document dealing with his secured bond. Minton made his living by cleaning with a pressure washer in several counties in North Carolina and South Carolina. He told authorities he was planning to head to Pennsylvania, according to the court document.

Minton was previously convicted of driving while impaired in 2004 and possession of drug paraphernalia in 2010. He was arrested in February by North Wilkesboro police on charges of attempted breaking and entering, larceny, vandalism and possessing drug paraphernalia. His next court appearance on those charges is scheduled for May 18.

Jacob Andrew Minton

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Forgot to give credit or link for article above about man trying to suffocate baby:

Here's a FB page for the sweet little baby:!/event.php?eid...4922450840
fucking florida again

For the short-haired girl, about 12, life was a demeaning ordeal except for school and sleeping, according to neighbors and St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office reports.

At her parents' direction, she was kept outside working, doing such things as picking up pine needles until there was just bare sand.

Or she washed her family's laundry.

Or walked the dogs and then came home to her bathroom, a portion of the backyard of their single-family home in the 8400 block of Pensacola Road, according to Sheriff's Office reports.

Her bed was the floor.

"It was like the Cinderella story," said neighbor, April Jordan.

On several occasions an unidentified relative complained to the Florida Department of Children and Families, and each time visits to the home and interviews didn't substantiate allegations of abuse, said DCF spokeswoman Cheri Sheffer, of Fort Pierce.

But on Saturday, Sheriff's Office investigators answered a hang-up 911 call, from the home, about an argument between the wife and husband: Joanna and Juan Moreno. He accused her of cheating on him, reports show.

At the house, an investigator became suspicious when the girl's stepmother appeared hesitant to answer questions about the girl. So the investigator talked with the youth, who was quoted as saying she was kept outside while her father was a work.

"I've seen her outside until midnight," shuffling around with her head down, said Michael Cohen, who lived next door for three years.

At Christmas, she was on the roof putting up decorations, as stepmother, Joanna Moreno, 31, and her father, Juan Moreno, 34, and two younger sisters, 6 and 10, watched from the yard below, Cohen said.

On the garage door are signs advertising a wedding business.

The two youngest girls have long hair and were kept inside and clean. The older girl's hair was cut short and she washed her clothes in a bucket.

On Saturday, deputies charged the parents with felony child abuse of the girl and with domestic battery in connection with their argument, reports show.

The girl, according to investigators, accused the stepmother of being mentally and physically abusive and "was crying and hysterical at the idea that her father would be in jail and she would be alone with her step mother."

Juan Moreno didn't stop when driving by their home where television crews were positioned most of the day on Monday, neighbors said.

All the girls have been put in the care of relatives while DCF investigates the case.

Joanna Moreno remains in jail on a federal immigration hold, acording to the Sheriff's Office.

"I think [the girl] is glad," Jordan said of the turn of events.

The backyard has a small pool, "[but ]I never saw her in a bathing suit" or in the pool, Cohen said. When the girl's father came home from his landscaping work, Cohen said she always helped him unload his tools.

"I kind of wanted to say something," Cohen said. "But we have to live next door."

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Charlotte Observer

ELGIN An Elgin mother and her boyfriend were in jail after her 22-month-old son walked away from their house Sunday for the second time in eight days.

Jacklyn Marie Jacobson, the 25-year-old mother, and her boyfriend, 21-year-old Jose Bleckler Gloria, both of Ashley Creek Drive in Elgin, were in the Kershaw County Detention Center on charges of unlawful neglect of a child, Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said. The boy and a 6-month-old baby, who also lived in the home, have been taken into protective custody by the S.C. Department of Social Services, he said.

The boy's first disappearance on April 1 made headlines after Matthews gave credit to the family dog for saving the child's life by cuddling with him throughout the night.

The 22-month-old was discovered about 11:20 a.m. Sunday by a neighbor, who lives about a third of a mile from the Jacobson house, Matthews said. The neighbor heard the child crying and went outside.

"He didn't know who he was so he called 911," Matthews said.

At the scene, deputies figured out that the boy was the same child who was reported missing April 1, Matthews said. Deputies called the S.C. Department of Social Services after finding the boy, he said. He was not injured.

The mother and boyfriend were at home when the boy was found, Matthews said. And another man who lives in the house was out looking for him, the sheriff said. The boy's biological father is in the military and is stationed in Hawaii. The 6-month-old is the child of Jacobson and Gloria, Matthews said.

When the child was reported missing the first time, his mother told deputies that he disappeared after leaving a bedroom where the family was watching a movie to get some juice. The family called 911 for help around 8:45 p.m. and a 25-person search party spent the night hunting for him. The search included bloodhounds and a helicopter with infrared equipment.

The next day, a man walking down the street told searchers that he heard a child crying in some woods. The boy was found about a quarter mile from his home with the family's Labrador retriever-mix dog. The boy was wearing a diaper and a T-shirt. He was cold but otherwise unharmed, and the sheriff said the dog probably saved the boy's life by keeping him warm overnight. Previous story

State Department of Social Services investigators were called to the home the first time the child wandered off, and the home was found in a "deplorable" condition, the sheriff reported. He said he understood that social services workers had planned a follow-up inspection at the home and had ordered the family to clean up.

On Sunday, Matthews said the family's home still was filthy. DSS will inspect the home this morning before a bail hearing, he said.

Matthews said he could not explain why the boy was allowed to return home after he walked away the first time.

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the other side of working for DCF. it CAN be dangerous. but they can call for a police officer to accompany them when they go for a removal.

City of Miami Police are desperate to find a mother and her five children after she allegedly beat up a Department of Children & Families case worker coming to take away the kids.

Authorities say DCF worker Lovern Alleyne-Babb, along with another co-worker, went to the home on the 400 block of Northwest 6th Street on April 8 with orders to remove the children from the home.

Once inside, police say the children’s mother, Caneema Atkins, lunged at Alleyne-Babb punching her in the nose and stomping on her eyeglasses.

“Unfortunately, this is something that our investigators face every day. They walk into these houses, they don’t have a badge, they don’t have a gun, they have their ID. They come in there into situations which may be dangerous,” said Lissette Valdes-Valle, a spokesperson for DCF.

After the attack, police say Atkins grabbed the children and fled the home in an unknown direction. She is considered to be dangerous.

The missing children are twins Brooklyn & Kaitlyn Dennis, 2, Saniya Eliott, 4, and Tre’Mari Dennis, 3. An infant of unknown age is also missing.

“We need to know where they are to make sure that they are safe, so we ask the community to please call Crime Stoppers and make a difference in the lives of these children and of this mother,” said Valdes-Valle.

Anyone with information is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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DIRTY INBRED SCUM. the dogs were better parents. and DCF in florida will give those kids back to these dirtbags. poor kids, starved, could have been snakebit, anything could have happened. and grandma was in the house?? Jesus Christ.


UNION COUNTY, Fla. -- The parents of two young girls were arrested after they forced their daughters to live in a tent deep in the woods while they lived in an air-conditioned home, according to Union County deputies.

Deputies said the girls, ages 3 and 4, were found wandering alone in the woods near the tent on Monday afternoon on the property off state Road 100 in the northwest part of the Union County.

"It was just a terrible sight, terrible scene," said Lt. Lyn Williams, of the Union County Sheriff's Office. "There was no food. There was no water. That was the first thing the children asked for."

Detectives arrested 25-year-old Mark Tucker and 26-year-old Kathy Tucker. The couple admitted to police they left two of their three children to fend for themselves, police said. Their 5-year-old was at school.

"They did say the children were protected because of the family dog," Williams said.

Authorities said the parents were in Gainesville getting drug treatment at a methadone clinic and visiting a blood plasma center. Deputies said a concerned family friend noticed that the couple left their home without their children, and she went back and found the tent with sheets and two beds inside, then called 911.

"We don't know how long or what the intent of the parents (was)," Williams said. "We don't know how long they would have been left by themselves."

Deputies said they found the children's grandmother in the home on the property, but they said she wasn't capable of caring for the girls, and she didn't even necessarily know they were there. ANOTHER CRACK HO

A man at the home Thursday did not comment on the arrests.

Deputies said the girls were dirty, hungry and thirsty when they were found, but otherwise unharmed. Deputies said that with May temperatures as high as they are, it could have been much worse.

"They had a place -- even though rundown and under repair -- they had a place to go inside and were not there," Williams said.

Both parents remained in jail Thursday on charges of child neglect. The Department of Children and Families is investigating and has placed all three children in the custody of a relative.

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More undeserving people blessed with children. Bastards. Rawr!
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]