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The Jodi Arias Trial--Fatal Attraction – The Murder of Travis Alexander
With Jodi Arias 1,000 miles away in Yreka Calif., Travis Alexander's friends believed that he was finally done with her once and for all. But according to Jodi, there was a big difference between what Travis said and what Travis did. "He would call me at night. And we would have long conversations. And he would tell me the things that -- the things that he would like to see happen when he came up to visit me, to put it in a G-rated manner," Jodi stated

Jodi says Travis planned to visit her at the end of May to see Crater Lake and the Oregon coast. But when Travis postponed his trip, Jodi planned a road trip of her own.The first stop was Los Angeles to visit some friends and photograph their newborn baby. And then it was on to Utah to spend time with potential new love interest Ryan Burns.

When Jodi hit the road on June 2, she had not heard from Travis and had no plans to see him. As it turned out, no one else would see or hear from him for nearly a week. On June 9, Travis Alexander was found by his friends, dead in his shower. "We got a phone call about four in the morning that something terrible has happened," Chris Hughs (Travis’ friend) recalls. "'Travis is dead.' And I remember just going numb…"

It was clear to lead Homicide Detective Esteban Flores when he first entered Travis Alexander's house that he was going to have his hands full."The majority of the crime scene seemed to be inside of the master bedroom suite and the master bathroom. There's obvious signs of blood on the carpet. As you go in further, we found other signs of maybe a struggle or something in the hallway leading into the master bathroom," he explains. "And once you go inside the bathroom is when you can see the body of Travis in the shower."Evidence gathered during an intensive crime scene investigation included the discovery of a bloody palm print on a hallway wall. Police have removed the section of the wall because they are convinced that print belongs to the killer in the savage attack. "We spent three full days in that house because we did not want to miss anything -- anything that could lead us to the person that did this," says Flores. "Obviously, we found blood. And we also found hair fibers. We found fingerprints. And we found a shell casing from a bullet. We believed that Travis had been shot first and that shot was in the face."

Surprisingly, that wasn't what killed Travis. Flores says he had stab wounds all over his body. "The autopsy report says that he had one single stab wound direct center to his chest which hit his heart. And then he had a cut across his throat as well." It would take the Mesa Police Department's state-of-the-art forensics lab weeks to process all the evidence gathered at the scene. It only took a few days for the news to reach Jodi Arias at her home in Yreka.

"A mutual friend called us," she says. "But he didn't tell me about Travis' state. He just said, 'Something is wrong. And I don't know what it is yet, but there are some police at Travis' house.'"Jodi already knew what was wrong, because she says, whoever killed Travis Alexander, also tried to kill her."Even to this day, I don't know that I've even fully processed everything," she tells the reporter. "I have nothing but time on my hands to think. And that's when I really begin to try and remember and relive that day."

Arriving in Los Angeles on the first leg of her road trip, Jodi found herself once again in familiar territory and once again, faced with a familiar dilemma. "I called Travis. He, of course, said, "Well, you could always swing by Arizona and come see me, too." And I thought, 'No, I'm not gonna do that.' And then, I thought, 'What the heck, you know, it's not too far out of my way.' I immediately called him and I said, 'Guess what?' And he said, 'What?' And I said, 'I'm comin' to Arizona.' And he said, 'Really?' And I said, 'Yeah.' And he's like, 'All right. I'll wait up.'"
Despite the fact that she was expected in Utah the next day, just after midnight on June 4, 2008, Jodi decided to head to Mesa instead. Jodi says when she arrived at Travis' house between 4 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., he was in his office. He spent the early-morning hours working on his computer as he waited for her to arrive. They talked for a bit and then, both exhausted, she says they went straight to sleep. "We woke up around, I'd say, 1:00 in the afternoon. When we woke up, we had sex twice -- once in his bed, and once in his office downstairs," she recalls.
And then, just like old times, Jodi says they pulled out the camera.

"We decided to do another photo shoot where we were going to just get him in the shower, but these were waist-up shots. You know, tasteful shots. It looked really cool because the water -- the way the water was frozen in the image." Jodi says earlier, when they had woken up, Travis asked to take photos of her. "He had just got a new camera and, you know, that was just part of the fun of the toy," she says.

Apparently, it was just a lazy afternoon of fun and games, until, Jodi says, all hell broke loose.

"I heard a really loud pop. And the next thing I remember, I was lying next to the bathtub and Travis was screaming." Without warning, Jodi says someone or something had knocked both of them to the floor, leaving her dazed and confused and Travis badly wounded. "At that point, I sort of was just trying to come around and kind of orientate myself to what was going on," Jodi explains. "And I looked up and I just -- I saw two other individuals in the bathroom. And they were both coming toward us."According to Jodi, she was suddenly face to face with two intruders, a man and a woman, disguised from head to toe.

"They were both taller than me. They were covered -- their hands, their gloves -- they had long-sleeved shirts on. They were in all black. He was wearing jeans. But they all -- they had ski masks on. I think they were there to kill him, because they didn't take anything. To my knowledge, there was nothing missing from the house."While the woman kept an eye on Travis, Jodi says the man led her down the hall to Travis' bedroom and then left her there.

"I saw Travis was on the floor in his bathroom on all fours," she says. "As soon as this guy left, I just got up and I charged her. And I ran straight down the hallway. And right before she could turn around even and see what was going on, I shoved her really hard. And she fell over him." Jodi says the woman was armed with a knife, but can only "assume" the woman stabbed Travis. "I didn't see her stabbing him. He had some blood all over the floor. And there was some just coming down on his arms and on his hand, his right hand. I started pulling on Travis. And I said, 'Come on, come on, come on.' He finally just said, 'I can't.' And then he said, 'I can't feel my legs.'

Before Jodi could do anything to help Travis, she says she was suddenly outnumbered again. "The guy came back in and got really angry. At me, I guess. Eventually, he was holding the gun at my forehead. They just kept arguing back and forth [about] whether or not, you know, to kill me."It's a terrifying scene. And if what Jodi says is true, what happened next is nothing short of a miracle. "He pulled the trigger. And nothing happened with the gun. And so, I just grabbed my purse, which was on the floor at that point, and I ran down the stairs and out of there and I left [Travis] there. …I pushed past him and - and his gun. And I just didn't look back." It was an unbelievable getaway. Jodi gets into her car and drives away with no one following her. "I drove forever and ever, until I was in the middle of the desert," she says.

What is truly unbelievable is that Jodi says she left Travis, who was critically injured, to fend for himself. Jodi didn't call 911, she didn't go to a neighbor and she didn't call a friend. "I didn't call anybody or tell anybody," she says. "It's very hard to understand why, especially somebody who was a person of faith, and you loved this man - why would you do nothing, nothing to help him?" says Maher. "It was -- I was terrified. And I was scared for my life. And I think there was a naïve belief that I could pretend like it didn't really happen," Jodi says. That's just what Jodi did when she got back on the road and headed off to Utah. When she did finally call someone, it was Ryan Burns - not for help, but to say she was on her way to keep their date.

She made one other call to the one person who was in no position to help anyone. "I thought, 'I'm gonna call Travis.' And it just went to voicemail," she recalls. "And I called him again, and it went to voicemail." Jodi says Travis was alive when she fled his house. "He was still sort of on his hands and knees, the whole time, until I ran from the room. That's the last that I saw him."

Jodi spent less than 24 hours in Utah with Ryan and others before heading home to Yreka, never telling anyone about her horrific ordeal. To this day, Jodi claims that she is consumed with guilt for leaving Travis behind. It wasn't until five days later, when Travis' roommates found his body in his bedroom, locked away, that anyone knew he was missing.

When the Mesa Police Department began its investigation of Travis Alexander's murder, they had a house full of evidence and one very strong lead.

Detective Esteban Flores says he heard the name Jodi Arias from day one. "As soon as we began to talk to friends and family, there were certain individuals who gave us that name and said, 'You need to look into Jodi Arias.'"

Flores tracked Jodi down at her grandparents' house in Yreka. "I called her in for an interview and asked her to come in for fingerprints and DNA samples."

"Did you tell him the story?" asks the reporter.
"No," says Jodi, taking a deep breath. "I think I was wise enough to know that coming to him with that story at this point would be like implicating myself."
Flores says that 'proof' was found by investigators in of all places, Travis' washing machine. "One of the items that we recovered from the house was a digital camera. It still had a digital card in it that had been erased." But there's erased and then there's erased. Even though the memory card was wiped clean and the camera had been run through the wash, both were sent to the Mesa Police Department crime lab to see if any information could be recovered. What they found were dozens of pictures - each one worth more than a thousand words: Flores says the photos showed Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander "in a sexual encounter." "There were several photos which were out of focus, dark. We couldn't tell what they were until we were able to enhance them at that time," Flores explains. "We were surprised to find out that those photos were of the victim, Travis Alexander, during the time he was being killed, or soon after. You can't see his face, but the injuries on that person match the injuries that were on Travis." Another shocking discovery: every image was electronically stamped with the time and date it was taken: June 4, 2008, the date of Jodi's visit.

It was just a few minutes difference between the photos of the sexual poses taken in the shower and of Travis lying on the floor as the victim, making Jodi the last person to be with Travis, according to Flores.

So how did Travis end up back in the bathroom where police found him?

"We believe that he was dragged from that area, back into the shower," says Flores. "His body was washed off… in the shower. And we believe, at that time, that's when the palm print was left on the wall. It's obvious that the print was left with somebody having blood on their hands. And it's not just his blood, it's a combination of her blood as well." "In many situations where a knife is used, somebody has blood on their hands… And, it's not uncommon for somebody to cut themselves as well,' says Flores.

Five weeks after finding Travis' body, Det. Flores showed up on her doorstep in Yreka. He says Jodi was not surprised."One of the things she said to me as soon as she saw me was, 'Is there any way I can get my purse so I can get my makeup on?'" he recalls.

It was only after her arrest that Jodi finally shared her story of the intruders with Mesa Homicide Detective Esteban Flores. But, he says, "None of the evidence indicates anything like that was possible."

To prove it, Flores showed Jodi one of the photos recovered from Travis' camera. But she says that same photo clearly shows she's innocent."I can't really remember the whole image, but I do remember blood. And I do remember skin. And I do remember someone else's leg," she tells the reporter. "I'm assuming it's the woman, because the pants were black. And the guy was wearing blue jeans."

But Flores doesn't see it quite the same way. He says there is a foot in the photo,but there's no way of indicating whose it is. During his investigation of her trip to Utah, witnesses reported to Flores that Jodi had arrived with cuts on her fingers. "She shows up in Utah and she had gauze on two or three fingers," says Chris Hughes.
Flores says that the cuts are just more evidence that Jodi's entire story is a lie. He says there's "absolutely no evidence, whatsoever" to support her theory that two people attacked her and Travis.

"She was just obsessed with him. You know? And she-- she didn't want my brother to move on with his life," says Samantha Alexander. "He had an incident a few months before he died, where his tires got slashed. The very next day after getting his fixed, his tires got slashed again at a different location, which means somebody was following him around," says Samantha.

Chris says that towards the end of his Travis' life, Travis was scared of Jodi."Jodi says she's not guilty. "I think there's only way out of that, and that is to go to trial." And, if her case goes to trial, she says she will take the stand.

But Jodi won't be the only one on trial. With every sordid detail of their personal lives made public, Travis' reputation will also be judged."I didn't harm Travis. And yes, I will be held accountable for the other activities that we engaged in and for the other things that I've done," she says. "

Jodi is one spooky bitch. Any word if Simon Cowell signed her to one of his franchises? You did know she won Sheriff Joe's 2010 Inmate Caroling contest? I understand she killed the competion during the finals. My mistake - she sleighed the competion.
i had been intending to do a thread on this lying narcissistic slut, but been too busy. i'll get to it soon, this is going to be THE trial of 2012. she could be sentenced to death. she has changed her story at least 3 times now that i know of. we'll see if the jury is going to be a little smarter than the pinellas pinheads in florida. i'll do some photos when i get a chance.

(12-22-2011, 11:50 AM)Sterling Wrote: Jodi is one spooky bitch. Any word if Simon Cowell signed her to one of his franchises? You did know she won Sheriff Joe's 2010 Inmate Caroling contest? I understand she killed the competion during the finals. My mistake - she sleighed the competion.

Ho, ho, ho - very funny.

I remember seeing the 48 Hours episode about this case. It's sure been a long time coming to trial.

(12-22-2011, 02:24 PM)Kip Wrote:
(12-22-2011, 11:50 AM)Sterling Wrote:
Ho, ho, ho - very funny.

I remember seeing the 48 Hours episode about this case. It's sure been a long time coming to trial.

That is where I just read about the story, I never heard of this murder before yesterday. Very interesting to read her account of what she states happened. Still WHY not report it, you can just tell she thinks with that smile she will get away with it. But the more she talks the worse she looks. Twat

i am trying to load the 48 Hours interview with her, it speaks VOLUMES. but for some reason it's not available at the moment. when it is, i will post it, it is the most telling and compelling thing in this case.
self-centered bitch has changed her story 3 times so far. she acted like she was some sort of celebrity accepting her Oscar in the interview.

there's some sort of gag on the video.

[Image: jodi-arias-mugshot.jpg]


[Image: Picture-149-300x223.png]

[Image: image4848346.jpg]

with the victim, Travis Alexander. he was slaughtered.

[Image: image4846369.jpg]

Travis Alexander was a successful businessman and a devout Mormon

NEW YORK (CBS) Travis Alexander was a young, successful businessman, who fully embraced his Mormon faith. When he met Jodi Arias, a beautiful, aspiring photographer, the pair quickly became an item. Jodi made Travis' world her own, even adopting his Mormon beliefs.

Their tumultuous relationship was filled with break-ups and other liaisons and complicated by their faith, which dictates no premarital sex. Giving in to their desires and photographing their exploits, the couple was painfully aware that in the eyes of their spiritual community they were living a lie.

But it was another lie - one that Jodi told about the night Travis was brutally murdered - that would eventually expose their secret and put Jodi at the center of a murder investigation.

On June 4, 2008, Travis was shot in the face and stabbed 27 times, including a fatal stab through the heart. Jodi later told investigators two people broke into the house and attacked them both. Jodi escaped and drove off without telling anyone, she said.
But at the crime scene, investigators found two sets of photos: a series of risque shots of Jodi and Travis together and a more disturbing series, of a wounded and dying Travis.

Who took those photos and how did they wind up at the crime scene? Did Jodi Arias kill Travis Alexander out of jealousy? Or was she an innocent victim who lied out of fear?

She is totally on another level. She is "such a good lier" <----NOT
I did see that 48hrs with her interview. She did think she was a celebrity. I could not stand the sound of her voice. Everything out of her mouth is Bullshit
This is the case that really sparked my interest in being a creepy true crime enthusiast. The other forum I post on has a nearly 200 page thread on this, let's get crackin over here!
I'm surprised you didn't post her two motions heard in open court on December 19. Oral arguments are to be heard on January 4, 2012. Who knows? I might attend and see who is defending her spooky ass.
"The other forum I post on has a nearly 200 page thread on this, let's get crackin over here!"


"I'm surprised you didn't post her two motions heard in open court on December 19."

you mean me? i have been busy as hell Dramaqueen and wasn't even planning on starting on this case until the New Year when her trial commences.


if you attend Sterling, we want a report! 47

lengthy but good article here:

this may not go to trial until 2013. rats.

[Image: slide_202799_579314_large.jpg?1325177831]

this is from HLN so it could be wrong...HLN: yesterday's news tomorrow!

i'll mark my calendar anyway.

The trial was originally set to begin February 21, but is delayed until October because Arias' death penalty-qualified public defender, Victoria Washington, withdrew from the case December 23. A death penalty-qualified defense attorney is key to the case during jury selection and will play a major role during the sentencing phase if Arias is convicted of first-degree murder.

Stephens appointed Jennifer Willmott as Arias’ new death penalty-qualified defense attorney. Between now and the new start date of October 17, Willmott will get up to speed on the case and Arias’ self-defense strategy.

(12-23-2011, 01:36 AM)Lady Cop Wrote: "I'm surprised you didn't post her two motions heard in open court on December 19."

you mean me?

No. I was referring to Meesha and that condescending 200 page post statement. I was surprised with that volume of information, she wasn't sharing something new and cogent. Unfortunately, those 200 pages consisted mostly of: I thought that. So sad. Me too. OMG! and Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Drivel.
trial set for Oct. 17.

recent motion PDF

Opening statements for this twat are scheduled for January 2, 2013.

Happy New Year . . . lying, psycho murderous bitch!
[Image: Screen_Shot_2012_12_30_at_7_34_34_PM.png]
[Image: jodi.arias.jpg]
Arias is one evil POS.

She's a terribly inconsistent habitual liar and a killer who snuffed the life out of someone who had trusted and loved her. Even though she looks normal and helpless, a jury will obviously see through her unbelievable bullshit and find her guilty; the only real question will be in the sentencing.

That's exactly what I thought when Casey Anthony went to trial too.

I'll be following this trial; I think Arias is as dangerous and demented as they come. Watching her being interviewed freaks me out. She needs to be caged permanently or dead, imo.