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The Bashara murder mystery...with a little S&M and bondage
it has everything you could want. even a fat dominatrix. i am still researching it and trying to get up to speed. first post, here is the timeline of events:

Events as they are alleged to have occurred before and after the slaying of Jane Bashara of Grosse Pointe Park Michigan.

Jan. 24
7 a.m.: Jane Bashara leaves for work at Kema Services, an energy consulting, testing and certification firm with an office in Detroit. Bob Bashara said he spoke to his wife as she dressed for work that morning.
4:30 p.m.: Bob Bashara returns to the couple’s home on Middlesex in Grosse Pointe Park. He said he spent the day working.
4:45 p.m.: Bob Bashara talks to Jane Bashara by phone, returning a call he missed from her about five minutes earlier. She told him she was on her way home. He was working behind rental properties on Mack Avenue, where he occasionally went into the Hard Luck Lounge.
5 p.m.: Jane Bashara reportedly talks to her daughter by phone.
8 p.m.: Bob Bashara leaves the bar, where he has had drinks with a friend, and arrives home to find his wife not there.
9:15 p.m.: Bob Bashara calls friends, looking for his wife, who he tries to reach by cell phone many times.
11 p.m.: Bob Bashara reports his wife missing to the Grosse Pointe Park Department of Public Safety.

Jan. 25
5 a.m.: Grosse Pointe Park officers arrive at the Bashara home to take a missing person’s report.
After 9 a.m.: A tow truck driver finds Jane Bashara’s body in her SUV in an alley near 7 Mile and Hoover in Detroit. She was strangled.
9:30 a.m.: Two officers, one from Grosse Pointe Park and one from Detroit, arrive at the Bashara home to report his wife was found dead.

Jan. 27
Police call Bob Bashara a person of interest in his wife’s death. Police announce that he voluntarily took a polygraph test, which he later said he was told he failed. Sources say he failed key aspects of the test, notably those dealing with the time line of events.

Jan. 31
About 4 a.m.: Joseph Gentz walks into the Grosse Pointe Park Department of Public Safety, where, during an interview with police, he says he killed Jane Bashara at the behest of her husband, who promised to pay him and give him a vehicle.
10:30 a.m.: Jane Bashara’s funeral begins at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church.

Feb. 1
Speaking to reporters in front of his home, with his son and mother at his side, Bob Bashara thanks supporters.

Feb. 3
Gentz is released from custody. He has not been charged.

Feb. 4
Bob Bashara tells reporters: “I did not kill my wife. I have nothing to do with this.”

Jane. brutally murdered
[Image: doc4f29a0f614881123763391.jpg]

New allegations surface in Bashara murder
Report: Blood and hair found in Bashara garage
Daughter says she does not believe father is guilty
Attorney claims couple had 'open marriage'
A Michigan man who police have called a person of interest in his wife’s murder is scared he could be facing life in prison, and his attorney now says the couple had an “open marriage,” according to a new report.

Bob Bashara and his daughter Jessie both professed his innocence in the murder of Jane Bashara in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“I know that he did not do it,” Jessie Bashara said, and she denied that there was any violence in her parents’ relationship at all.

“My belief is that it was an open marriage,” Bashara’s attorney, David Griem, said in the same report, responding to claims that his client was having an affair.

Police conducted a second search of Bob and Jane Bashara’s Grosse Pointe Park home Wednesday, according to Detroit News reporter George Hunter. On HLN’s“Nancy Grace” Thursday, Hunter said his sources told him investigators found blood and hair in the garage that is being sent out of state for testing.

Jane Bashara was found dead in her Mercedes in a Detroit alley about eight miles from the house on January 25. Police said autopsy results showed that she was strangled.

Griem told reporters at a press conference last week that Joe Gentz, a man who police have confirmed to HLN is related to the case, gave investigators several conflicting stories alleging that he and Bob Bashara were involved in the murder. Gentz had done manual labor at Bashara’s rental properties over the last two or three years, Griem said, and they recently had a heated disagreement about billing. According to Griem, Bashara gave police Gentz’s name early in the investigation as someone who might want to harm his family.

An attorney appointed to represent Gentz, Susan Reed, told HLN Thursday that her client had been in police custody last week and was later released, but she declined to discuss the case further.

“I just want truth. I want justice. I want real justice to be done,” Gentz said in an exclusive interview with WDIV.

A court determined Wednesday that Gentz can still have supervised visits with his 10-year-old daughter, who is currently in foster care, according to WXYZ.

Griem told the Detroit Free Press that police were leaking information about what Gentz said to them because they have no evidence against his client.

Jane. murdered.
[Image: bashara_jane.jpg]

Gentz. nearly retarded accused guy.

husband Bob.
[Image: ap_bob_bashara_dm_120203_wg.jpg]

fat dominatrix.
[Image: Local_dominatrix_20120203043909_320_240.JPG]

i think Bob was into this Bottom1

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTBveAfFRw_38f5VD8x_WA...cHz5tT6Wyl]

JANE WAS NOT ONLY STRANGLED, BUT BEATEN AND THERE WAS A FOOTPRINT ON HER NECK. NO WAY did that happen in the car. someone took her body in that car and left it in what they thought was a bad area to appear as a stranger murder. her nails were broken off, i hope they got DNA from her fighting back.

[Image: bilde?Site=C4&Date=20120208&Category=NEW...ulated-guy]

Nancy Bashara defends her son, Bob Bashara, Saturday in a Free Press interview in the Detroit office of his attorney, David Griem. / Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press

Gentz told investigators last week that he killed Jane Bashara at the behest of her husband, Bob Bashara, a source said. Police have called Bob Bashara a person of interest in his wife's killing, but neither man has been charged.
Gentz told police he killed Jane Bashara in the garage of her Grosse Pointe Park home Jan. 24 after being promised money and a vehicle by Bob Bashara, a source familiar with the investigation said. Her body was found the next morning in her Mercedes-Benz SUV, which had been left in a Detroit alley.

The Free Press learned that the FBI processed Jane Bashara's SUV for evidence, but the FBI declined to comment.

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. (WJBK) -- A shocking new twist in the murder case that's captivated metro Detroit and the country. Sources confirmed for us that throughout their investigation they learned in the basement of one of Bob Bashara's properties there was a sex room, an S&M room, and one that he frequented quite a bit.

[Image: 11P-P-BODY-FOUND-ANNOTT_20120201234012_640_480.JPG]

[Image: doc4f29fec138690753288113.jpg]

[Image: Basharas_mistress_text18ba9c8f-ec57-42bb...20_240.JPG]

Rachel Gillett . Bob's mistress.

David Griem. Bob's lawyer

[Image: doc4f2c292dc3f4c180408227.jpg]

I watched this on Dateline on ID. Nancy kind of brings Cracker to my mind Smiley_emoticons_slash All that lovely hair. Easily coifed.
this case has been covered by Dateline ID (reruns) already? Jane was murdered Jan. 24.

see an interview with Bob "spank me" Bashara here:

In an exclusive interview with the Local 4 Defenders, Bob Bashara says reports that he was with his wife the night she went missing aren't true.

Bashara reported his wife, Jane, missing Jan. 24 after she never returned to their Grosse Pointe Park home. She was found dead the next day in her SUV, which was parked in a Detroit alley. She had been strangled.
Marc Santia: What do you believe happened to Jane?
Bob Bashara: I have no idea, none.

Bob Bashara said reports that their cell phones were traced to be together the night she went missing are false. "No, they were never together. We talked, I returned her phone call around quarter to five. She called me about 20 to five. I missed the call because I was working on my property. Our phones were never together."

Marc Santia: Did she mention somebody? Did she mention that there was trouble, did she, there were no phone calls?
Bob Bashara: Nope. I have no knowledge of any phone calls. She didn't mention that there was a problem with anything. I don't believe she had a boyfriend. I don't believe that there was anything like that going on with her.
The couple was married for nearly 27 years.
Marc Santia: Because of these reports of S&M, the affair, what have you said to your son and daughter?
Bob Bashara: Don’t believe what you hear. This has been sensationalized, things have been brought up that aren’t true. The focus needs to be on Jane’s killer.”

Marc Santia: Bob, let's go back to that night. What would it mean to you to find Jane's killer?

Bob Bashara: I think my children, for my family, and yes, for me, I would like to know who is responsible and make them pay, to be punished within our legal system. It would mean a lot to me. It would bring closure to this whole thing, because, like my sister said, I have been named a person of interest and people have pointed the finger at me and all these different issues have come up.

[Image: bilde?Site=C4&Date=20120202&Category=NEW...graph-test]

(02-10-2012, 09:22 PM)Lady Cop Wrote: this case has been covered by Dateline ID (reruns) already? Jane was murdered Jan. 24.

It might have been HLN. The only time I watch TV is when I am half a step away from passing out from exhausation. It all becomes a blurr.

i'm certain what you saw was nancy grace discussing the case.
it's so sordid that she jumped right on it. it has all the elements that make a good salacious tabloid murder case.

i think there will be a definitive answer when DNA comes back. assuming they got any from under her broken nails.
and if there was a large amount of her blood in garage, then clearly she was killed at home, not in some detroit back alley.

Jane and daughter Jessica

[Image: jessica-and-jane-bashara.jpg?w=300]

[Image: article-2092755-117D2005000005DC-400_468x316.jpg]

[Image: alleyscene.jpg?1327511540]

a little more about gentz.
it seems he could have been manipulated into a bad situation.

he says he was offered $8,000. and a used cadillac to kill Jane.
he was refused child visitation today. seems the ex., mother of child, is a pig too.

Macomb County Circuit Court documents shed additional light on Gentz, saying he has a history of mental health issues requiring treatment and was committed because of those issues on at least one occasion. In 2003, he was diagnosed as bi-polar and suffering from organic mood disorder. His IQ is listed as 67, which is well below average.

The documents also paint a picture of a difficult home life for Gentz’s daughter, who is also developmentally disabled .

During a visit from Children’s Protective Services in July 2009, the family’s home “was observed to be filthy. The bathtub was black and moldy” and the wash room was unsafe because of exposed wires, documents state. The child’s bedroom was covered in trash and dirty clothing. In addition, the family dog had an untreated injury causing its mouth to bleed, and blood splatter was seen on floors all around the home. That visit preceded an order placing the child in foster care, which led to Gentz’s supervised visits, documents state.

yep. he's retarded:

David Griem said Joseph Gentz, the man who submitted himself to police for questioning Jan. 31, was out celebrating, high-fiving and signing autographs at midnight Monday at a St. Clair Shores hamburger joint.

you can see he's getting geared up for a defense case, must expect an arrest.

attorney Griem
[Image: david-griemjpg-7cf8e19d1455260e.jpg]

The Detroit News 2/11/12
Grosse Pointe Park— The attorney for Bob Bashara blasted authorities Friday for their handling of the investigation into the slaying of his client's wife and for leaking information in what he called an attempt to smear the Grosse Pointe Park businessman.

"It's like Swiss cheese. It's like being on the Titanic. And the leaks are meant to sound incriminating," David Griem said. "They are calculated. They are an effort to smear Bob, to establish negative public opinion and contaminate the potential jury pool out there."

Griem said the probe of Jane Bashara's death Jan. 24 has been full of errors and irregularities.

He said reports of blood being found Wednesday in a second search of the Bashara home are misleading and particularly damaging.

"Whose blood? We don't even know if it's human blood or of if it's one of those Grosse Pointe coyotes who nailed a rabbit," Griem said, noting recent coyote sightings in the area.

"There was a search 12 days before of the same areas of the house. The experts found nothing. Now they go back and supposedly find suspected blood in a house where hundreds of people have visited to pay their respects to Jane Bashara. Think about the potential for contamination."

Griem said he has no idea if the searches were even legal, and charges police failed to give Bashara copies of the warrants they said gave them access to his home. Without those documents, Griem said he has been unable to determine which judge approved the search.

Workers at Grosse Pointe Park Municipal Court said they could provide no information about warrants until the "returns" — which list what was taken — have been filed. As of Friday, nothing had been filed for Bashara's address on Middlesex Boulevard.

Griem said police also have not asked to examine Bob Bashara for wounds or scratches.

"Jane had a number of broken fingernails," he said. "… If there had been a scratch on him (Bashara), a bruise on him, that would have been evidence, but they haven't asked for that," Griem said.

read the rest here--->|FRONTPAGE

[Image: bilde?Site=C3&Date=20120211&Category=MET...0&Border=0]

[Image: bilde?Site=C3&Date=20120131&Category=MET...ntes-woman]

[Image: bilde?Site=C4&Date=20120201&Category=NEW...0&Border=0]

interesting. i don't think gentz was smart enough to make this shit up. he's borderline retarded.

Marc Santia, Local 4 Defenders


A syringe full of Insulin, just a small amount injected into the bloodstream, enough to potentially kill an adult, the Defenders have learned this was one of the ways Jane Bashara was supposed to die.

Dr. Frank McGeorge says, "Insulin has been used for many murders over the years and the way Insulin works is by lowering your blood sugar. By lowering your blood sugar you actually pass out."

An overdose of Insulin, Doctor Frank McGeorge tells the Defenders, not only can it be deadly but nearly impossible for a medical examiner to find in an autopsy.

It can be very difficult. If it was given directly into an artery or vein it would be even more difficult because the body actually metabolizes or burns it off very quickly.

The Defenders have confirmed Joe Gentz is at the center of this medicinal murder plot even though Gentz told detectives he ultimately killed Jane Bashara in her suburban garage through brute force because Gentz was being held at gun point to commit the crime. Bullshit hah

Now the Defenders have learned Gentz has also made statements saying when he was approached and asked to kill Jane Bashara different plots were considered and Gentz was told on several occasions by the alleged mastermind to get Insulin and the drug Heparin "any way he could find it."

Heparin is a blood thinner and it would actually kill somebody by thinning their blood and if they would have any trauma they would bleed severely.

The Defenders were the first to tell you - one of the early murder plots involved making Jane's death look like a hit and run accident on the freeway...Doctor McGeorge says in that case Heparin could have been lethal.

If someone's on a large dose of blood thinner like Heparin and they were in a car accident for example it could cause a bleed massively, causing almost instantaneous death.

One reason sources believe Gentz was told to get Heparin is because of its high profile use in author Dan Rown's best selling book.

Heparin was used most notably in Angels and Demons to kill the Pope.

Sources tell the Defenders Joe Gentz approached several people in the weeks before Jane's death, trying to find Insulin and Heparin. We're also told Gentz was unsure of how to pronounce Heparin so the man who allegedly contracted Gentz wrote the name of the drug on a piece of paper that Gentz kept in his apartment. While the Defenders have confirmed Grosse Pointe Park Police searched Gentz's home - it is not known if they found the piece of paper with the alleged mastermind's handwriting on it...spelling the word of the ways Jane Bashara was supposed to die.

note big boob's license plate. 100

[Image: bilde?Site=C3&Date=20120201&Category=MET...shara-case]

this guy has confessed to killing Jane, but he's out walking around. he's so stupid that i think they are waiting for forensics to support his confession. can't risk it being suppressed because he's borderline retarded.

A handyman not only confessed to his role in the slaying of Jane Bashara during an interview with Grosse Pointe Park police, but also admitted his involvement to an assistant Macomb County prosecutor, it was revealed today.

The new information was made public during a hearing to decide whether Joseph Gentz should be allowed to continue supervised visits with his 10-year-old daughter, who is currently in foster care. Judge Kathryn Viviano opted not to allow visitation for at least two more weeks.

"He made what amounts to a full confession," Assistant Prosecutor Mark Richardson told the judge in arguing that visitation should be stopped. Richardson said the confession was made to another assistant prosecutor within the last few weeks.

In addition, Richardson said, Grosse Pointe Park police officer in charge of the Bashara case told Macomb County prosecutors that Gentz, 48, is a person of interest in the homicide. Gentz earlier told police he killed Bashara on Jan. 24 at the behest of her husband, Bob Bashara, but Gentz was later released.

No one has been charged in the death of Jane Bashara, who was strangled and left in her SUV in an alley on Detroit's east side.

[Image: bilde?Site=C4&Date=20120217&Category=NEW...prosecutor]

a TV news special:

February 23, 2012

Bob Bashara's lawyer: We're investigating a new suspect

Privately hired defense investigators have swung their focus away from Joseph Gentz and on to a new suspect in last month's strangulation murder of Jane Bashara, her husband's lawyer David Griem said Wednesday.

Griem, whose client Bob Bashara remains the sole person of interest in the case, said he hoped to have enough evidence gathered by next week to turn over to officials.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office and Gentz's lawyer reacted coolly to Griem's announcement.

"The investigation is continuing and we have no comment," said prosecutor's spokeswoman Maria Miller.

"I'll wait to see what he has," said Susan Reed, who was appointed to represent Gentz. "This could make my job easier."

Jane Bashara's killing "may share certain similarities" with the 1996 murder of Oakland County eye doctor Deborah Iverson, who was found strangled in the backseat of her Toyota Land Cruiser left abandoned on a remote Macomb County road, Griem said.

Iverson's husband was a prime suspect for months -- even after passing two polygraph examinations -- but a young couple confessed to snatching the doctor from a Birmingham parking lot because she looked wealthy and they needed money.

"We've changed direction because of certain actions taken by the police and prosecutor's office" in releasing Gentz, who reportedly has made numerous statements to police, a prosecutor and private citizens linking himself to Jane Bashara's killing, Griem said.

Jane Bashara was found strangled in the backseat of her Mercedes-Benz SUV, which had been ditched in an east-side Detroit alley the morning after her husband reported her missing.

In a series of statements he made after walking into the police station, Gentz said he killed Jane Bashara at her husband's behest. In one version, he said he was promised cash and a used Cadillac; in another, he said he was forced to do it at gunpoint.

Gentz was released after spending 72 hours with police. Questions have arisen about whether Gentz's Miranda rights to remain silent and to have a lawyer present were honored while he was in custody.

"If they believed Gentz took part, there's absolutely no way they'd let him out on the street," he said. "I really believe if he were a target they never would have released him."

Griem said his investigators, including a retired FBI agent, have been "beating the bushes and we've come up with at least one person of interest -- a brand-new person."

He would not identify or characterize the person his team is looking at, but did say "we believe this person was not acting alone."

He said his team is waiting until it gathers "concrete evidence" before releasing details for fear the person might flee.

The Detroit News

Grosse Pointe Park— Police on Thursday impounded as evidence a Cadillac that a handyman reportedly told police was promised as partial payment for murdering marketing executive Jane Bashara.

The car, which was parked in a St. Clair Shores lot for weeks before it was impounded about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, is registered to the victim's husband, Robert Bashara, who was called a "person of interest" in the case by Grosse Pointe Park Police Chief David Hiller.

Handyman Joe Gentz, who performed odd jobs at some of Robert Bashara's rental properties, told police his boss paid him less than $2,000 to kill Jane Bashara and dump her body in a Detroit alley to make it look like a carjacking, according to police sources.

Gentz also reportedly told police that Bashara promised him the used Cadillac as payment.

However, Bashara's attorney, David Griem, said Gentz had merely inquired about buying the car but didn't have enough money.

Although multiple police sources say Gentz confessed to killing Jane Bashara in her garage before driving her Mercedes sport-utility vehicle to a secluded alley on the east side of Detroit, police later released him, prompting Griem to question whether investigators believed Gentz's account.

Griem on Wednesday also questioned why the Cadillac hadn't been seized as evidence. When asked Thursday about the timing of the impound — after his comments appeared in The Detroit News and other media — Griem said, "I guess better late than never."

Investigators are awaiting evidence, including blood and hair reportedly taken from the Basharas’ garage. "Our lab is processing all evidence in the Bashara case," said Michigan State Police spokeswoman Tiffany Brown.

Meanwhile, Griem said Robert Bashara has hired two former FBI agents to investigate the murder.

He said the retired agents have identified their own person of interest, and that they would turn his name over to police when their investigation is finished.


Case of slain Grosse Pointe woman takes new twists and turns
Saturday, February 25, 2012


In the weeks before Bob Bashara’s alleged mistress walked off the job for good, her work performance grew increasingly poor and her relations with colleagues became disrespectful, according to documents in her personnel file.

Rachel Rene Gillett also added Bashara’s name as an emergency contact person, according to personnel records released by Wayne State University to The Macomb Daily under a Freedom of Information Act request.

The documents also show that police investigating the death of Jane Bashara of Grosse Pointe Park have not sought any of Gillett’s emails or phone records from the university.

Gillett, the reputed girlfriend of Bob Bashara, was fired from her job as a secretary in the development and alumni affairs office at Wayne State.

A copy of her termination letter, written by Michelle Fallscheer, the director for planned gifts in the development and alumni affairs division, stated she had failed to successfully complete a 60-day qualifying period in her job classification.

But the real reason she was fired might be because she left the office on the day Jane Bashara’s body was found in a Detroit alley and never came back.

“I’m not going to discuss that with you,” she said in a brief telephone interview on Friday night. “I have nothing to say about any of that.”

A copy of her electronic time slip released to the newspaper shows she worked for 2.5 hours on Wednesday, Jan. 25 — the day Jane Bashara’s body was discovered — and took the rest of the day off as a personal day.

She never returned.

The 51-year-old Gillett’s name surfaced early on in the investigation into the strangulation of Jane Bashara, a business executive and mother of two children.

The body of Jane Bashara was found in the backseat of her Mercedes Benz SUV on Detroit’s east side, about six miles away from her home. Her husband had reported her missing the night before.

Linked to ‘person of interest’

In the days after the body’s discovery, there were multiple media reports detailing Bob Bashara’s secret double life apart from his wife, tales of a sex dungeon and out-of-state trips with a girlfriend.

Although Bashara told reporters he was only friends with Gillett, there was evidence that he spent a good deal of time with her including traveling to a relative’s wedding out of state on New Year’s Eve. Several photos of the two dancing and socializing have surfaced.

The story took an unseemly turn when Internet posts on a sadomasochism website suggested Bob Bashara was involved in an S&M relationship with Gillett, where he was a dominatrix called “Master Bob.”

The postings indicated the two planned to bring a third woman into the relationship.

Bashara owned an underground sex dungeon in the basement behind a building he owned on Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Park where witnesses said he took women for various sex games.

Gillett was renting an apartment above the facility.

Grosse Pointe Park police have been tight-lipped about the murder — the first in that community in more than two decades — and no arrests have been made.

Police Chief David Hiller has publicly labeled Bob Bashara as a “person of interest in the murder,” even though another man has allegedly confessed to the crime.

Handyman Joe Gentz, an acquaintance of Bob Bashara, told police Bashara gave him cash and a used Cadillac to kill Jane Bashara.

Gentz, who authorities have described as mentally disabled, was held for several days for questioning before being released.

Early last week, however, police impounded the Cadillac, which had been parked in a St. Clair Shores lot for weeks.

Since Gillett has publicly stated that she has cooperated with the police investigation, The Macomb Daily asked Wayne State for any search warrants submitted by police for her email or phone records. The university responded by stating none existed as the police had not sought the records.

The bizarre story of extra-marital affairs and seedy sex parties seemed to be in conflict with Gillett’s past.

much more at link:

[Image: doc4f49839868a9a007123053.jpg]

well i think some forensics came back.

now we'll see if big boob is next.

[Image: bilde?Site=C4&Date=20120302&Category=NEW...sted-again]

Joseph Gentz, who authorities say has confessed to killing Grosse Pointe Park mother Jane Bashara, was arrested this afternoon at Macomb County Circuit Court.

Gentz was to appear for a child custody case. His court-appointed attorney, Susan Reed, said she knew only that Gentz had been arrested.

"I don't know what the charges are," she said. "I haven't seen the warrant."

Reed said she was in contact earlier today with Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Lisa Lindsay about the pending arrest.

Steve Virogna, 54, of Warren drove Gentz to the Macomb County Circuit Courthouse today. Virogna said he got a call to bring Gentz to the Eastpointe police station, but Gentz knew his attorney was at the Macomb courthouse for the visitation hearing and asked Virogna to take him there.

After they entered the building and Gentz rushed to see his attorney, he was arrested, Virogna said.

Virogna also was the one to initially bring Gentz to the Grosse Pointe Police Department to turn himself in after the slaying. He said Gentz had approached him a few months ago and asked him if he wanted to help commit a "hit on some lady," but he said no. He said he realized Gentz was referring to Jane Bashara after she was killed.

"I didn't know who it was," he said of the discussion with Gentz a few months ago. "Then I put the pieces together four or five days after it happened."

Virogna said he knew the whole story, and Gentz was offered more than $2,000 to commit the crime, but Virogna said he couldn't tell the story yet.

“He wants justice done for both families,” he said. “He's scared, panicked.”

At the custody hearing, which involves Gentz's 10-year-old daughter, a judge said today she was suspending his visitation. No details were offered.

Gentz has a pending parental rights termination hearing in April.

Reed said she was trying to call Gentz to alert him to the upcoming arrest, but had been unable to reach him because her calls kept going directly to voicemail.

see post above ^

brief video here of gentz arrest:

[Image: Joe_Gentz_arrested_in_fb10c053-b85c-4b16...40_480.JPG]

[Image: Joe_Gentz_arrested_in_fb10c053-b85c-4b16...40_480.JPG]

[Image: gentzphoto_20120302154042_640_480.JPG]

[Image: bilde?Site=C3&Date=20120302&Category=MET...-s-killing]

edit to add:
Gentz walked into the courtroom on his own and was not arrested on a murder warrant but rather a warrant for probable cause.

Channel 7 Legal Analyst Tom Cranmer says the arrest may have something to do with forensic evidence taken from the Bashara garage.

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. - A handyman has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of a suburban Detroit woman.

Joe Gentz appeared in court Monday for a video arraignment on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

"We have issued these charges today on Mr. Gentz, but the investigation continues. This case is neither cold nor closed. At the appropriate time further information will released, " said Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

arraignment. waiting for his fellow conspirator to go down.

Joe Gentz has been charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Grosse Pointe Park mother Jane Bashara.

He was denied bond at his arraignment and a competency evaluation was ordered.

"He is concerned and he is worried and he's anxious. well boo fucking hoo. i wonder how anxious Jane was while he killed her. That's to be expected," said Gentz's court-appointed attorney, Susan Reed.

She said she was given a folder full of potential evidence.

"It's going to take me a while to go over it," she said.

Gentz is scheduled to be back in court March 16.

[Image: Joe-Gentz-video-arraignment-jpg.jpg]

[Image: joe-gentz-5-JPG.jpg]

[Image: Joe-Gentz-6-JPG.jpg]

[Image: joebrothersteve.jpg]