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walking while black - Trayvon Martin
this has been bothering me a lot. i think this neighborhood watch guy was a gung-ho cop-wannabe. he had no need to be armed in that capacity.
i really feel for this kid and his family.
it goes to the state attny. office today.
sadly we'll also be seeing media whores sharpton and jackson stirring up shit soon.

(CNN) -- Answers remain in short supply as to why an unarmed teenager was shot and killed two weeks ago.

Trayvon Martin, 17, was walking toward his father's home in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, around sunset on February 26.

The neighborhood watch captain, 28-year-old George Zimmerman, saw the teen on the property and called 911.

According to CNN affiliate WFTV, Zimmerman, who is white, described Martin as a suspicious black man to a dispatcher.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee said the 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to confront Martin, but by the time police arrived, the teenager lay dead with a gunshot wound in the chest. He was carrying a small amount of cash, some candy and an iced tea.

Zimmerman told police he shot Martin in self-defense, but that doesn't sit well with Martin's parents.

"When you add it up, it just doesn't even make sense," said Ben Crump, the Martin family's attorney. "Trayvon Martin, a kid, has a bag of Skittles. [Zimmerman] had a 9mm gun. Trayvon Martin didn't approach George Zimmerman, George Zimmerman approached Trayvon Martin. So how can he now assert self defense?"

Police say a gunshot can be heard on the 911 calls recorded that night.

Sanford police said Monday the calls will not be made public until the investigation is complete, but the Martin family is pushing for the tapes to be released sooner.

"It will tell us why [Zimmerman] just disregarded, just ignored the police instructions when they tell him to stay put, they'll be there in a few minutes. On those 911 tapes is going to tell you why he said he's not going to follow their instructions. And most importantly, it's going to tell us his mentality when he confronted this 17-year-old kid," Crump said.

Numerous attempts to contact Zimmerman by CNN were unsuccessful, and it is unclear whether Zimmerman has retained an attorney.

Under intense pressure from the community, city officials in Sanford held a press conference on Monday.

"We are going to complete a thorough and fair investigation and present all the information to the state attorney's office so justice can be rendered," Lee said.

Police said they have not charged Zimmerman because there are no grounds to disprove his story of what happened.

"The evidence and testimony we have so far does not establish that Mr. Zimmerman did not act in self-defense. We don't have anything to dispute his claim of self-defense, at this point, with the evidence and testimony that we have," Lee said.

Lee said the directions the 911 dispatcher gave Zimmerman to not accost Martin when the incident arose were not mandatory instructions.

"That is a call taker making a recommendation to him. He's not under a legal obligation to do that, so that is not something we can charge him with. But it would have been a good outcome if those -- if Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman never came in contact with one another."

Tensions are swelling in the black community over why Zimmerman is free.

"You've got a little dead black boy, and the community sees you protecting the shooter," one man said.

An outraged woman said, "I'm sure you've heard the phrase, taking candy from a baby? But this person, I'm talking about every child, not just Trayvon Martin, whether he's black, white, blue, yellow or green, it is easy to take a candy from a baby. It's been said over and over and over again, but this person didn't take the candy, he took the life and left the child."

Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte said he had personally extended condolences to the Martin family.

"We see this as a tragedy. We are doing a full and thorough investigation, and certainly the guilty parties, where they be there, will be punished."

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dead kid was holding...candy and iced tea.

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Zimmerman was arrested in Orange County in 2005 for resisting arrest and battery of a police officer. The case was dismissed because no evidence could be found. Zimmerman attended a pre-trial diversion program and a deal was made with his attorney to get the case dropped.

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Martin family's home. not ghetto

OMG, I hope Zimmerman is charged with 1st degree murder. He was in no danger. He could have gone into his house and locked the doors. And how many criminals with assault or robbery on their minds come to the scene with a beverage in hand? Either Zimmerman is an idiot or there's some history between the two we don't know about, but he's probably just an idiot.
I'll go with he's an idiot!
A whole bunch of idiots, the community elected him captain of the neighborhood watch.

I think He will eventually be charged with something, with the way the story reads I'm not sure what, maybe discharge of a firearm in the city limits? this is completely fucking sad.

He should have been arrested immediately.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
John Adams

it went to state attny. today, i hope to see his ass in lockup. that poor innocent kid. i am so sad for him. the fucker had NO reason to shoot him!! but he's claiming it was self-defense. what a crock. Bullshit

i will be following this story.


The white guy is a nigger.
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What the...? Asshole! Lock him up!
Commando Cunt Queen
Zimmerman sounds as trigger happy as dick was when he was a cop.
We need to punish the French, ignore the Germans and forgive the Russians - Condoleezza Rice.
(03-13-2012, 02:03 PM)Duchess Wrote:

The white guy is a nigger.

Yep...I hate all niggs, no matter the color.

WTF? Just pure, psychotic, trigger-happy, racist bs?
86 112
(03-13-2012, 03:24 PM)FAHQTOO Wrote: Yep...I hate all niggs, no matter the color.

Thank you! I've always thought it's an attitude, not a color.

[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Orlando Sentinel
March 13, 2012

Sanford police turned over the Treyvon Martin shooting case to the Seminole-Brevard State Attorney's Office this afternoon.

The state attorney will now decide whether to file charges against 28-year-old George Zimmerman, a white man, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old who was walking in a gated neighborhood last month.

"State Attorney Norm Wolfinger recognizes that Trayvon Martin and his family, interested persons, and the public-at-large are entitled to no less than a through, deliberate and just review of the information provided, along with any other evidence that may or may not be developed in the course of the review process," spokeswoman Lynne Bumpus-Hooper said in an email. "We intend to honor that commitment."

Bumpus-Hooper said it's unclear how long it will take for the office to make a charging decision.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee said yesterday that his officers did not have enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman, a community watch member, who claimed he shot the Trayvon in self defense on Feb. 26.


Minutes before Trayvon's death, Zimmerman called the police to report a "suspicious person" walking in the neighborhood. Trayvon was walking from a 7-Eleven to the apartment of his father's fiance, a home he had visited before, with a package of Skittles in his pocket when Zimmerman spotted him.

The teenager was slain about 70 feet from the apartment where he was headed.


They need to make an example out of that man so people know it's unacceptable. It's called neighborhood WATCH for a reason.

I think things would be different if a black man shot a white kid under the same or similar circumstances. I do. *shrugs*
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Poor kid.

That dude is NOT white. Since when is Zimmerman a Mexican name?

(03-15-2013, 07:12 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: You see Duchess, I have set up a thread to discuss something and this troll is behaving just like Riotgear did.
Not to be too ugly, but is this only a big deal because the shooter wasn't black? Because 17 year olds get popped in ATL almost every day...
(03-15-2013, 07:12 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: You see Duchess, I have set up a thread to discuss something and this troll is behaving just like Riotgear did.
Yea this one is fuked up, BBQ his ass. The cops told him to stand down, instead he challenged, got his ass kicked then killed a kid that was walking home with a fuking candy bar. All niggers are not black.
(03-13-2012, 07:34 PM)Cracker Wrote: Not to be too ugly, but is this only a big deal because the shooter wasn't black? Because 17 year olds get popped in ATL almost every day...

True, but mostly by other black 17 yr olds
(03-13-2012, 07:39 PM)SIXFOOTERsez Wrote: True, but mostly by other black 17 yr olds

I guess Al Sharpton doesn't care about those kids. I know a few dead kids from around here, none of them really bad kids.

The neighborhood watch dude is a nutfuck, but he is no worse than any other shooter.
(03-15-2013, 07:12 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: You see Duchess, I have set up a thread to discuss something and this troll is behaving just like Riotgear did.
Neighborhood watch guy is a nut fuck, so is Al Sharpton
I hate it when good kids get killed over stupid shit. I guess I am jaded because it is so common around here. That guy should be arrested and charged, not sure why he is walking around freely.
(03-15-2013, 07:12 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: You see Duchess, I have set up a thread to discuss something and this troll is behaving just like Riotgear did.