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Royal Ascot
And they're off! Royal Ascot has opened its hallowed doors for another year.
i enjoy this every year just to see the clothes and outrageous hats!

the rules for dress have been made stricter too. too-short dresses are being stopped at the gate. Dramaqueen

i am hoping my beautiful Aussie horse Black Caviar runs away with the race saturday! here she is:

i'll post more of the fun clothing and millinery as i find it at daily mail.


[Image: article-2161544-13AEEDCF000005DC-126_964x886.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AF0213000005DC-873_964x641.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AF1D6D000005DC-899_470x423.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AF1E72000005DC-833_470x423.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AF1E96000005DC-83_470x502.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AF3AFA000005DC-276_474x504.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AEEB1F000005DC-51_470x944.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AF0041000005DC-653_310x513.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AF1ABC000005DC-619_312x513.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AF1DA1000005DC-437_312x514.jpg]

[Image: article-2161544-13AEFC13000005DC-697_964x587.jpg]

Liz ll arrives. [Image: 0002047C.gif] top hats are de rigueur for the men.

[Image: article-2161544-13AF8C3F000005DC-509_964x553.jpg]

remember Audery Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle at Ascot? fabulous! ~My Fair Lady~

[Image: YJVNV_5290.jpg]

Whoa, Prince Philip isn't looking so hot in that picture...
(06-19-2012, 04:37 PM)Jimbone Wrote: Whoa, Prince Philip isn't looking so hot in that picture...

he's 90 and just got out of hospital. they have had a grueling schedule lately!

Yeah, I remember reading he missed part of the Jubilee. Seems like a good guy though... always smiling and joking I've heard.
I love that white dress with the black belt in the first pic. Very pretty!
Devil Money Stealing Aunt Smiley_emoticons_fies
[Image: article-2162370-13B37F4C000005DC-780_634x793.jpg]

[Image: article-2162370-13B3657C000005DC-548_634x440.jpg]

[Image: article-2162560-13B6F50B000005DC-565_964x519.jpg]

I sure hope that asteroid gets here soon.
[Image: article-2162540-13B7404A000005DC-864_964x770.jpg]

[Image: article-2162540-13B740A1000005DC-589_964x837.jpg]

[Image: article-2162540-13B74A87000005DC-956_472x897.jpg]

[Image: article-2162540-13B728AE000005DC-384_470x1089.jpg]

[Image: article-2162540-13B740D4000005DC-123_964x617.jpg]

[Image: article-2162540-13B77BB8000005DC-105_964x630.jpg]

[Image: article-2162540-13B74174000005DC-346_312x466.jpg]

[Image: article-2162540-13B728C5000005DC-955_470x685.jpg]

[Image: article-2162540-13B7867C000005DC-312_470x816.jpg]

It is the highlight of the summer social calendar and nothing - not even the prospect of the predicted thunderstorm - could dampen the spirits of racegoers on Ascot's Ladies Day.

The royal racecourse was transformed into a sea of color for the third day of the Royal meet, with bright outfits topped off by the most flamboyant of hats.

Tickets have been sold out for months for this year's Ladies Day - the day in which women wear their biggest, boldest, and often most outlandish outfit.

With the rain falling steadily all night, the grounds were wet, meaning that ladies had to pick their way through muddy puddles in their finery.

Despite the gathering clouds, the crowds were in high spirits as they flocked through the gates.

As befits tradition, statement hats were the order of the day, with everything from Olympic torches to teapots providing inspiration for the headgear on show, and clearly many had kept their most magnificent outfits for the occasion.

more photos:

(06-19-2012, 04:25 PM)Lady Cop Wrote: remember Audery Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle at Ascot? fabulous! ~My Fair Lady~

[Image: YJVNV_5290.jpg]

Love that movie...and Audrey Hepburn!! Smiley_emoticons_smile

Do you have fashion on the fields?..where all the *ahem* fillies parade around in their finery and are judged by a panel?

No doubt there will be quite a few this side of the hemi tuning into watch Black Caviar race...22 wins in a row. Will that be be broken at Ascot? the big question.

Ooo...where's that Princess Bea hat?? Smiley_emoticons_smile
All of these hats are beyond stupid. I just want that white dress with the black sash.
Devil Money Stealing Aunt Smiley_emoticons_fies
and the queen's horse naturally won...

[Image: article-2163123-13BD73DD000005DC-894_964x545.jpg]

the Queen posed for the traditional owner's photograph with 'Estimate'

[Image: article-2163123-13BD4854000005DC-209_470x692.jpg]

[Image: article-2163123-13BCB59C000005DC-756_964x1193.jpg]


Black Caviar preserved her astounding unbeaten record with a narrow triumph in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot.

The Australian sprinting sensation secured her 22nd consecutive victory.