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(08-03-2014, 12:08 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: [ -> ]Look

No you look. You have no idea what you are talking about on this one. Your attempt to undermine me and my poor insight and knowledge on this couldn't be further from the truth.

I usually stay out of politics in other countries but there is such evil occurring I am participating in the debate in order to seek a peaceful resolution to the problem. I don't think the religious right christians (even in this country) turning a blind eye and giving Israel carte blanche to 'defend' themselves against a UN school is hardly war. It is an atrocity.

Regarding what Mo said, you are playing semantics. He said more than that. When he said fuck Israel, he wasn't referring to sexual intercourse.
Yes Aussie I think you're right, when Mo said "fuck Israel" I don't think he meant it literally. That's a whole lot of fucking to do, even for you. It's just an expression, like "fuck Aussie and her stupid rope scarf". Stop overanalyzing shit.
(08-03-2014, 07:13 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-03-2014, 12:08 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: [ -> ]Look

Regarding what Mo said, you are playing semantics. He said more than that. When he said fuck Israel, he wasn't referring to sexual intercourse.

I, for one, am anti-semantic!
(08-03-2014, 07:13 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: [ -> ]No you look. You have no idea what you are talking about on this one. Your attempt to undermine me and my poor insight and knowledge on this couldn't be further from the truth.

You assign yourself way too much importance.

I commented on the content of your posts, not your insight and knowledge on the subject matter. If you possess great insight or knowledge (as you claim), then share it if you'd like. Or, you can continue to keep it hidden behind simplistic common generalities tossed about in the process of commanding others "don't think that / don't say that"; others who actually support their arguments. It's up to you.

(08-03-2014, 07:13 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: [ -> ]I usually stay out of politics in other countries but there is such evil occurring I am participating in the debate in order to seek a peaceful resolution to the problem. I don't think the religious right christians (even in this country) turning a blind eye and giving Israel carte blanche to 'defend' themselves against a UN school is hardly war. It is an atrocity.

You want a peaceful solution, so you're making an exception and getting involved, via debate, in this particular atrocity taking place outside of your country. Well, good on you, aussie. Some of us do follow the politics of other countries ("evil" and otherwise) as a regular practice. Regardless, just because people -- I don't care what religion they are -- don't share your view doesn't mean that they're not looking, can't see, or don't care about the atrocities of war.

You want a peaceful solution. Hey, me too. I'd venture to say the large majority of people worldwide would love to see peace in the Middle East. When it comes to the Jews and Palestinians specifically, an extraordinary amount of effort and resources have been put forth by various world leaders, organizations and individuals in pursuit of peace negotiations between the conflicting parties -- for six decades. I dare say that your participation in this debate is not going to succeed in getting a peaceful solution implemented where all else have failed (but, if it does, I'll be right there with you doing the happy dance and high-fiving your ass).

Likewise, nobody's posts here are creating or worsening the conflict either. IMO.

(08-03-2014, 07:13 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: [ -> ]Regarding what Mo said, you are playing semantics. He said more than that. When he said fuck Israel, he wasn't referring to sexual intercourse.

Do you even know what "semantics" means? Did you read anywhere in my post where I likened "fuck Israel" to "have sexual intercourse with Israel"? Rhetorical questions.

I already told you that I didn't infer all that you did from Mo's "fuck Israel" statement. If you want to continue bitching and moaning about his point of view or his style of expression, that's your right. I'm not gonna argue with you about it -- Mo can speak for himself and he can decide whether he wants to re-explain or defend himself to you, or just sit back and smile.
HoTD you got way too much time on your hands.
(08-03-2014, 03:08 PM)Duchess Wrote: [ -> ]AND...the deaths of the three teens that prefaced all of this, Hamas denies kidnapping & murdering them, they were found on land that Israel controls and Israel is who said Hamas is responsible. Again with the, Israel says.

The kidnapping and murder that was used to justify escalation of military action by Israel is pretty murky. Israel has never submitted any evidence to back up Netanyahu's very public accusations. Weeks after the fact and under pressure for evidence to back those accusations, Israeli police acknowledged that the boys were not kidnapped and killed on direction of Hamas.

Israeli police spokesperson, Micky Rosenfeld, told the BBC that the men who killed 3 Israeli teens were from a lone/rogue cell, loosely Hamas affiliated but not operating under its leadership. This is not in line with Netanyahu's declarations immediately after the boys went missing. The boys were killed shortly after being abducted and it's been reported (but not confirmed) that Israeli officials knew that quickly into the investigation.

Today it was disclosed that the Israeli soldier who was reported captured during the scheduled humanitarian pause on Friday (the one that Obama demanded be returned) was actually never captured and was killed immediately, along with two other IDF soldiers, at a Gaza tunnel (by a Palestinian suicide bomber). I don't know if Israeli officials were misinformed or if they intentionally characterized the incident wrongly to drum up more support.

Anyway, Israel's credibility is under global scrutiny on many fronts at this point, IMO. I think the "it's so because Israel says it's so" philosophy is going by the wayside.

(08-03-2014, 12:52 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote: [ -> ]I don't believe it'll ever end while they're trying to live in the same area together.


And therefore I have the perfect solution.

[Image: Israel_zps0903c920.jpg]

Now, what was that about Aussie wanting me to fuck each and every Israeli?! The amount of necessary lubricant is just so staggering!
I nominate Mo for USA Prez! hah
I don't think it pays enough and there are too many rules for Mo to be interested..
(08-04-2014, 01:53 AM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: [ -> ]Israeli police acknowledged that the boys were not kidnapped and killed on direction of Hamas.

I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't spent time following links & reading. I didn't see any headline that took the time to correct that accusation and there are a shit ton more accusations out there with not much of anything to back it up.

I think it was yesterday that the 6th UN facility was bombed, it was filled with people seeking shelter from the bombings. Israel said they bombed it because Hamas had rockets stored there. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, I'm not taking Israel's word for it, they lie & embellish, they can't be trusted any more than Hamas can in my opinion. They'll say what they need to in order to justify murdering civilians.

They've resorted to keeping some of their dead babies in ice cream freezers because there is no room for them in the morgues -

[Image: 1407078413906_wps_4_GRAPHIC_CONTENT_A_picture.jpg]

Others are using cold storage trucks -

[Image: 1407069809001_Image_galleryImage_Members...houl_f.JPG]

[Image: 1407063283256_wps_21_Palestinians_try_to_evacu.jpg]

[Image: 1407069297283_wps_9_EDS_NOTE_GRAPHIC_CONTENT_.jpg]

[Image: 1407078538525_Image_galleryImage_epa0433...tinain.JPG]

[Image: article-2714575-203895B400000578-936_964x643.jpg]

These people were trying to hide from the bombs -

[Image: 1407059990303_Image_galleryImage_Palesti...jured_.JPG]

[Image: 1407058886284_Image_galleryImage_A_Pales...arries.JPG]

[Image: 1407062788866_wps_11_ATTENTION_EDITORS_VISUAL_.jpg]

[Image: 1407060285963_wps_29_A_Palestinian_man_carries.jpg]

This family's home was bombed -

[Image: 1407064853920_Image_galleryImage_A_relat...ver_th.JPG]

[Image: 1407069929986_Image_galleryImage_A_relat...the_li.JPG]

[Image: 1407065023781_wps_44_Palestinians_evacuate_a_s.jpg]
Meanwhile .....

.... on the other side of the big concrete wall and barbed wire fence.

[Image: Israel2_zps8d950b95.jpg]

[Image: Israel4_zps9b4c3fd5.jpg]

[Image: Israel3_zps1b6a7b61.jpg]

Oh my, if I would become the President of the US. The sheer possibilities!

I would relocate Israel into the Grand Canyon. They obviously like that sort of landscape, love the idea of binoculars, and everybody would love the postal code of Tel Aviv in the fucking GRAND Canyon! Fuck yeah!!

I would immediately legalize every drug known to mankind, especially Blow and E, thereby immediately bringing peace to Mexico, as well as most of the rest of Latin America, and just because they would love me for that so much, they wouldn't come jumping across the border to produce all those vegetables, but could do it right at home. They wouldn't call the White House White for nothing!

Of course a crazy dance trend would sweep across the States due to all the E being served at Mc Donalds, KFC and Pizza Hut for dessert, leaving large parts of Red Neck county in total confusion as they never felt so manly yet girly the same time.

I would turn Ohio into a huge prison, all the bad people seem to be living there anyway, and surely would love some new company from all across the globe.

I would tell Robert Mugabe that I'll be invading him just to fuck with him, and which would hopefully result in a fucking heart attack for the old boy.

I would open an international restaurant chain called "Bob's Barbie", and everybody eating there can deduct the double amount of the bill from their taxes.

I would send the whole lot of the Bush clan into exile to Venezuela.

I would declare Rio the 52 state of America, and anybody who wants to become a Rio American can do so by applying thru my personal website with pictures in G-strings.

Since I'm at it, Tahiti will be State 53, fuck the French, and so will certain parts of Indonesia, Thailand, and a dancing club in Kiev. Let's see if I can change the mind of my buddy Putin that way.

I would immediately get rid of those silly heads carved into a wonderful mountain, and exchange them with carvings of Harleys and Playmates of the month. Most preferably together in suggestive poses.

Each car wash in wherever I'm President in, will have to follow the stringent rules of Hollywood. Hot babes wearing nothing, cold water and bubbles is a dead certain formula that will bring up the economy for sure.

I would restart the cold war, but this time with Alaska, the North Pole, Antarctica and a small village of Inuits in the north of Canada, so the name makes sense to people.

I will also relocate all the Saudis, most probably to Miami, and build the biggest fucking casino and strip joint from Jeddah up to Riad and AlKhobar. Who likes it can stay, who doesn't, welcome to Miami. What they gonna do about it? All their army is me anyway.

Who wanna be my Vice?!
See Mo, I knew you would be the right guy for the job!

Anyway, war is fucking hell, both sides lie through their teeth!

And following rules, what rules, The big O doesn't follow the rules, he makes them up as he goes along to his liking. hah

Casualties of war are cruel, with unbiased boundaries!
That would be fine better than the influx of central American throwaways, Hamas could take over the middle east and Somalia could become a great nation of men. Like the amazons but a different gender. Detroit could use all the help they can get.
(08-04-2014, 02:05 AM)Mohammed Wrote: [ -> ]Now, what was that about Aussie wanting me to fuck each and every Israeli?! The amount of necessary lubricant is just so staggering!

It always boils down to the oil!

Anyway, your proposed solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict might indeed benefit the Palestinians and the Jews in the short term.

But, I think it's unrealistically optimistic when it comes to how it would affect the whole of the Middle East.

With or without "foreign interference", the battles for power within the Middle East extend way beyond Israel and Palestine, as I know that you well know. So, the "Middle East will again be peaceful" selling point in your proposal made me smile and wonder if you've been dropping some of that E yourself, or perhaps you really do have the makings of a politician. Smiley_emoticons_wink

[Image: datelineisraelgaza.gif]

In the West Bank:
Jerusalem has been largely quiet since last month’s killing of an Arab teenager sparked days of unrest. The teen was allegedly slain by Jewish extremists in revenge for the killing of three Israeli students in the West Bank. Monday’s incident could set the Israeli capital on edge as the battle in Gaza continues.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said an Arab man from East Jerusalem used a backhoe to kill an Israeli pedestrian Monday afternoon, then rammed into a bus and overturned it, injuring three other people. The driver of the backhoe was shot and killed by police, Rosenfeld said.

“We’re looking at this incident as a terrorist attack,” he said.

As the body of the attacker was loaded into an ambulance, Israeli residents of the area cheered and chanted “Death to Arabs” in Hebrew.

Over at the Gaza War Zone:
Buchman, the Israel Defense Forces spokesman, said Sunday that Israel believed it was no more than 24 hours away from destroying the last known Hamas tunnel, but he would not confirm whether Israel intended to pull all its forces out of Gaza once that happened.

“The ground forces finished the job. They destroyed the tunnels. So there’s no point in keeping them there,” said Yosef Kuperwasser, former director general of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs. “But it’s not that we’re easing the pressure on Hamas. The pressure on Hamas is still there.”

Israel has shown no indication it will pause its campaign of fire from the air and the sea, as evidenced by Sunday’s attack near the U.N. school. Hamas, too, has given little indication it will yield, firing at least 55 rockets toward Israel on Sunday.

Meantime, by boycotting truce talks in Cairo on Sunday, Israel has demonstrated that it has no interest in pursuing a diplomatic solution following a string of broken cease-fires that Israeli officials blame on Hamas.

With no diplomatic solution in sight, a battle that has already lasted far longer than two previous conflicts between Hamas and Israel could continue indefinitely.

Griff Witte reported from Jerusalem and Daniela Deane from Rome. Ruth Eglash in Jerusalem and Islam Abdel Karim in Gaza City contributed to this report.

Full story:
I do think Israel is way too aggressive and each side says "well, they started it." Sounds like children fighting over toys. Killing each other is never going to stop until someone or some country intervenes and demand that the leaders of al of the warring factions sit down and TALK to each other. I have said it before, killing those innocent children is just not O.K. This is heartbreaking and these innocents caught in the middle literally have no place to hide...It violates every humanitarian law in this World.
Hope this is not too off topic but I unknowingly ordered a ring from Haifa, Israel. I like Etsy website; they sell an assortment of items, but they feature homemade jewelry from all over the world. I am a fan of costume jewelry. I like rings to match what I am wearing so I ordered a "lapis" ring. The color is a cobalt blue and it is gold filled so not an expensive ring, but I got it today in record time. Postage was only $4.74. I like the ring and it will look good with my blue stuff. Also this is off topic, too, but has anyone ever accidentally put their genuine leather purse in the washing machine. Yep, I did it and it went through the entire cycle. I know I am old, but really. Like any normal person, I gathered the laundry up from closet floor and didn't notice it.
Fascinating. What is your favourite detergent and what temperature you feel most comfortable at?

I myself always enjoyed going twice thru the spinning cycle at about 35C, using nothing but uncut Persil. Once I got married I had to stop it so. Women eh?!


(08-04-2014, 09:47 AM)Maggot Wrote: [ -> ]..... and Somalia could become a great nation of men.

But Somalia IS a great nation of men. That's the whole bloody problem of it.

HotD, my most scrumptious wet'n wild fantasy, but of course the Middle East would be peaceful with out any of that Israel here. Just look at Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc. They just keep beating the shit out of each other because they are bitterly traumatized by the nearby presence of Israel. Once you remove that, no matter the French, British or Americans, all these wonderful folks here would start growing their beards, the women too, hug each other instead of this constant slapping that would piss you off too, and you would have eternal bliss and tranquility all around here.

It's sort of like living with a neighbor that's breeding fighting pitbulls. Just because of the daily mental stress that this situation will get you obviously in, you just might wake up one day down the road and punch your otherwise beloved grandmother or father right in the face. Of course, you would instantly regret it and apologize, but too late. Now they want to punch you too and start hunting you down in their walkers! And so on.

An easily escalating situation, that destroys otherwise loving people, and all because of a screwed up neighbor. What a world we live in!

Now back to that fascinating laundry topic. Blueberry, you mean you actually .... did it?! Awesome!
You're high, Mo.

The fighting in Iraq at present is between some of its citizens against their elected government and other Iraqi citizens. Same with Syria (with a lot of insurgent assistance from Iraqi ISIS members and other Islamic fundamentalist groups). That's not Israel's doing.

Removing the Jewish people and government from the Middle East couldn't restore a peace there that never was, but I know you're playing with me.

On a serious note, Israel has pulled its ground forces from Gaza. They've declared their mission accomplished; 34 tunnels from Gaza into Israel have been demolished over the course of the 4 week conflict.

Hamas has finally agreed to a 72-hour Egyptian-brokered cease-fire/truce and Israel again agreed to it as well. Let's hope it sticks and that some meaningful negotiations can take place during that time to extend the cease-fire indefinitely.

P.s. I read this report by Peter Beinart a couple of weeks back in Haaretz and thought you might find it an interesting read as well: -- The article centers on one of your serious points upthread about how the destruction of Palestinian hope fuels the conflicts; Beinart includes some of his ideas about how to constructively address the conflicts between Israel and Palestine.
Most (not all) Christians I have been debating this with are completely sympathetic to Israel, disregarding children having skin teared off their bodies and killed. They are blaming the other side. Those pictures of people watching the conflict in Gaza is quite provocative, it looks like a form of entertainment for these people, whilst the people on the other end are being killed. The thing is, one day, that could be them on the receiving end, and then they may not be smiling and enjoying themselves so much in comfortable armchairs.
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