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Post 'em if you got 'em...

These couples looked to be in for fun honeymoon nights. ')

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hah There's a woman named Cheri Crousant working here, but no beaver shavers.

Is she French-Canadian?
(12-16-2016, 05:33 PM)Duchess Wrote: [ -> ]

Is she French-Canadian?

Not sure but she does have a ton of tattoos as a matter of fact she almost pulled her pants off to show me the one on her ass cheek. I had to say nononono gotta go.
I knew a guy named Dick Sweatlick. He had a son with the same name. We called them Big Dick and Little Dick. hah I also went to school with an Asian gal named Anna Ma.
I already posted about issuing a title to a Dawn Sharts. Butt it still makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl.
Misty Hoymen.
A local DJ goes by the name of Rusty Nails.
There's also a local channel 10 reporter/anchor who's name is, "Kimberly Hunt".

It's fun to mutter to oneself, "Kimberly's what"?
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Some of the other wedding announcement headlines in this slideshow are pretty funny.

My cousin went to school with a guy named Wayne Kerr. If your last name was Kerr would you call your son Wayne? I also know or knew a Paul Handcock. A very fitting name.
My oldest brother went to school with a girl named Peace Rice.
When I was at uni the system automaticly created your uni email address by combining the first 3 letters of your last name with the first 2 letters of your first name. An overseas student from Japan ended up with the email address fukmi@*******.