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RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 10-21-2022

Oh look, another insurrectionist who had a loaded weapon on his person when he engaged in an assault on our Capitol. Today a judge sentenced Mark Mazza to 5 years.

RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 10-23-2022

Alan Byerly has been sentenced by a federal judge to 3 years in prison. HaHaFuckinHa.

Byerly is a Pennsylvania trump fanatic who pled guilty to a pair of assault charges for fighting police and an AP journalist during the trump incited insurrection.

RE: INSURRECTION - cannongal - 10-24-2022

(10-17-2022, 03:03 PM)Duchess Wrote: I like George so much more since he left office. I used to blame every damn thing on him--stuck in traffic, IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT...can't get a timely appt., IT'S ALL BUSH'S get the idea. It was a joke of course.

I think him and Dick are guilty of war crimes.

And now you blame all that shit on trump.  Nice to see both sides now, I guess

RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 10-24-2022

If the shoe fits. You think I'm just pulling shit out of my ass to blame on him?

RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 11-29-2022

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes is guilty of seditious conspiracy! Fuck yeah!

RE: INSURRECTION - BigMark - 11-29-2022

they guy whose mom told him he would shoot his eye out...

RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 12-06-2022

Today House & Senate leaders are awarding the law enforcement officers who protected them and our Capitol on January 6. LEO's will be receiving Congressional Gold Medals, the highest honor Congress can bestow. Some representatives of those receiving awards shake hands with Pelosi & Schumer and ignore those who turned their backs on them, wouldn't even take a simple fricken meeting with them nor the parents of those who died. Fuckers. I love this.

RE: INSURRECTION - MirahM - 12-06-2022


RE: INSURRECTION - rothschild - 12-06-2022


RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 12-10-2022

Ron Sandlin of Tennessee was sentenced in DC court yesterday for his role in the Capitol insurrection. He was sentenced to 63 months (more than 5 years) in prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release. As with the others, he will do every minute of that time

RE: INSURRECTION - rothschild - 12-10-2022

This spectacle has been brought to you by the people that think unvaccinated Americans should be forced into detention centers.

RE: INSURRECTION - BigMark - 12-10-2022

So us pure people don't mix with the forever tainted, omega man all over again!

RE: INSURRECTION - rothschild - 12-10-2022

Get back here and take your rightful place in the Democratic detention center, dagnabbit!

RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 12-16-2022

Some of you are familiar with the picture of the capitol police officer being chased by the mob of insurrectionists. He was leading them away from the Senate chamber where so many lawmakers were. Today, Douglas Jensen was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his role that day, he was at the forefront of the mob that chased officer Eugene Goodman.

RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 12-19-2022

J6 Committee is holding their final public hearing at 1:00 PM EST today.

RE: INSURRECTION - rothschild - 12-19-2022

Time for Mueller: Part Deux. hah

RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 12-20-2022

Our AG boss hogg Bill Barr turned that into a joke. It's already been established that he downplayed the entire report and to say he was less than honest would be an understatement.

RE: INSURRECTION - rothschild - 12-20-2022

Uh huh.

RE: INSURRECTION - Duchess - 01-01-2023

WellWellWell, trump's top legal advisor testified to the J6 Committee that the fake elector scheme was Senator Mike Lee's idea. How about that shit.

RE: INSURRECTION - aussiefriend - 01-01-2023

I have been following all of this post Trump J6 stuff. Trump traumatised the whole world. He has done so much damage. People have died. Unforgivable.