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Krystal Lee Sentence - Case Closed

Patrick Frazee's mistress and after-the-fact accomplice Krystal Lee (Kenney) pleaded guilty last year to tampering with physical evidence  in a deal to help prosecutors convict Frazee of Kelsey's murder and their daughter's kidnapping on Thanksgiving Day 2018.  

Lee was the prosecutors' star witness and was critical in securing a Life without Parole sentence for Frazee a few months back.

Considering her cooperation with prosecutors, the judge had the discretion to sentence Lee to probation only.

Instead, today, the judge sentenced her to the max; she got 3 years behind bars + 1 year probation.

I'm glad she got the max -- it's still a hell of a deal considering that Lee knew months in advance that Frazee was plotting to have Kelsey killed and she said/did nothing to prevent it.

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