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[Graphic Pix] Homicide In Missoro 17-06-13
A person identified as Fabiano Elilson Lourenço da Silva, 28, was fatally shot in the left chest at heart level, in the evening of Friday May 17, 2013, when he was in a bar in front of his residence in Martins Júnior street in Plateau, in the large Alto de São Manoel. According to information the victim was at the bar Zezinho, when he was shot, but no one knew or wanted to reveal who had fatally shooting shot Fabiano, what we know so far is that the after the shooter flrd in an unknown direction and nobody could or would identify him. A team ALFA SAMU was deployed, but when arrived at the scene, rescuers were informed that he had already passed. The ITEP was triggered to do the removal for the headquarters of the agency, and investigations will be conducted by Dr. Roberto Moura Bachelor, holder DEHOM (Homicide Division of Mossley), unhappy family members at the scene, according to police said the same had no enmity with anyone much less involvement with illicit things.

[Image: 23d5a3261027230.jpg] [Image: a6d756261027234.jpg] [Image: b44fa6261027235.jpg]