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[Graphic Pix] Murder in Mossoro, Brazil [08-05-13]
Another crime of murder registered at tonight May 8, 2013. The incident occurred at this time Brasiliana de Jesus Street neighborhood near Belo Horizonte. According to initial reports the victim in was identified as "João Neto", and according to popular he resided behind State School Justinian Manoel de Melo, who was shot on the streets and witnesses heard at least five shots fired. A team of SAMU arrived at the scene but the victim was already dead, according to the SAMU report he took two shots in the chest region and at least one in the arm. Onsite law of silence reigns nobody saw who it was or where the shooter or shooters was, according to a popular victim suffered from mental problems, has not confirmed this information.

[Image: 362ed8261028782.jpg] [Image: 9de44b261028786.jpg] [Image: 243107261028788.jpg] [Image: 4e6465261028789.jpg] [Image: fec84f261028790.jpg] [Image: 7da593261028794.jpg] [Image: 0b65ce261028796.jpg]
Yup...........Thats a dead guy.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.
Not when you click on the image
If you click on the image the first one is of a hot brunette, 2nd if a fat heffer putting on lipstick, 3rd is a grandma in her bra, 4th is nasty ass girl in a thong, 5th is a chick with a big wart on the side of her nose. I didn't bother clicking any more after that.

Never mind, I guess the live shows change every time you click. It's a whole different set of women now.
Guess I got lucky, got the hot brunet on the first click, didn't need any eye bleach and called it good
what are you talking about, they all link to the pics go troll elsewhere.
Or at least try harder.
They link to porn stuff from where I'm sitting. There is a link above the live show that directs you to the actual image, but it is also surrounded by porn ads.
Imagebam supports no pornography, thats a problem your end.
[Image: 2i9nk3.jpg]
between clicking the pic and getting to it not a single ad.
This is what I get when I click on the image
i get no porn only the pic an a white page all around it.

[Image: 52b888.jpg]
That's weird, ESAD.

I tested using IE and Firefox; I'm getting alternating porn above and/or below the various death pics if I click on them. Same as sal.
Well I am clueless as to why, I have used imagebam for years and years[because one of the few image hosts that does not take down gore] i never have porn adverts.

Y'all need to exorcise your compudders Priest
try now
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.