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[Graphic Pix] Jealous man stabs wife 6 times, Caruaru, Brazil [19-01-13]
Saturday night (19th) was marred by violence in calves, a woman was brutally murdered by former teammate on second street Our Lady of Grace in District Salgado, Maria Aparecida da Silva, 28, was stabbed to death in front of children by her husband Jose Alves da Silva Neto aka (Dude) 32, reportedly the victim was getting ready in a neighbor's house for couple go to a party that was going to celebrate the birthday of the city, when the accused came to search jealous and started a discussion with his wife who tried to outrun him but failed, Maria aparecida was murdered with six stab wounds in front of the neighbors residence, a crime that shocked the neighborhood, after the crime the accused surrendered to police.

He stated "It was not me, I was the victim of sorcery and witchcraft". based on the Maria da Penha law for assaulting his companion, he was taken to the police station on duty Caruaru which was booked in the act of murder and the body was sent to Maria Aparecida IML also Caruaru.

[Image: a799d9261049497.jpg] [Image: ef75b3261049500.jpg] [Image: cc2a13261049502.jpg] [Image: 7e225d261049505.jpg] [Image: 3f7e77261049506.jpg] [Image: 34e609261049512.jpg] [Image: d80a3e261049517.jpg]