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This is a very disturbing and sad case.

[Image: 4DE4E45B00000578-5915175-image-m-34_1530650718875.jpg]
^ Benjamin Eastman, 16, was a high school junior in Randle, Washington.

His brother Derek Dunaway described Benjamin as a kid who was always happy, made everyone laugh, and loved to camp, fish, and ride dirt bikes with his dad.

Benjamin was set to meet a friend on Monday, June 23rd. He supposedly never showed up, and he never returned home.

Benjamin's family looked all over for him, to no avail, and then called police and reported him missing.

Police interviewed the friend with whom Benjamin was supposed to meet, 16-year-old Benito Marquez. They noticed a shallow grave at the home of Marquez's relative and were told a dog had recently been buried there.

Police looked into the grave and located the body of Benjamin. Rest in Peace.

[Image: 4DE631D700000578-0-image-m-2_1530658018199.jpg]

According to court documents, Benito Marquez (left) and his brother 21-year-old Jonathon Adamson (right) confessed to raping and murdering Benjamin (center).

They lured him into the woods for a camping trip.

Then, they beat the shit out of him, sexually assaulted him, sodomized him with a stick, kicked him over 100 times, and bashed him over the head with a rock to make sure Benjamin was dead. :(

After that they burned his clothes and buried him in the shallow grave.

LE is reportedly still trying to determine what motivated the brothers to commit such a brutal crime.

Yesterday, prosecutors charged the brothers with rape and murder and their bail was set at $10million.

While he's only 16, Marquez is being charged as an adult due to the heinous nature of the crime - good.


How, how do people get to be so awful? It's good that I don't understand :(
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What the hell is wrong with some of these kids these days, vicious, senseless, rape/murder.

Sad story.
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Some more details in today's news reports:

1. Benjamin and suspect Marquez had been friends since childhood.

2. Police were able to hone in on Marquez because he and Benjamin had been texting up til the time they were set to meet up.

3. Marquez and his brother Adamson first buried Benjamin in the shallow grave that police quickly noticed. But, they started to worry about the location, dug up Benjamin, and buried him in another shallow grave on the property. They placed a stick cross over the grave.

I feel so sorry for Benjamin's dad and family. There are some statements from dad, Benjamin Eastman Sr, in the link above.

It's such a brutal crime. Seems like maybe a crime of passion to me. I wonder if Benjamin and Benny Marquez were romantically involved at some point, or if Marquez wished they were? <-- speculative pondering only.

[Image: VIDEO__Community_remembers_teen_killed_0...40_360.jpg]

Yesterday, a vigil was held for Benjamin in the small town of Randle (Lewis County).

Hundreds came together to remember 16-year-old Benjamin Eastman on a bright, sunlit day at the White Pass Junior and Senior High School in Randle.

Principal Chris Schumaker helped organize the vigil and in describing Eastman, he admitted it was tough to pull the young man out of the school’s gym, he loved playing sports so much. It was only fitting that the memorial service began in that gym.

Jessica Gleason spoke with the media after the vigil and admitted the community coming together showed each other the impact of the young man’s life. “Today gave me a chance to look and see and notice how many people I think are better people because of him," Gleason said.

The gatherers raised candles and tried to come to terms with the idea that two brothers who knew Eastman have been charged in connection with his murder and rape.

Principal Schumaker says that the school immediately jumped in to help despite the school year already ending, “When you lose a brother or sister, everybody in a family closes ranks and that’s what we did our education family closed its ranks,” Schumaker said. Schumaker helped organize the vigil with the PTO. He said the goal was to celebrate Eastman’s life,. “Ben was silly. He liked to do shenanigans. I would say he was your typical young man. He liked to challenge teachers,” Schumaker said.

Eastman’s father did not speak to the media at the vigil but the event stayed true to the family’s wishes. The colors of the evening were the signature aqua and orange of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins; the family’s team. The family silently released balloons with those colors, as people surrounded them in support.

Schumaker said many people in small communities have often said that incidents like a murder seem impossible and unlikely in their towns until it happens.

“We’re small town USA. That stuff doesn’t happen here but all of a sudden it does and you’re shocked and you’re scared and you’re shocked and you’re scared some more," Schumaker said.

It makes me cry. He must have been so scared & bewildered.
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(07-04-2018, 11:30 AM)Duchess Wrote: It makes me cry. He must have been so scared & bewildered.

It's awful and reminds me a lot of the Skylar Neese murder. Her best friend since childhood and a classmate lured 16-year-old Skylar into the woods in the wee hours and then stabbed her to death, buried her under leaves, and pretended to help in the search for Skylar.

Turns out, Benny Marquez, Benjamin Eastman's best friend since childhood, also pretended to be assisting in finding Benjamin after he and his older brother allegedly lured Benjamin into the woods, killed him, and buried him in a shallow grave.

[Image: text-license-workingout-sports-sport-exe...-human.jpg]

This hasn't been verified by LE, so take it with a grain of salt: locals and family members are reportedly claiming that Benjamin was dating Benny's sister and there was some kind of dispute about that which may be the motive behind Benjamin's brutal murder.
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[Image: f35f6e23-96b5-4737-bf51-1364b84c6f91-lar...1357378016]

^ Kindra Adamson, 43, is the mother of rape/murder suspects Benny Marquez and Johnathon Adamson. Prosecutors contend that she knew about the rape and murder of Benjamin Eastman and delayed the investigation so her sons could flea.

Today, she was charged with two counts of Rendering Criminal Assistance in the 1st Degree. The judge set bail at $100,000.

“I knew it was just a matter of time,” Eastman’s father, Benjamin Eastman, told KOMO News. “There is a little relief that she’s held accountable.”

In addition, an arrest warrant was issued today for 21-year-old Jonathan Adamson's girlfriend, who also knew about the killing shortly after it went down. She is suspected of withholding information from investigators to protect the man she still loves, according to court documents.