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Accessory POP solve the problem of non-removable batteries in the iPhone and Android
[Image: a3da19aae63c176933016cd51d2a9bf2.jpg]

The iPhone provides many quite controversial engineering solutions. One of them is the battery, is inseparable from the device itself. If many other phones removable power source is a mandatory item, the Apple boldly deny this dogma. And the fact proves that the internal battery is advantageous in terms of design and overall coherence of the design.
I would just like to say that my iPhone battery sucks ass. The one in my Blackberry is better, much, MUCH better. It lasts for days rather than hours and if everyone I text with didn't have iPhones, I'd give up that puppy but the free texts carries big weight with me.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]