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Daily Weirdo Thread
Duchess suggested I start one, particularly here in Florida. Here is the most recent contender.

STUART, Fla. - A photo shows a man living in one north Stuart neighborhood washing a car in his front yard while completely naked.
Some people who live nearby say they have called to report the behavior to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office but the man continues to perform yard work exposed. 
“Walks around outside, he don’t care. He stands on his back porch,” said neighbor Charlie Estes.  
Estes said this has gone on for several years. His 12-year-old grandson’s bus stop faces the man's house and he worries about what the neighborhood children are exposed to every day. 
“As the way the law is worded now it’s legal for a man to walk around in his yard buck naked,” said Estes. 
However, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said after talking to the chief assistant state attorney on Wednesday they believe there are enough elements to charge the man if he continues with the behavior. 
“Two different statutes have been met with that behavior; one being lewd and lascivious behavior, the other being breach of the peace,” said Martin County Sheriff William Synder. 
The sheriff’s office said they intend to take statements from all the neighbors before moving forward. 
Meanwhile, there’s another group of neighbors who feels the man is being shown in the wrong light. 
“Literally they are the nicest people you’ll ever meet they would give you their clothes if they had them on to give them to you,” said neighbor Aimee Canterbury.
Canterbury has six kids and said she’s just taught her kids to look the other way when walking past their home if anyone is outside and naked. 
“They aren’t like walking around the lake, or up and down the street without no clothing, or up in your yard,” said Canterbury. 
She went on to say they recently attended a neighborhood birthday party and rather than wearing their birthday suits, the couple instead was fully clothed.  
“They have that much respect that they aren’t taking it off their property, so I figure they can do whatever they want to do on their land,” said Canterbury.  
Yet those who feel the behavior is inappropriate said it’s negatively affected the atmosphere in the neighborhood. 
“This empty field, it’s a dry retention pond and has been used for playing football and baseball in. The kids can’t do that anymore because their mothers don’t want them to see this naked man walking around the deck while they are trying to play football,” said Estes. 
The Martin County Sheriff's Office said based on the statute and case law if the man in question is in his fenced area in his backyard, he’s allowed to do so naked or clothed. However, once someone has come out, like he and his wife has, completely nude in the front yard then they’ve crossed the statutory line and will be subject to arrest.
hah   I saw that headline the other day.

If a naked senior is ever my biggest problem Ima consider myself lucky.
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(09-22-2018, 12:57 AM)Duchess Wrote: hah   I saw that headline the other day.

If a naked senior is ever my biggest problem Ima consider myself lucky.

Smooth tune for my early start. Nice.
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Sally, you're slackin'. Something happened down there at Chick-Fil-A.
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I don't know what these bitches are doing around here, I rarely watch the news and only catch something once in a while. I'll see what I can dig up though.
Given the amount of weird shit that happens there everyday it's surprising there's only a half dozen posts in this thread.
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(05-11-2019, 04:46 AM)Duchess Wrote: Given the amount of weird shit that happens there everyday it's surprising there's only a half dozen posts in this thread.

This incident goes beyond weird shit and into wild west crazy territory.  But, I think it fits alright in this thread.

[Image: keith%20byrne_1560439729947.jpg_7393222_...80_720.jpg]
^ 41-year-old Keith Byrne (a Marine Vet and father of three) was on the phone with a friend while he was driving his pickup last week in Davie, a suburb of Miami.  

He accidentally cut off a car that was being driven by a woman who had an adult male and a child in the car with her. 

From his pickup truck, Byrne reportedly told them: 'My bad.'   

If that's all that really went down, that should have been the end of the story, but it wasn't.
The male passenger in the other car reportedly got out of the vehicle, approached Byrne's truck, and grabbed him by the neck. 

He then opened fire as his girlfriend and their 19-month-old daughter sat in their vehicle. 

Byrne also had a weapon and returned fire, saying to the friend on the phone: 'I think I've been shot!' 

Both men legally held concealed carry licenses.  Byrne died at the scene. 

[Image: 14785756-7141581-image-m-7_1560512069065.jpg]
The 22-year-old who shot him was ^ Andre Sinclair.  His criminal record was limited to three traffic-related charges.  

Andre Sinclair died of his gunshot wounds at the hospital two days after Byrne.

Crazy shit.
Jesus Christ. Fucking men with guns. Glad the other guy got a shot off though.

This thread reminds me that I was posting "Florida Man" account tweets that struck me funny but I haven't seen them tweet in a long time. I better go dig them up.
This space for rent  
This weird character seems like a good candidate for voluntary chemical castration (and probably mental health treatment as well).

[Image: 2d03de72-8560-4005-881f-8fbd8f7406b3-chr...&auto=webp][Image: 1u8g0j-l-610x610-home+accessory-summer-p...-beach.jpg]

Christopher William Monnin, 35, of Palm Bay, Florida, was stopped by police officers  as a suspicious person while riding his bicylce on Thursday.

Monnin was carrying a white garbage bag which contained deflated pool floats, an arrest report said.

Monnin had stolen up to 75 pool floats to 'sexually gratify' himself over a seven-month period.  

He told officers the motive behind his burglaries was to 'sexually gratify' himself with the pool floats instead of raping women.  Weird but wise choice; the way lesser of two evils.

One victim is  pressing charges after Monnin slashed her pool screen to get his hands on her floats.

Monnin was previously arrested for burglary and theft in 2008. He now calls the Brevard County Jail his home under a $16,000 bond while  awaiting trial on burglary, petty theft, and criminal mischief charges.
Ewwwww. Gross but nonetheless so much better than the alternative.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Now that's creative problem solving.
Yeah, I'd way rather him rape my pool float than me. Although, a fancy inflated flamingo probably looks better than my fat dimply ass anyway.