Yesterday I smoked a cigarette and baked a cake, not at the same time. I marinated chicken too and rode one of my horses. That damn fox is still out there trying to play peek-a-boo. What did you do?
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Go to some pendejos house who has no clue and his pendeja wife who was sick and coughing all over the place then drive into los angeles to meet with some more idiots, the drive back took Two hours.
I did laundry, pulled weeds, caught up on the news, and watched some crime documentaries.  Sounds boring, but it was nice to be solo after having company and social activities for a few days in a row.
Four months the sprinklers have been off due to the extremely heavy rains we had. Put in a Rachio bluetooth and WiFi sprinkler timer/controller today. My valves were improperly installed so I had to clean the mud from around them and replace and repair multiple sprinklers my gardener broke. Besides the repair part it was an extremely easy install.
By gardener do you mean your wife?

I did some gardening, went to a Jap restaurant for lunch, babysat my daughter's friend's four year old daughter who is a bit of a monster and smoked some country style ribs.
No, Guadalupe the gardener and his little boys, pretty sure it's the kids doing it.
I always thought Guadalupe was a female name. Huh.
Make Orwell fiction again

His last name is Carlos it was confusing for three years.