I mean do we even need 911 anymore?
Are there really emergencies in which we need to call someone quickly? Why can't we just call the local fire dept or police dept or hospital like we used to?

Are people's houses really on fire anymore? Is anyone breaking in? There aren't any crimes happening, no one is dying, everything is fine.

Stop being a whiny baby!
Okay I will keep this in mind.
We do not use 911 here.

They're still sending my son bills from when he was in the car accident and the ambulance drove him two miles to the hospital which he stayed at for an hour while they bandaged his hand. They already got ten thousand dollars and keep sending more bills, how much does a two mile ride in an ambulance and a bandage cost. Jesus Christ, he should have just told them he'll take a taxi to an urgent care and save himself ten thousand dollars.
911 is a great service which saves a lot of lives in true serious emergencies.

It's unfortunate that it's used for non-emergencies too often though. 

There was a thread here years ago with really stupid (and often funny) 911 recordings.  I'll see if I can find and link it.
i agree it is a necessity a surprisingly great idea.
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Here's the thread with amusing 911 calls.  


#6 is my favorite; still makes me laugh listening to it.