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Lucky to be here . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . As we had a good flight coming back to NE.

Except, when our plane touched down onto the runway, the Pilot made a "PANIC" total dead stop, no rolling and breaking!

We all lunged forward forcefully against our seat belts, even having to braceĀ  ourselvelsĀ against the seat in front.

After we stopped, I looked out the window , and saw a plane in flight coming in for a landing from the left that touched down on their runway that crossed in front of our crisscross runway only "8 to 10 seconds" after we stopped!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

As we were exiting the plane passing the cockpit, the Pilot was standing in the doorway looking pale, and I said to him,
that was some stop! He said, yeah it was both our faults.

Again, lucky to be here!!! Almost made the news at 10!
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Dear god. I haven't flown since '99 and this doesn't inspire me to try again. Glad you're alright.
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This is why it's always good to fly with an extra pair of shorts close at hand.
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Super scary. Holy shit.
I'm glad it wasn't worse, Cars! I'm petrified of flying and wouldn't do it again for love or money. I don't care a wit that my 90 minute flight to Florida now takes many hours in a car.
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