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Maleah was such a cutie.  Rest in peace.

[Image: maleah-davis-0323.jpg?quality=90&strip=a...410&crop=1]
She was last seen on April 30th and reported missing in early May, when she and her younger half brother (the son of mom's ex-fiance Derion Vence and Maleah's mother Brittany Bowens) were reportedly in Vence's care while Bowens attended her father's funeral.
Derion Vence immediately came under suspicion.  

Many suspect that Maleah's mother, Brittany Bowens, was also involved in the girl's death.

[Image: 78c0d205-ContentBroker_contentid-a48fb6f...?ve=1&tl=1]

^ Vence initially claimed he, Maleah and his 2-year-old son were abducted by a group of men in a truck. 

When he and his son went to the hospital the next day, Vence had scratches on his face and claimed he'd been knocked unconsious and that he and his son were freed the next day. 

He alleged that kidnappers kept Maleah and his silver Nissan Altima. 

Police said Vence's story kept changing and didn't add up. He was arrested in connection with Maleah's disappearance and eventually told a community activist that Maleah had died accidentally and he had disposed of her body in Arkansas.
Maleah's remains were shortly thereafter found in a garbage bag near a freeway outside the town of Hope, Arkansas, which is located about 30 miles northeast of the Texas-Arkansas border, according to the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. 

The institute of forensic sciences said the cause and manner of her death are not yet determined.  

Thus far, Vence is facing charges of 'tampering with a corpse' only.  He says he 'ain't no killer' and LE doesn't seem to have probable cause/evidence to uphold a more serious charge at this time.
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Maleah and her siblings had been taken away from ^ mom Brittany Bowens by CPS in the past as a result of abuse allegations.  Bowens' own mother filed to have them removed from Bowens' care.  

One of the children lives with Bowens' mom and the other with an aunt of Bowens.

Bowens' spokesperson dropped her after he claimed that her demeanor in public apnearances was always tearful and distraught, however she seemed less concerned away from the cameras.  He believes she knows more than she's telling.

A petition to charge Bowens in connection with Maleah's death has been signed by over 30,000 concerned citizens.
This Saturday, Maleah will be laid to be rest.

"She touched the lives of many; our shining, beautiful little girl, the light of our lives and the star of our hearts who leaves us smiling through our tears," reads her obituary. "She was happiness personified."

The obituary listed her favorite color as pink and said, "she loved My Little Pony, all the girly things one could imagine." Her casket for the service Saturday mirrors some of the things she loved in life.

Maleah's casket is covered by artwork from "My Little Pony." The top shows a smiling Davis riding character the Rainbow Dash among billowing clouds. She appears to be soaring toward a huge rainbow.

[Image: maleah_davis_my_little_pony_casket.png?itok=drGu14D3]

The casket was created and donated by a Texas-based company. 

[Image: 13291622-7010381-image-a-8_1557407088594.jpg]
^ Craig Davis, Maleah's biological father, posted an image of the casket on Instagram, with multiple pink emoji hearts.
I hope LE is able to determine what really happened to Maleah very soon and charge the responsible adults; will post updates as the investigation progresses.

Here's a good detailed time line of events in the case to date:

Whatta world where a tiny casket like that is needed because of murder. It's obscene.

Kudos to the company that donated it. My opinion doesn't take away from the goodness of their generosity. It was a lovely thing to do.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

The SOB's that murdered that little angle, should not be arrested or locked up!!!  

They S/B "Tortured" to death! 
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So fucked up.
Little ones are not safe
(06-20-2019, 07:26 PM)MirahM Wrote: So fucked up.
Little ones are not safe
Gorgeous girl. The mother looks evil.

Investigators found surveillance footage captured from the porch of an apartment next door to Derion Vence’s apartment.   It has since been released to the public.

In the footage, Vence is seen on May 3 leaving the apartment with a large blue laundry basket with a black trash bag inside.  Police reportedly believe that the plastic bag contained the body of Maleah.  :(

[Image: laundrybasket.png?w=1200]

The video shows Vence returning a few minutes later.  He then walks back out of the apartment carrying cleaning supplies, including bleach.

According to an affidavit, the camera never captured Maleah leaving the apartment after that, contradicting Vence's original claim that he took Maleah and her little brother out to go to the airport the next day and that Maleah was kidnapped when they were ambushed in the car.

Investigators also used DNA from Maleah's toothbrush and matched it to specks of blood found in Vence's apartment, though he claimed that Maleah was not hurt at his place and never bled while in his care.

Last weekend, the Medical Examiner concluded that Maleah died of 'homicidal violence'.  No other details were released.

After Vence's abduction story fell apart, he claimed that Maleah died of an accident.  The ME's ruling pretty much blows that bullshit out of the water.

No one has yet to be charged with Maleah's death.  Vence remains in custody on charges of tampering with a corpse.  

Police have responded to public pressure for murder charges to be levied by asking concerned citizens to be patient while they gather more evidence and put all the pieces together.  They want to get it right and build an airtight case.

How come she is dragging her feet in the court room? Is it like the Golden Gate Killer, they don't want to be there so they have to be brought in on a wheelchair? I don't get it?