Animal Crualty, or not . . . .

. . . . . So anyway, here on July 4th a couple (man & woman) lit a dog on fire!!

Extreme cruelty, right? The woman was arrested, and they are still looking for the man.

Here's the thing. 

The cops say the dog was already dead, before they lit it on fire.

It's a stupid thing they did, but since the dog was already dead, is that really cruelty?

What Say you?

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Well I'd have to know the circumstances involving the dogs death, but if the dog died of natural causes than whats the difference between doing it yourself or hiring a pet cremation company to do it for you. Other than the $400 charge and not knowing if you're getting some other mangy mutts ashes.
I have a pet cemetery in my back yard, it's covered in bamboo right now. 2 cats and a bird in there now. But I would not try and cremate the critters, way to messy and the smell would gag me.
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