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9 Mormons killed in Mexico

So if the U.S. legalized drugs the cartels would die out. It's something to think about. I'm not so sure.
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I don't know if you can put the juan back in the bottle.
It's a very saddening and maddening story Biggie.

[Image: NA41T11052019_thumb.0000007.jpg]
Rest in peace.

The Langfords and Millers were said to be driving from La Mora, Mexico to Chihuaha, Mexico to attend a celebration.

They are part of a polygamist offshoot Mormon sect living in colonies set up in Northern Mexico decades ago and are Mexican citizens with dual American citizenship.  

The victims were relatives of the LeBaron family who have been publicly guarding their clans, using illegal arsenals, in Chihuahua for years (as explained in Biggie's opening post video).

The sect in Northern Mexico doesn't live under the guidelines of the Church of Latter Day Saints, like mainstream Mormons do (which is why you can see the LeBarons with guns and drinking alcohol in the OP video).

Anyway, several of the articles I've read speculated that the women and children who were attacked in three separate vehicles may have been mistaken for rival cartel members.

Personally, I think that's probably less likely than the cartels killing the families as a statement or revenge to those who fight the cartels.  Hopefully, we'll find out more about the motive.
Arrest Made

In a statement posted on Facebook within the last hour, the Agency for Criminal Investigation for the state of Sonora said that the suspect was found in the town of Agua Prieta, right at the border with the U.S. state of Arizona, holding two hostages who were gagged and tied inside a vehicle.

The suspect, whose gender was not specified in the release, was also found in the possession of four assault rifles and ammunition, as well as various large vehicles including a bullet-proofed SUV.

Officials have said that the gunmen may have mistaken the group's large SUVs for those of a rival gang amid a vicious turf war. Eight children, some just infants, survived the ambush.

Full story:
I don't know how that 13 year old had the presence of mind to hide his siblings! That's incredible to me. That little kid is a hero!
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(11-06-2019, 12:30 PM)Duchess Wrote: I don't know how that 13 year old had the presence of mind to hide his siblings! That's incredible to me. That little kid is a hero!

Brave boy, for sure.  

Choosing to live in cartel territory, I'm betting the kids' families have prepared them for all kinds of traumatic situations. 

One of the women killed apparently also had a protective presence of mind.  Before she got out of her SUV to surrender, she reportedly stashed her 7-month-old in the foot well by the peddles.  The baby survived the massacre unharmed.

Arrested Suspect is Cleared -- Not Involved

Yesterday afternoon Mexico's Secretary of Security Alfonso Durazo said investigators had determined that the suspect was not involved in the slayings (he did not say whether the individual has been released).

He also said that gun caps at the scene came from a weapon made in the US, and Mexico's President has set up a special commission to investigate the crime.

While the investigation unfolds, authorities in the US and Mexico have different theories on who might be responsible.

Chihuahua Attorney General César Peniche Espejel said he believes the newly formed Los Jaguares cartel, an offshoot of the infamous Sinaloa Drug Cartel, may be behind the massacre.

"These very cartels of Sinaloa, after the arrest of El Chapo have suffered fragmentations," Peniche Espejel said.

"They have been growing near the border with the United States and are heavily involved in trafficking of immigrants into the United States and drug-trafficking."

But a US official said Tuesday that a rival cartel called La Línea is under scrutiny.

Meanwhile, some members of the LeBaron family contend that the slayings could not have been a case of mistaken identity by one cartel against the other but was instead a case of targeted terrorism.

The spent cartridge cases were manufactured by remington an american company. The vast majority of guns and ammo come from the united states and the vast majority of drugs come from mexico it is not a coincidence.
Yep, that's the way it's been for a very long time.  

The U.S. is the primary supplier to fill Mexicans' demand for guns which are prohibited by law there.  And, Mexico is one of the primary suppliers  to fill Americans' demand for drugs which are prohibited by law here.

I don't know if legalizing those prohibited drugs would seriously cut down on the associated violence, but I'd really like to see a good unbiased analysis.  The War on Drugs is a bust, as far as I'm concerned.
The 13-year-old who hid four of his siblings under some brush and walked 14 miles for help is now doing interviews describing his harrowing experience.

[Image: landford-edit-2-abc-er-191110_hpMain_4x3_992.jpg]
^ Dad David Langford says his son Devin Langford is certainly a hero.  

The funerals for Devin's mom and two young siblings were held this weekend.

During the funerals, some family members expressed frustration with Mexican officials' theory that the mothers and children could have been mistaken for cartel members by rival cartel members given that some of the victims were reportedly shot a point blank range.

There was also frustration that the FBI wasn't involved in the investigation. Later yesterday (Sunday) Mexican authorities finally agreed to allow the FBI to work the case in partnership with Mexican Law Enforcement.

However, David Langford says he doesn't feel safe to continue living in Mexico and says there's no justice there.  He says he's going to move the family out of their home in Mora, Mexico (his family includes Devin, another wife, and a few more children).

Some other members of the northern Mexico Mormon sect have also been interviewed and say that they're planning to move too.  

If they're practicing polygamists with more than one wife, I'm not sure where they plan to go in the U.S.   The U.S.  does not have a federal law prohibiting polygamy, but all 50 states do.

Anyway, hoping the truth about who carried out the horrific murders and why eventually comes to light. 

What's the world coming to when you can't have two tormentors?
Driving to Puerto Penasco today, wish us luck.
(02-12-2020, 09:09 AM)BigMark Wrote: Driving to Puerto Penasco today, wish us luck.

A few tips to minimize your chances of getting taken out by cartel members.

1.  Avoid bragging about your magic underwear.

2.  Rip that "Mitt for President 2012" sticker from your bumper.

3.  Don't strap parcels of drugs onto your ski racks.

Good luck Biggie -- may the force be with you.
After an 8 hour drive the guard would not let us in. Said the owner did not send the proper email and management had already left for the day. After some frantic phone calls we were finally granted access. The condo is beyond opulent. (oh and fuck that pendejo)