Pat Robertson says that the transgender movement is "a satanic move to keep people from having children".
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Why would Satan not want people to have children? That seems kind of counter-productive.
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I think the transgender movement gets pushed by the media, not Satan. I'm sure there are many legitimate transgenders out there, but I don't know about all these young kids that are doing it. I've thought about it and I would not be accepting of my kid transitioning. Be gay or whatever, but you're turning into a freak show over my dead body, you little asswipe.
Pat Robertson is a dipshit.

He said a similar thing about homosexuals a while back, claiming than many of Hitler's team were Satanists and many of them were gay, so it all goes hand in hand.

He's also a misogynist.  According to Robertson, women just need to accept that if they get married, Christ is the head of the family and the husband is the boss of the wife.  God's way and all.

Robertson also advises men married to women with Alzheimer's to get them custodial care, divorce them, and start over with someone new.  When challenged about the "til death to do us part" commitment in many Christian vows, Robertson claimed Alzheimer's was a kind of death.
That is some sick shit.
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