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Did you ever not want to eat what you cook?d?
I made some Haddock and steak fries but don't even want to eat the stuff. It was 2 hrs of fucking with and I'm not even hungry anymore. I just want an ice cream cone. French Vanilla to be specific.
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Yeup. Just eat the ice cream and have the haddock for dinner or lunch tomorrow.
That's my life story. Everyone always asks me "you're not going to eat?" No, I'm over that shit already, it doesn't even sound appetizing anymore after cooking it all.
Quite often as a matter of fact.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Yeup, except I didn't cook anything tonight. I don't even have a spare can of beans I can warm up and add cheese to. That sounds disgusting anyway. I'm going to go digging and I'll find something.

Years ago, I went fishing, and I caught good size Weakfish. I pulled it in out of a school of fish swimming past my boat. I took it home, cleaned it, and my wife
pan seared it perfectly.

When it came time to eat it, I kept thinking of it swimming by with all it's family
and I just didn't feel like eating it! Crazy right.

It only happened that one time, for whatever reason.
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I don't know whether to laugh or say how sweet that is!  hah

Sometimes the best thing to have for dinner is a bowl of cereal. I had some cereal tonight and sliced a peach on top.
I heated up a bowl of rice and the veggies I made last night and then I saw my cheese and crackers and I'm eating that instead.