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The Murder of Leanne Holland and Viral Death
Viral Death» The murder of Leanne Holland – Australia

This has been one of Australia’s major justice cases with a most likely wrongfull conviction of a innocent man. The man who was found guilty of the murder of Leanne Holland was freed in 2006 after serving a 15 year prison sentence (still claiming his innocense regarding the murder). The Australian police decided to reopen the case for review on the 8th of may as new evidence has resurfaced and the entire police investigation was wrought with flawed technics.

A woman has come forward since the police re-opened the case claiming her (the woman that came forward) own father (not Leannes father) actually was the killer. A man closely associated with the case investigators in Leannes investigation, as Australian media describe it (a friend and someone who worked as an important police informant.) She also witnessed to have been was sexually abused by her father and tortured in ways resembeling the Leanne murder case. 

Who was Leanne Holland? She was a perky blonde 12 year old girl who loved life and always wore her shoes on. A well behaved girl in the local community. In Graham Staffords appeal the following was said about the abduction and murder of Leanne:

“The dead body of Leanne Holland (“the deceased”) was found abandoned in bushland at Redbank Plains on 26 September 1991.

The body of the deceased was found lying face down with the skirt pulled up above the waist.

Dr Ashby, a pathologist, viewed the body where it was found. Dr Ashby was of the opinion that the deceased had not been killed where she was found: she would have expected to see more blood in that location if that had been the case. Dr Ashby noted bruising and lacerations on the face and forehead of the deceased. There was some evidence of an assault on the deceased of a sexual nature on her back and on one thigh. There were no vaginal or anal injuries but there was a wound near the anus which might have been inflicted with a knife. There were also wounds which could have been burn marks inflicted by lit cigarettes or a lighter.

A post-mortem examination showed the deceased died as a result of injuries to the head. At least 10 blows had been struck to the head by a blunt instrument such as a hammer. The nature of the wounds to the skull of the deceased was such that blood would have seeped out rather than spurted out. Death was said to have occurred during the day or night of Monday, 23 September 1991.

“(as opposed to her hair when her body was found, which was so infused with blood that the pathologist thought that it was actually Titian red rather than blonde).”

New evidence by Mr Freney, a forensic scientist who had not given evidence in the trial, was to the effect that if Leanne’s body had been placed in the boot of the appellant’s car after she had sustained injuries of the kind observed on postmortem examination, and it had remained there until 25 September, then, unless she had been expertly wrapped in a way which would have sealed off the wounded areas, especially her head, there would have been substantially more evidence of blood in the boot of the car than was detected on forensic examination.

It is important to remember that the physical acts involved in the killing were not confined to the ten or so blows to the head delivered with a curved, blunt instrument. Dr Ashby’s evidence was that the body showed signs of sadistic activity: four crusted marks produced by a hot object held against the skin, made while the victim was still alive; and areas of scratched tracery, made with an implement such as a pin, scalpel or the point of a knife, on her back and one thigh. Those tracing marks were likely to have been inflicted when the girl was close to death. They were outlined with a substance Dr Ashby thought was dried blood, which had not come from the scratches themselves, the inference being that the murderer had taken the trouble to apply it.
In addition, the crotch of her underpants was cut and there was a wound adjacent to the anus, possibly made by a knife. Whoever killed Leanne Holland used a variety of implements and took at least a little time about it”

The misshandling of the case and the lack of good evidence against Graham Stafford lead up to books being written on the subject and extensive media coverage, and in a sense it has turned into one of Australia’s most famous cases. The killing was clearly done by a sexual sadist. offers pure unadultered – never before seen on the net – crime scene photos (pictures, images, pics) from the case.
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