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People suck!
What would you teach a homeless teenager?
I wish I could answer that. Teach him/her to value themself. I don't know! Poor kid. To be so young & homeless must be very scary.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
I don't think I would teach them anything. I think they need shelter, food and love first. There used to be a lot of homeless teens in Portland, I wonder if it is still a problem.

First I'd need to know why he is homeless.
A lot of homeless teens are trying to escape horrible foster care homes or state run institutions where abuse is rampant.
Some places have shelters for at risk teens/runaways. I think some are better than others.

But there’s a ton of kids that fall through the cracks with adult after adult absolutely failing them.
I have a friend who works in the system. She looks after kids and meets with famiilies, sometimes they get put in a place and run away on the first night. She is good at her job and always tries to keep kids with families if it works out. It takes a lot out of her tho.
I feel for the kids that feel they don't have a safe place to go-even those that run away for no reason at all. Then I feel for the parents.

I am going to see someone on Monday to look at working with the 15-25 demographic in mental health. It's a hard time for young people in this day and age, but when a child has been rejected, abandoned, violated, and you have the opportunity to contribute in the positive, you can only do what you are able to contribute in a positive productive way.

You have to be careful because usually you are dealing with co-morbitities such as substance abuse, crime, and other anti-social behaviours, so you have to do assist, in a measured safe way. Having said that, there is a desperate need for more help for our young people in this day and age.