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Do you have it all together?
This video was on the side bar when I was watching another video. This guy sounds pretty cool and slightly entertaining!

I watched.

I do not have it all together. There was a time I thought I did, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I have age, and I have some wisdom, but under no circumstance do I have it all together.
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There's altogether, and then there's altogether!  Smiley_emoticons_skeptisch
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When dude said he was 55.......,I was like only 55???

I lived with a family for a few months- the father looked like this guy, that is why I clicked on the video.

(03-23-2024, 08:46 AM)Duchess Wrote: I watched.

I do not have it all together. There was a time I thought I did, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I have age, and I have some wisdom, but under no circumstance do I have it all together.

You and other Mockers are more together than me. I'm a hot weird mess. Maybe I'll have it all together the day before I die.
(05-04-2024, 03:06 PM)BigMark Wrote:

I always get stuck on the "loving yourself first" step. Clang wang gets sore, red, and bleeding after  massaging it a few hours.
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I don't have it all together. I am doing DIY solar power stations. Once I have some of those steps done, I will feel better.
I just bought a bluetti and need some panels, I ordered from worton but they cancelled the order and that shit don't fit in my car.
Wow Mark, I know heaps about all that stuff. Which model Bluetti? How many watts?

Don't go the expensive panels that Bluetti have if you don't have to, unless you are going camping. Do your research. I have a 510 watt Trina panel and it is beautiful. I have an ECOflow river. A 100ah voltx battery box which I am converting to 24v. I have my own home built power station with a 200ah lithium phosphate battery and a 24 volt victron inverter. I have to solder some parts together to finish everything but one of the tools I bought is not good, so I have to go out tomorrow and buy a better quality one.

Make sure you share the details. I love all that stuff.
AC200 Max
Aussie sounds very knowledgable about all that stuff. 
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Got to keep steely dan playing on the nightstand.
(05-08-2024, 08:09 AM)Duchess Wrote: Aussie sounds very knowledgable about all that stuff. 

I'm not an electrician but I have learned heaps of stuff. When I go into the electronics store and ask for stuff, I can have a jargon conversation. I think they are a little surprised that I know what I am talking about because it is mainly a mans domain. There are lots of guys in that store. It's called

Tonight I soldered xt60 connection to a long connection lead and then connected that to a 12v to 24v converter. I had to solder that together too. Then I connected that to my Voltx 100ah battery box. That has increased my output by 1200watts approx max to now, 2400watts max approx. The box also has Anderson plugs which plug into the solar panel which is 510 watts. So even on a cloudy day it is generating power and charging my battery.

I am getting there. It is an expensive project/s but it will pay off in the long long run due to the money you save with electricity. Just like our petrol prices over here which are very high, so is our power, especially in this State. So it feels good to be independent of that.

I hope I didn't go on and on about it. Can be boring if you are not into it.

Your Bluetti you chose is a good model Mark. Good size and I think you can have an extra battery. You should go onto YouTube and have a look at what people are doing to expand their capacity with their Bluettis. Very very interesting and I always learn something.
You can do two more ac300's...Thats like 8000wh of power... I used to do my own soldering back in my amuteur radio days, even invented some stuff. I went to radio shack when they closed and bought up andersons and big fuses for cheap but they didn't make the move.
I got interrupted by trouble here, but anyway, tonight I soldered another converter so that the 200ah converter on 12v will now be 24v and thereby increasing the output to 4800. I have bought a victron inverter for AC output. I have to reattach the charge controller and anderson mount, it's a bitch of a job. I haven't done that part yet.