Do you play powerball (lottery)?
This story made me smile.


Gregorio De Santis from Montreal bought a lottery ticket early last December. He tucked it away in a jacket pocket and forgot to check the lottery numbers on Dec. 6.

Well, recently Gregorio's sister finally got him to go through his old clothes and donate some of them.  

When he found the lottery ticket, he figured he might have won a few bucks and checked it at the store on Friday.  

Now, Gregorio is a millionaire -- he won the equivalent of $1.35 million USD.  He says he's grateful for his sister's nagging and he'll use the money to fund his retirement and take his nephew to hockey games.

Gregorio said he almost had a heart attack when he discovered how much he'd won.  I get that;  I get a rush when I unexpectedly find $5 in my pocket.

I don't have a good story like that but I'm rooting for me, that's all I got.
Remember we're all in the same storm, just not in the same ship.