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(07-30-2014, 05:33 PM)crash Wrote: ^ this type of thing has become unfortunately common over here in recent years. It's resulted in the term 'King hit' being relabelled as a 'Coward's punch' and a whole bunch of new legislation and new, more severe, minimum penalties for those convicted under the new laws.

It's bad enough that people assault and/or kill other people due to greed or jealousy, or for revenge.

But, really sad when categories of crime have to be created in our countries to properly administer justice for violent crime motivated by no apparent motive other than thrill or apathy towards the rights of strangers to just be.

Some days I hate reading the news; this is one of them.
JFC people are stupid.
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Update to Post 1

[Image: 9372664_448x252.jpg]
^ Remember this effin' dipshit? Well, he pleaded guilty to the racially motivated assault in June.

The U.S. Department of Justice made the cellphone video public on Friday after a Freedom of Information Act request by the Houston Chronicle on the basis it had been introduced in court as evidence.

This is the video:

Barrett also filmed himself referring to blacks as niggers and commenting that they haven't fully experienced the blessing of evolution. The footage was a pivotal part of the case against Barrett in the November 2013 assault.

He was sentenced to almost six years in federal prison, followed by 3 years supervised release. He also had to pay $2,000 restitution to the 79-year-old black man he targeted (Barrett's punch broke his jaw in two places).
Never forget people are animals.
Good, I remember that asshole
This pisses me off.

64-year-old Patrick Gorman was walking in Queens around midnight, minding his own damned business as he neared his apartment complex.

That's when CCTV ^ captures a man punching him in the head in an unprovoked attack and then casually walking off with a female (believed to be the assailant's girlfriend).

EMTs were unable to save Gorman, who died a short while later at the hospital.

Police released the video to the public hoping someone will recognize and report the piece of shit who killed Gorman (RIP).