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NBA 2015/2016
The defending champion Golden State Warriors set the record for best start in NBA history on Tuesday night.

[Image: 2015-11-25t061237z241542925nocidrtrmadp3...rriors.jpg]

At 16 wins and 0 losses, Stephen Curry had 24 points and nine assists as the Warriors defeated the struggling Los Angeles Lakers 111 to 77. In so doing, the Warriors surpassed the 15-0 starts by the Washington Capitols of 1948-49 and 1993-94 Houston Rockets.

The Warriors have since won two more games bringing their record to 18 wins and 0 losses this season.

The San Antonio Spurs (West) have the second best record in the league at 14 wins and 3 losses.

And, the Cleveland Cavaliers (East), who were defeated by the Warriors in last season's league championship, have the third best record at 13 wins and 4 losses.

Midwest Spy's Timberwolves, meanwhile, are at 8 wins and 8 losses. If the Lakers weren't standing at a pitiful 2 wins / 13 losses, I'd give him some shit.

Current Standings - East and West Coast Conference:
(11-29-2015, 12:34 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: The defending champion Golden State Warriors

I don't follow b-ball but it seems like they were only very recently crowned champions. Damn, that time passed fast.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
I was just thinking the same thing.

It seems like last season ended just a couple of weeks ago, but it's been months.

The playoffs will be here again before we know it, no doubt. And, I won't be surprised if it comes down to the Warriors vs. the Cavs in the finals again this season.
My club hasn't been at .500 (8-8) this late in the season for a long, long time.

BTW, I taught Steph (and his dad Dell too) everything he knows about shooting a basketball.
7'6" is pretty damn tall. Smiley_emoticons_shocked
You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.
The Dubs are now 22-0.

This is some serious shit were watching.

Toronto only lost by 3 to them the other night, which is about as close as they've come to losing all season.
(12-07-2015, 09:18 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote: The Dubs are now 22-0.

This is some serious shit were watching.

Toronto only lost by 3 to them the other night, which is about as close as they've come to losing all season.

The Warriors on fire, MS.

We were at the casino and so bummed that Saturday's game wasn't available. So, we read the live updates on-line to a couple of other basketball fans in the bar, which turned out to be really fun anyway.

Right now, we have the longest starting winning streak in any of the major American sports franchises in history. If we win the next few games, I understand it'll be the longest winning streak period. That's what I was told by a few drunken Warriors' fans anyway.

I did see LeBron sitting in the crowd; the Cavs game was televised. Do you think he was out due to minor injury or because he publicly told his teammates they weren't pulling their weight? The bartender was adamant that it was the latter.
HotD, I honestly think it's such a long season, that having LeBron sit out with a minor injury is perfectly fine with everybody.

I don't feel like the coach would try to teach LBJ a lesson, or send a message, by benching him.

Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving?

Well, the Warriors' winning streak was busted at 24 last night.

Fuckin' Bucks! They're actually a good team and won it fair and square. Curry and Thompson looked tired after the double overtime game against Boston the night before last. Monroe has settled in quickly and is playing really good ball for Milwaukee.

Ah well. I'd rather take a few losses early on to be rested and injury-free going into playoffs than set another in-season record.

So, the Warriors have the longest starting winning streak and the 3rd longest single season winning streak in franchise history. The longest single season winning streak in NBA history remains with the Lakers, 33 straight game in 1971-72, followed by the Miami Heat who racked up 27 straight wins in 2013.
The Bucks also ended the Lakers' 33-game run back in the 70's.
What an Eastern conference match up last night. The Bulls and the Pistons played themselves into exhaustion.

[Image: hi-res-2e9b9fa43bfa919818eada41186b732f_...h=420&q=75]

The game went into quadruple overtime and lasted 3 12 hours, with #8 ranked Detroit ultimately beating #3 ranked Chicago 147 to 144 in Chicago.

Chicago's Jimmy Butler scored a career-high 43 points.

Detroit's Andre Drummond led the Pistons with 33 points and 21 rebounds.

It was the first 30-point, 20-rebound game by a Piston since Dennis Rodman in the 1990-91 season, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

Story and highlights:
My Wolves have lost 8 out of 10.

Same ol', same ol'
(12-19-2015, 12:49 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote: My Wolves have lost 8 out of 10.

Same ol', same ol'

My Warriors are 26 and 1. Dancingparty

My Clippers are 16 and 11 and ranked #4, below the Warriors, the Spurs, and the Thunder. 44

My Lakers are 4 and 22, last in the conference. 96
(12-19-2015, 12:49 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote: My Wolves have lost 8 out of 10.

Same ol', same ol'

Consider yourself lucky you're not a 6ers fan.
(12-19-2015, 05:37 PM)Cutz Wrote:
(12-19-2015, 12:49 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote: My Wolves have lost 8 out of 10.

Same ol', same ol'

Consider yourself lucky you're not a 6ers fan.

Sure, but they're not even trying to win games.

We've been trying for 11 years now and can't figure it out.
The Warriors beat the Cavs last night, but only by 6 points in a low scoring game. Cleveland did a good job stopping the Warriors from controlling the court.

Draymond Green was key to the Warriors' win. He played a great game with 22 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists.

Meanwhile, Chris Paul and the Clippers beat the pitiful Lakers, in what will be Kobe Bryant's final Christmas game. But, the Clippers' bench looked really weak when the starters were taken out; Doc Rivers had to put the starters back in after a 25 - 4 run by the Lakers.

The Clippers are having a good season with 17 wins and 13 losses. They remain at #4 in the Western Conference, below the Warriors (28-1), the Spurs (25-6), and the Thunder (20-10).
Cavs just traded Varejao, who has been one of my favorite players for like 10 years. He is the only player on the roster who was here with lebron before we went to the finals in 07 and got swept by the Spurs and stayed with us when lebron ditched us for Miami. I know it's a business, but god damn Channing frye is not worth getting rid of Andy. I'm so fucking mad. "Butt hurt" may even be appropriate. FUCK
[Image: 14tomyo.jpg]
Feel for you Koko.

Isn't Frye just another Kevin Love? A stretch-4 that shoots 3's?

Maybe he's the replacement for Love? Is today the trade deadline? I believe it is, so maybe I don't know shit.

Anyway, your post made you even hotter than you already are.
I remember Lebron talking about how he was looking forward to playing with Varejao again when he announced he'd be returning to Cleveland, Koko. I wonder if Lebron was consulted in advance of the trade.

Varejao hasn't been on the court much this season from what I've seen. Still, it sucks that you lost your guy. I saw that he's headed for Portland.
People now have been saying "what if Andy is spying on the Warriors for us" which I'd love to believe lol. And you're right HotD he hadn't seen much playing time. I read, I think in the plain dealer, that Lebron was not consulted before the trade.

MS yeah I feel like he is a less notable K Love lol, at least he has never stood out to me. For some reason I keep accidentally calling him Tyson chandler. Thank you for the compliment too ?

The trade still isn't sitting right with me, but eh what can I do?